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Technology In Search And Rescue

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Technology In Search And Rescue - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Technology In Search And Rescue. Developed as part of the National Emergency Services Curriculum Project. Introduction. Technology in SAR: A misnomer? What do we mean by Technology? In what facets of SAR can Technology be used? Current Technology and its Applications

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technology in search and rescue

Technology In Search And Rescue

Developed as part of the National Emergency Services Curriculum Project

  • Technology in SAR: A misnomer?
  • What do we mean by Technology?
  • In what facets of SAR can Technology be used?
  • Current Technology and its Applications
  • The Future of Technology in CAP Emergency Services
  • Problems and Issues of Technology in SAR
technology in sar a misnomer
Technology in SAR: A Misnomer?
  • Do the methodologies of CAP Search and Rescue lend themselves to the use of Technology?
  • Can technology be useful enough to justify the time and money?
  • At each level, decisions must be made to determine how much time and money will be spent on technology
  • Cost/Benefit analysis must be made
what do we mean by technology
What do we mean by Technology
  • Technology does not necessarily include only computers
  • Technology refers to the application of new tools to make us more efficient
  • These tools can include
    • Computers and Software
    • Radio technology
    • Digital cameras
    • Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs)
    • Etc.
where can technology be used in cap es
Where can Technology be Used in CAP ES?
  • There are applications for current and future technology at all levels of CAP
    • ES Incident Bases
    • Wing Level
    • At the local squadron
    • On Ground Teams
    • Etc.
  • The applications of technology and ES are limited only by cost and the human element
current technology and applications
Current Technology and Applications
  • Computers and Software
    • Of all the technological innovations, computers and software have the most use in CAP ES
    • Almost unlimited uses at all levels of CAP ES
    • COTS (commercial off the shelf) products
    • Specially designed software packages have been written by SAR personnel
mobile computers
Mobile Computers
  • Mobile computers are especially useful in CAP ES
    • Portable
    • Light
  • Mobile computer have disadvantages
    • Expense
    • Battery Life
    • Susceptible to the elements
  • COTS Products, such as office suites, have a number of applications
    • Spreadsheets
    • Personal Databases
    • Word Processors
  • Applications
    • Check-ins
    • Tracking ES Qualifications
    • Computerized ES Forms
software continued
Software continued…
  • Mapping Programs
    • Delorme Topo Maps
      • Topo Maps are now available in high resolution
      • Can be used for both air and ground crews
    • GIS Systems
  • Many other specialty software packages are available that have limitless applications for CAP ES
  • GPS receivers are becoming more affordable and more precise
  • GPS receivers will soon be built into personal radios
  • GPS systems can interface into many mapping programs
    • Provides unprecedented utility to ES Ground teams
communication technology
Communication Technology
  • Digital radio communications
    • Higher Range
    • Clearer, less static
  • Cellular Phones provide far better communications than current 2 meter radios in many areas
  • RF Technology has many future uses
other current technology
Other Current Technology
  • Personal Digital Assistants
    • Current and Future PDAs have almost as much power as mobile computers
    • True power of PDAs rests with PDA peripherals
  • Digital Cameras and Imaging
  • Many other technological innovations can be used to make SAR more efficient
practical examples
Practical Examples
  • Computerized Check-in
  • CAP Forms Online -
  • Track ES Qualifications
future of technology in sar
Future of Technology in SAR
  • Moore’s Law – “The sum total of all processing power doubles every year”
  • Most benefit of technology in SAR will be the a result of merging current technologies
  • Vision of Future Ground Team Mission
problems and issues
Problems and Issues
  • For all of its benefits, technology does present unique problems
  • These problems are inherent to technology in all applications, not just CAP SAR
  • Some problems can be solved, but some must be sidestepped
  • Expense
    • Up front expense
    • On-going expense
  • Training problems
  • Care and Maintenance
  • Short Technology Lifecycle
the human element
The Human Element
  • Technology for technology’s sake
    • Technology applications must make SAR more efficient
    • Technology for its own sake costs much, but provides little benefit
  • The human element
    • Many SAR personnel do not like computers, technology, etc.
    • “We’ve done it this way for years” mentality
    • Must demonstrate that technology can be used to make us more efficient

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