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EQUIPPED TO SHARE Ephesians 4:11-14 Matthew 28:19-20 PowerPoint Presentation
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EQUIPPED TO SHARE Ephesians 4:11-14 Matthew 28:19-20

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EQUIPPED TO SHARE Ephesians 4:11-14 Matthew 28:19-20

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EQUIPPED TO SHARE Ephesians 4:11-14 Matthew 28:19-20

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  1. INGREDIENT FOR OBEDIENCE EQUIPPED TO SHAREEphesians 4:11-14 Matthew 28:19-20 Dr. Ralph Godfrey Sr.

  2. EQUIPPED TO SHARE RECAP: • Ingredient - putting together of separate elements or parts to form a whole. • There are several parts that go into obedience to make it a whole. Dr. Ralph Godfrey Sr.

  3. EQUIPPED TO SHARE • One of the elements that go into obedience is to make it a whole is having a New Mind Set. Dr. Ralph Godfrey Sr.

  4. EQUIPPED TO SHARE • The mind is the gateway to our soul and our spirit and whatever can control or dominate the mind can guide our destiny. • “… For as man thinks in his heart so is he (Prov. 23:7).” • “Thinketh” - Hebrew Word “sharar” - to act as a gate keeper. Dr. Ralph Godfrey Sr.

  5. EQUIPPED TO SHARE The gate was a place of controlled access to a walled city. There are only two gates for entranceinto the mind: 1. EYE gate 2. EAR gate Dr. Ralph Godfrey Sr.

  6. EQUIPPED TO SHARE • We all need a new mind set in order to change and become what God has designed us to be. • Human Nature - understands natural things. • Divine Nature - understands both sides. Dr. Ralph Godfrey Sr.

  7. EQUIPPED TO SHARE • The second element that goes into obedience is: “Preparing Our Mind for Action” Dr. Ralph Godfrey Sr.

  8. EQUIPPED TO SHARE • To move the people to the next level, Nehemiah showed up with a: • Vision • Plan • Program • Nehemiah, Chapter 4 Dr. Ralph Godfrey Sr.

  9. EQUIPPED TO SHARE Pastor Ralph’s plan to move us to the next level in life: • Vision • Plan • Program Dr. Ralph Godfrey Sr.

  10. EQUIPPED TO SHARE • Vision- extend the kingdom by winning the lost. • Plan – to re-fire the people through training in the word and rebuilding the walls of their life. • Program – Care Group Network to carry out the plan. Dr. Ralph Godfrey Sr.

  11. EQUIPPED TO SHARE • The third element that goes into obedience is: “God’s Purpose for Us In The Kingdom” Dr. Ralph Godfrey Sr.

  12. EQUIPPED TO SHARE God gave us a gift that would help us reach the maturity that he desires for us. The “Hand” Ministry. Dr. Ralph Godfrey Sr.

  13. EQUIPPED TO SHARE • As we have borne the image of the earthly, we shall bear the image of the heavenly, (1Cor.15:48). • This comes only as we live out the word of God in our life. Dr. Ralph Godfrey Sr.

  14. EQUIPPED TO SHARE • Life is a reflection of what we sow; we will also reap. • Life is an echo; it is a simply a reflection of all of our actions. • Life will echo back everything that we give it. Dr. Ralph Godfrey Sr.

  15. INGREDIENT FOR OBEDIENCE EQUIPPED TO SHAREEphesians.4:11-14 Matthew 28:19-20 Dr. Ralph Godfrey Sr.

  16. EQUIPPED TO SHARE • It is he that gave us some to be Apostles, some to be Prophets, some to be Evangelists, some to be Pastors and Teachers. • To prepare God’s people for works of service so that the body of Christ may be built up. Until we all reach the unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the son of God and become mature, attainting to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ.(Eph.4:11-13). • All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me . • Therefore, Goand make disciple of all nations….And Teach them to Obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age, (Matt. 28:18,20). Dr. Ralph Godfrey Sr.

  17. EQUIPPED TO SHARE Ephesians: • We are called to minister (or provide service). • We are given a gift by God and a measure of faith, to bring others to Christ. Dr. Ralph Godfrey Sr.

  18. EQUIPPED TO SHARE The “Hand Ministry” prepares us to join the “Go Ministry.” “…go into all the world and spread the gospel.” When Jesus commissioned the Apostles He said, “all authority is given unto me.” Dr. Ralph Godfrey Sr.

  19. EQUIPPED TO SHARE • In this commission they were to go and make disciples of men and teach them to obey every thing that he commanded them. • Jesus promised that he would always be with them. Dr. Ralph Godfrey Sr.

  20. EQUIPPED TO SHARE Did this change? • The great commission is “To Go” and share with others the gospel and that Christ is with us. • The Gospel itself is the Power of God unto salvation to everyone that believe it (Rom. 1:16). Dr. Ralph Godfrey Sr.

  21. EQUIPPED TO SHARE Jesus delegated this authority to the church. When he defeated his enemies he won all authority in heaven and earth (Matt.28:18). Since we know that Jesus has all authority we can obey him without fear. Where ever he leads us, no matter what the circumstances we face, He is in control. This makes Christians a mission of faith because the very nature of God demands this. Dr. Ralph Godfrey Sr.

  22. EQUIPPED TO SHARE • God is love and not willing that any should perish but all come to repentance (2 Pet.3:9). • Because of his death on the cross was for all men, he has made us “ambassadors” to share the gospel to all. Dr. Ralph Godfrey Sr.

  23. EQUIPPED TO SHARE • The book of Acts shows how the church was conceived with Authority and Power. • For you shall receive power after that the Holy Spirit is come upon you;and you shall be my witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the uttermost parts of the world. • So the church operated on the basis of the Lord’s Sovereign Authority. Dr. Ralph Godfrey Sr.

  24. EQUIPPED TO SHARE • The church’s ministry depends on his name, and guidance based on his promise of power. • They were so excited about what was going on that they opened up their homes and shared the Apostles’ teaching. • They had fellowship, breaking of bread and prayer together. Dr. Ralph Godfrey Sr.

  25. EQUIPPED TO SHARE • Because everyone was filled with awe, many signs and wonders and miracles were done. • You do not have to make this happen. They had things in common and was praising the Lord. God honored them. They were not seeking for titles but just enjoying the Lord. Many were added to the church daily (Acts 2:42-47). Dr. Ralph Godfrey Sr.

  26. EQUIPPED TO SHARE • The purpose of the church in Acts was to show us that the church was active. • Everybody was involved and the gifts were displayed. • Many souls came to Christ. Dr. Ralph Godfrey Sr.

  27. EQUIPPED TO SHARE • This is what a making of a disciple is all about: • Winning, Training, and Sending to make others disciples. • House churches grew and split to make other house churches. • This is how the church grew. Dr. Ralph Godfrey Sr.

  28. EQUIPPED TO SHARE • When God first spoke to Pastor Cho about starting house churches in North Korea, neither he nor the people in South America knew that he would reach over a million of people. • House churches ,called G12 (the government of 12), reached over 270,oo0 people. Dr. Ralph Godfrey Sr.

  29. EQUIPPED TO SHARE • They started care groups and grew churches from 50 to 70 thousand strong. • All of this happened because people realized that they had a responsible to win the lost. Dr. Ralph Godfrey Sr.

  30. EQUIPPED TO SHARE • The people were so excited about winning the lost : • They started small groups in apartment buildings. • They won people living in whole apartment complexes to Christ. • They were prepared “to go”. Dr. Ralph Godfrey Sr.

  31. EQUIPPED TO SHARE Did you know? • One in every four adults between the ages of 19-29 claim no affiliation with a religious institution. • More than one quarter of American adults have left the faith for another religion or have no religion or have no world view. Dr. Ralph Godfrey Sr.

  32. EQUIPPED TO SHARE Defining Terms: (Research Study) • “Biblical worldview” - believing that absolute moral truth exists; • the Bible is totally accurate in all of the principles and teachings. • THE BARNA GROUP OF VENTURA CALIFORNIA WWW.BARNA.ORG Dr. Ralph Godfrey Sr.

  33. EQUIPPED TO SHARE Defining Terms: • Satan is considered to be a real being or force, not merely symbolic. • A person cannot earn their way into Heaven by trying to be good or do good works. • THE BARNA GROUP OF VENTURA CALIFORNIA WWW.BARNA.ORG Dr. Ralph Godfrey Sr.

  34. EQUIPPED TO SHARE • Defining Terms • Jesus Christ lived a sinless life on earth. • God is the all-knowing, all-powerful creator of the world who still rules the universe today. • In the research, anyone who supported all of these beliefs was said to have a biblical worldview. • THE BARNA GROUP OF VENTURA CALIFORNIA WWW.BARNA.ORG Dr. Ralph Godfrey Sr.

  35. EQUIPPED TO SHARE • Why Does It Matters? • Ongoing research by The Barna Group on these matters consistently demonstrates the powerful impact of a person’s worldviewabout their life. • THE BARNE GROUP OF VENTURA CALIFORNIA WWW.BARNA.ORG Dr. Ralph Godfrey Sr.

  36. EQUIPPED TO SHARE • Why Does It Matters? • A worldview serves as a person’s decision-making filter, enabling them to make sense of the complex and huge amount of information, experiences, relationships and opportunities they face in life. • THE BARNE GROUP OF VENTURA CALIFORNIA WWW.BARNA.ORG Dr. Ralph Godfrey Sr.

  37. EQUIPPED TO SHARE • Why Does It Matters? • By helping to clarify what a person believes to be important, true and desirable, a worldview has a dramatic influence on a person’s choices in any given situation. • THE BARNE GROUP OF VENTURA CALIFORNIA WWW.BARNA.ORG Dr. Ralph Godfrey Sr.

  38. EQUIPPED TO SHARE • If we as Christians still believe these truths are right, we need to make sure that we and our family hold on to these truths and be willing to share with others what we believe. Dr. Ralph Godfrey Sr.

  39. INGREDIENT FOR OBEDIENCE EQUIPPED TO SHAREEphesians.4:11-14 Matthew 28:19-20 Dr. Ralph Godfrey Sr.