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UpTick Learning Software

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UpTick Learning Software. Instructions for Downloading And Running the Tutorial. www.uptick-learning.com. Every student will need to acquire a software license before the class on April 21 th . Students without a software license will not be able to participate in the in-class simulation.

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uptick learning software

UpTick Learning Software

Instructions for Downloading

And Running the Tutorial

www uptick learning com
  • Every student will need to acquire a software license before the class on April 21th.
  • Students without a software license will not be able to participate in the in-class simulation.
  • The software license is $15.00 per student.
  • Please follow the instructions in these slides to acquire the software license.
  • You should also install and try out the tutorial before class – instructions are included in these slides.
  • Note, I will set up a location for Apple users to practice, but you will need to first acquire the $15.00 license and then notify me.
www uptick learning com1

Click on Student Sign In

www uptick learning com2

Fill in OSU name.# e-mail address

Click here to receive

A password via your e-mail

www uptick learning com3
  • Once you have received you password from support@uptick-learning.com, proceed to login.
  • The first time you get to this page, it will indicate that you have not yet acquired the license.
  • Click on acquire license (middle button) and follow instructions to buy the license for $15.00 using a credit card.
  • You will receive an e-mail confirming your payment from google checkout shortly.
  • You will also receive an e-mail from support@uptick-learning.com indicating your personal username.
www uptick learning com4
  • Once you have received your username and confirmation that you have acquired a student license, please log back onto your student home page, it will look like mine (indicating that you have a student license).
  • Apple users:
    • If you run a Windows emulator you should be able to run the software on your Apple. If not, you should contact me at this point!
  • Click on the button download upTick.
  • It took about 10 minutes at home and 3 minutes at work to download the software onto the desktop.
  • Follow instructions on the next slide to install the software on your PC/laptop.

Same page continued…

Once you have reached this point,

Go Back to Student Home

www uptick learning com5

Click on Classroom Materials

www uptick learning com6

We are going to run the Price Formation Module in Class

Note, you can try the other tutorials out if you are interested!

www uptick learning com7
  • Once you have followed the steps in this document, you can try out the tutorial for Price Formation and prepare for class.
  • Note that the software license will be valid for 6 months so you can use it also after class is over.