headings look like this n.
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HEADINGS LOOK LIKE THIS:. Smith 1 Nancy Smith Professor Oliver English 105 15 December 2011. Then: . The Title to the Essay Goes in the Center

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headings look like this


Smith 1

Nancy Smith

Professor Oliver

English 105

15 December 2011



The Title to the Essay Goes in the Center

The first paragraph begins two spaces down with one tab in. The entire essay is double spaced, including title and name. The thesis statement will most likely be in this paragraph. The main ideas that are going to be included will be briefly stated, each with their own paragraph to follow and in the order presented. Citing sources used in one’s essay is a very important part of writing, and one that avoids plagiarism. All sources used and cited in the essay also need to be listed on the reference page at the end of the essay. Following these simple instructions will help the writer to avoid MLA Format problems as well as plagiarism.

the main ideas are special

Each main idea gets its own paragraph all to itself. It is in this paragraph that the main idea is supported and made clearer with examples, facts, definitions, and a possible citation of a used source to further deepen the clarification. This support builds the body and keeps the essay interesting. It is helpful to include at least three supporting minor ideas. Be careful to stay focused on the crucial information that is needed to adequately support your thesis.

in text citations


In text citations are crucial to support an essay as well as to avoid plagiarism. There is a plethora of information and other’s research that is useful in an essay to support an idea. Quoting and citing it gives the author credit. “A typical parenthetical reference consists of the author’s last name and a page number (Kirszner & Mandell 191). According to Kirszner & Mandell in The Pocket Wadsworth Pocket Book, “if you state the author’s name or the title of the work in your discussion, do not include it in the parenthetical reference (191). When using an electronic source, include the paragraph numbers rather than the page numbers. Use par or pars after the name. An example would be: (Oliver, par. 15). This can also be accomplished in the “References” Tab.

works cited page


The Works-Cited Page is the last page of the essay. It includes all of the information about the source being used. Each is listed alphabetically. Click the “References” Tab in the upper bar of Word. Make sure it is marked as MLA, select the type of source being cited, and fill out the required information in the grid. Once complete, click the “Bibliography” tab, and add it to the Works-Cited page, making sure the curser is in the correct location.

example from word

Works Cited

OWL., The Purdue. Purdue U Writing Lab, 2010. Web. 15 December 2010.

*Word will not print this is complete proper MLA format. Make the following changes:

1.Change to Times Roman and sized 12 font

2.Center “Works Cited”, color is black, undo bold print

3.Indent the second line and on

4.Looks like this now:

Works Cited

 OWL., The Purdue. Purdue U Writing Lab, 2010. Web. 15 December 2010.

If there were more information to be included, it would be indented here and follow suit until complete information is listed.