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Virtual Personal Assistant PowerPoint Presentation
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Virtual Personal Assistant

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Virtual Personal Assistant - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Virtual Personal assistants are someone who can manage all the tasks given to them. They can manage it on specific target, and they can able to accomplish it accurately. The best virtual Personal assistant is someone who you can rely every time, and someone who will accept any task without any hesitations.

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Virtual Personal Assistant

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    1. Presented By:Ossisto LLC  200 Fayette St. Perth Amboy NJ – 08861Website Contact Number : +1-877-219-2717 Virtual Personal Assistance Services

    2. Virtual Personal Assistant

    3. WHAT IS VIRTUAL PERSONAL ASSISTANT • A Virtual Personal Assistant (VPA) is a highly-skilled, independent professional or part of a Virtual Assistance organization, who provides administrative, IT support to entrepreneurs and individuals as well. In lay-man words we define a VPA as a skilled secretary who works from home. • If a considerable part of your workday is being consumed in managing your daily recurring work like Back Office Operations, Accounting Services, Customer Support, E-mail management and other marketing and support activity than hiring a VPA is an Ideal Solution .

    4. Who need a virtual Personal Assistance

    5. Business Person • Entrepreneur • Travel Blogger • Doctors • Traders • High Level Executives • Directors (Anyone whose large part of the workday is consumed by managing simple tasks can opt for a VPA)

    6. Difference between Virtual Personal Assistant and Personal Assistant Virtual Personal Assistant • HIRING PROCESS : With a Virtual Assistant, you can conduct interviews over the phone or by Skype (video call), review their recommendations and if they are the right fit for your business and goals you can start working together within 24 hours. • LOCATION :A Virtual Personal Assistant is self-employed and works remotely for multiple clients; individuals and corporate clients. • HOURS :Virtual Personal Assistants working hours are not fixed and offer flexibility should there be an urgent job outside of office hours. Retainers packages are offered with no minimum hour commitment. You pay for 100% productive work and only pay for the hours worked • TASKS :Virtual Personal Assistant is specialized in a wide range of administrative-secretarial activities, and depending upon their skill-set can also assist in Accounting, Website development, graphic design etc. • RATES : VPA they are typically pay-as-you-go. If you only need support on Friday, that’s fine. They work as and when they are needed and paid by the hour.

    7. Personal Assistant • HIRING PROCESS: When recruiting a Personal Assistant, you need to advertise and at times go through a recruitment agency where fees are applied. You would need to complete HR paperwork, conduct several interviews and conversations etc. • LOCATION :A Personal Assistant is located in the office of the employer and works solely on tasks assigned by the employer. • HOURS : A Personal Assistant traditionally works office hours 9-6pm Monday to Friday, with occasional overtime depending on the company and responsibilities. You need to consider when your Personal Assistant is on holiday or sick  • TASKS :Personal Assistant would as most of the tasks requires access to a computer and the internet. • RATES : salary based employee

    8. Importance of hiring a virtual personal assistant • Sort your email so you can finally try to reach the exclusive Inbox • Answer your phone and deal with telemarketers for you. • Take messages while you’re away from your desk. • Coordinate team projects to ensure milestones are being met. • Search travel sites to find your next, affordable vacation! • Record & transcribe your meetings so you can feel safe zoning out. • Handle your calendar to ensure you don’t overbook yourself.

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