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Personal Shopping Assistant (PSA) PowerPoint Presentation
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Personal Shopping Assistant (PSA)

Personal Shopping Assistant (PSA)

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Personal Shopping Assistant (PSA)

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Personal Shopping Assistant (PSA) Presented by: DMY

  2. PSA Application Once the application is installed, the application icon will appear in the main menu.

  3. Registration Register User.

  4. Location Based Alerts User gets an alert on the top of the screen according to their location and their chosen preferences. This alert will remain on the screen for 2 minutes and then it will disappear.

  5. Location Based Alerts As soon as the auto alert appears, one star appears on PSA icon in main menu to let user know about new notifications. Once the user has checked all the notifications from the stores, star will disappear.

  6. PSA This is the main screen of PSA application. ‘My Alerts’ button allows users to view all the news and notifications. And ‘Settings’ button is for changing or editing settings.

  7. Settings User can change/update their interests and also can choose to have their auto alert on or off.

  8. My Alerts PSA lists all news/notifications/ promotions, starting from the most latest. Moreover, all new notifications will have ‘NEW’ sign appear beside it. If there are more than one alerts from the same location, alerts will be listed under same tag in alphabetical order.

  9. Detailed Description feature Once the user clicks on the on the notification, a detailed description about the store and store event or news from the store will be displayed. This detailed description may include Full Name of the store, Timing of the store, on going Events at the store, and the Time Period of the Events.

  10. Detailed Description feature (Floor Map) When the user clicks on the Floor Map button The entire floor map of the mall will be shown.

  11. Get Location feature (MAP) When the user clicks on the ‘Get Location’ link in PSA, the current location of the user and the store location will be displayed. ‘A’ refers to the position where the user is At, and ‘T’ refers to the Target location, which is the store.

  12. Other Features Note: The following feature will be implemented onlyif time permits. - Notifications through emails or text messages

  13. Priorities • High: • Settings • Location Based Alerts • My Alerts • Medium: • Detailed Description Feature • Get Location Feature • Low: • Other Features

  14. Questions • Yueh-Shan Shih • Dhara Savani • Mrugakshi Patel