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Jacob Attili in the United States of America

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Jacob Attili in the United States of America - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Jacob Attili grew up in the United States of America. He is a twenty seven year old highly energetic musician

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jacob attili in the united states of america
Jacob Attili grew up in the United States of America. He is a twenty seven year old highly energetic musician. He has numerous other interests and hobbies but he is highly dedicated and passionate for music. He has been composing his own music for many years. He is also a great lyricist and keeps trying his hand at penning down some original lyrics. He has performed at numerous events and has covered some of the prominent artists at various stage performances. He is a vocalist by choice and he also plays piano and guitar. Jacob Attili has his own local band comprising three male members and two female members. He performs with his band at several music concerts in schools, colleges and universities. Jacob Attili in the United States of America
Jacob Attili is the founder of the band and he named it ‘The Burning Strings’. He and his band mates work at a shopping mall during the first half of the day to earn their living. They have their jamming sessions at night. Jacob Attili has a well designed jamming room at his abode where the entire team gathers up in the evening after work and practice till midnight. He has sound proofed the jamming room so that his family members and the neighbors do not get disturbed in the wee hours of night. Jacob Attili is a follower of Metallica, Green Day and Red Hot Chili Peppers. He has pasted pictures of the members of these bands in his jamming room. He has designed this room on his own. Everything is the room is unique and out of the box.
On his trip, he learnt interesting facts about the country. He got to know that Tanzania has over 130 amphibian and over 275 reptile species which are strictly endemic and in the IUCN Red Lists of different countries. During his stay in Tanzania, he also got a chance to experience lifestyle of the local people. He witnessed their ways of living closely and learnt about their culture and beliefs. Jacob Attili is a highly compassionate person who supports the initiative of saving the wildlife. He believes that the natural habitat of the flora and fauna should not be disturbed.