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Child Care

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Child Care

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  1. Child Care • Do you need help paying for child care? • Have you received TANF in the last 24 months? • Are you working, going to school, or participating in a WTW activity? • If YES, you may be eligible for subsidized child care. Call 558-2332 or contact your worker.

  2. Child Care Effective 2-1-08, StanWORKs Child Care will no longer accept mail-in applications or incomplete application paperwork. You must apply in person withall verifications completed. ATTENTION PARENTS!

  3. Child Care If an application is received in our office on or after 2-1-08, it will be returned to you, and you must come in for an application interview. We will not be accepting applications unless all the verifications are completed. ATTENTION PARENTS!

  4. Child Care If you have any questions, you may contact our Child Care Information Line at 558-2332. Thank you ATTENTION PARENTS!

  5. Child Care Due to recent changes made to Trustline regulations, please be advised of your potential liability for child care payments. Effective 02/01/08, unlicensed providers who are required to be Trustline are no longer eligible for Child Care subsidy payments until they are Trustline registered with a “Cleared” status. ATTENTION PARENTS!

  6. Child Care It is important that your unlicensed provider submit a completed Trustline application package within seven (7) days, or as soon as possible after child care services are provided. Payments cannot be made for services rendered prior to your license-exempt provider becoming Trustline registered. ATTENTION PARENTS!

  7. Child Care For Stage 1: Once cleared, your Trustline-registered child care provider may receive retroactive payment for up to the first 120 calendar days from the date covered child care services began. You are responsible for paying for child care services that the StanWORKs Child Care Program is unable to cover. If your Trustline required child care provider is not cleared by Trustline, you are responsible to pay for all child care services provided. ATTENTION PARENTS!

  8. Child Care For Stage 2 or 3: Your Trustline-registered child care provider is not eligible for retroactive payment. Subsidy payment will begin for covered child care services effective the day the provider is cleared by Trustline. You are responsible for paying for child care services that the StanWORKs Child Care Program is unable to cover. ATTENTION PARENTS!