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Culture. ZHAO Ziqiao ZHAO Weixin ZHANG Yizhe ZHANG Heyi. The Definition of CULTURE (n.). [In a society] the beliefs, way of life, art and customs that are shared and accepted by people in a particular society. e.g.

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ZHAO Ziqiao

ZHAO Weixin



the definition of culture n
The Definition of CULTURE (n.)
  • [In a society]

the beliefs, way of life, art and customs that are shared and accepted by people in a particular society.


1. We speak Danish at home so that the boys don’t lose touch with their language and culture.

  • [In a group]

the attitudes and beliefs about sth. That are shared by a particular group of people or in a particular organization.


1. Even the government department has its own culture.



activities that are related to art, music, literature etc


1.If it’s culture you’re looking for, the city has plenty of museums and galleries.

  • [Society]

a society that existed at a particular time in history


1. This technique was then adapted and refined by the more sophisticated cultures of the ancient world.



technical bacteria or cells grown for medical or scientific use, or the process of growing them.


1. It takes 2 to 3 weeks to grow the culture.

  • [CROPS]

technical the practice of growing crops


1.clearing forest for rice culture.

definition of culture verb
Definition of Culture (verb)
  • [technical]

to grow bacteria or cells for medical or scientific use.


Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (2003)

culture wen ming
Culture wen ming(文明)
  • A kind of ideology
  • An unwritten standard

held by a particular group,

reflecting the way people think and behave

hard to be described by a detailed expression

  • Go there, get it!

The web page describes the detailed meaning of “culture” which enumerates five aspects of what “culture” is.

1.Defining "culture“

2.Cultures within a society

3.Cultures by region

4.Cultural studies

5.Cultural change

  • The explanation of “culture” on this web page is not only very detailed, but also very useful. Because there are lots of information about culture within the society, type and history, as well as the region problem, etc. I personally think they make me know more about the meaning of “culture”, moreover, they widen my thinking and provide me more ways to understand the meaning of “culture”.
experience the culture about birthday

Nooo!! My birthday is tomorrow!!! Just good that you don't know that brings misfortune if you congratulate too early ;-)

Happy birthday dear Sylvie! If you‘d like to, take some photos so that I can see how pretty you are on your birthday party !

Experience: the culture about birthday
  • The key figure: Sylvie (a German girl) and I
  • One day Sylvie told me she was preparing a party for her birthday on the upcoming Sunday. Although I couldn’t attend the birthday party, as a friend, I thought I should celebrate birthday with her, so on the day before her birthday, I said ……
my experience reveals the different culture about birthday in germany and china
My experience reveals the different culture about birthday in Germany and China
  • In my country, if people pay great attention to their friends or family members’ birthday, they may congratulate other’s birthday or send a present earlier to show the sincerity.

But in some other countries, esp. in Germany and Russia, birthday can not be celebrated earlier as people firmly believe that it may bring some misfortune.

Culture, as a complex and broad concept, influences many sides in life, even those subtle things.