sixideas for a capstone to gcs n.
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SixIdeas for a capstone to GCS PowerPoint Presentation
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SixIdeas for a capstone to GCS

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SixIdeas for a capstone to GCS - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SixIdeas for a capstone to GCS
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  1. SixIdeas for a capstone to GCS Spring 2008

  2. Hellavation • 3rd person survival horror game • Player is equipped with two weapons • generic gun and slicer • WSAD movement with mouse aim • Gun damage is low • Slicer is one hit kill, but takes more time to use • Control slicer by drawing line across screen • Some enemies only respond to slicing, and others only to gun • Simple levels – grid based object placement • can even be implemented in ASCII text

  3. Lashback • Space shooter, multi-directional top-down view • Philosophy of the game: one cannot attack, unless attacked first. • Ooo, deep. Like aikido or zen or some shit. • Player must reflect enemy attacks back at them (or simply avoid them) • 8-way shield (one for each direction/diagonal) • As player gets hit, body deforms inward (reducing hitbox and making the ship harder to hit) • Enemies shoot a variety of bullet types • Single bullets • Continuous lasers • Splicing lasers

  4. Bossmen • GCS games never have time to implement bosses • Let’s make a game with just bosses! • Will require super simplistic models if doable (think dudes made out of cubes, prisms, and spheres) • No joints, Rayman-esque • We iterate on a new boss every 2 weeks • If a boss is taking more than 2 weeks, we simplify simplify simplify the behavior • Hey it’s like SCRUM almost or something • Player is a little block guy with a jetpack and a gun. • No animations even needed really… • Fixed camera angles based on character position in level • Japanese style camera angles, yeah!

  5. Army of Children • 3rd person shooter • Large landscapes full of children • controlled by alien parasites of course • You must choose to save them or kill them • Shoot the alien off their head means a save • Or “accidently” lop off their head in the process • Jab at Bioshock • When aiming gun, camera goes into first person • Players position is fixed ala Gears

  6. Akinetopsia • Akinetopsia: the inability to see motion • • 1st person puzzle shooter • Yes I know I said I wouldn’t do one but fuck it I can’t think of a better way to present Akinetopsia • All the actions happen on a grid based environment • Monsters are all around you. You must destroy them all to beat a level • shoot them straight on • shoot the grid underneath destroying it • limited number of these types of ammo • Thing is, you only see the enemies change position every second! • Each enemy type has a set movement pattern (think chess) • Uses that movement pattern to get to you • The player must then predict where enemies most likely to be, and take a shot!

  7. Your Idea Here! • Yeah I copped out. You write one.

  8. Greg’s Rankings • 1) Bossmen • 2) Army of Children • 3) Your Idea Here • 4) Lashback • 5) Hellavation • 6) Akinetopsia