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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing

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  1. Intellect To Achieve Digital Marketing Company


  3. Introduction to Digital Marketing Every marketer needs to understand how to exploit digital marketing assets, tools and techniques in order to improve their customer value proposition and help achieve their organizational objectives. This means designing an accessible, usable and value-adding website and using a range of inter-related digital marketing tools and techniques – integrated with traditional tools and techniques – to drive traffic, conversion, engagement and referrals. Hence this workshop!

  4. Benefits of Digital Marketing 1. It's more affordable to deploy than traditional marketing and advertising 2. Digital marketing goes from planning to execution more quickly. 3. Digital marketing gives fans/viewers/readers a chance to share your content. 4. Digital marketing campaigns are easier to attach to other campaigns. 5. Digital marketing campaigns have longer shelf lives. 6. It's easier to change or stop a digital marketing campaign after it starts. 7. Digital marketing gives the brand more time and space to tell its story.

  5. Key Features of Digital Marketing • Digital marketing consists of pull or push online communication tactics. These tactics can also be referred to as inbound or outbound marketing as well. • Pull digital marketing is characterized by consumers actively seeking marketing content. • Push digital marketing occurs when marketers send messages without the consent of the recipients. • Examples of pull digital marketing include search engines, email newsletters, text messaging, while push digital marketing consists of opt-in subscription services.

  6. Digital Marketing Verticals

  7. Conclusion of Digital Marketing Everyone is constantly connected with everyone and everything. Mobile technology and cloud services bring the internet everywhere. Business is either digital or becoming digital. What works and what doesn’t is determined by the right combination of form and relevance: the Customer Experience.