the ftp site n.
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The FTP Site PowerPoint Presentation
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The FTP Site

The FTP Site

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The FTP Site

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  1. The FTP Site Explained E. Hamilton DLI Atlantic Training Workshop, 2009

  2. The Collection is ... Where? DLI FTP Site DLI Mirror Site (UA) DLI FTP collection plus Web collection Plus • Census Products • Census Geography • Health Geography • Census 1901, 1981-2006 DLI Web Site Most standard data products DLI Products not wholly owned by Statistics Canada Canadian Addiction Survey 2004 Canadian Heart Health Survey Citizenship and Immigration Canada DFO Catch and Effort Data Youth Smoking Survey IDLS/Equinox, NESSTAR, etc. By Mail (for CD-ROMS) Requires secure shell ftp

  3. Refresher: the Survival Guide Section 6: Accessing and Citing DLI Data

  4. DLI FTP Directory (Why the duplicate listings? Is one better than the other?)

  5. What is in the folders? Readme and/or dirlist.txt By survey and language (cchs / esdd) , by year, by product (doc/data), by type of file (.dat, sas, sps, etc.)

  6. Tip of Hat to Utilities! If we need it, Jackie has put it here. He promises to add a txt file to explain what everything is used for “really soon!”.

  7. Geography: only on FTP!

  8. Five Questions to Find Your Way… • What product do I want? • What language do I prefer? • What software format do I need? • What layers or coverage do I require? • What geographical hierarchy do I need? • Which file do I need? Show me!

  9. 1. What Product do I Need? Chose a product subdirectory • Attribute • CARS • Concordance • Documentation • Geosuite • Maps • PCCF • PCFC • Spatial (This is where the gems are) /geography/census2001/spatial/…

  10. 2. What language do I prefer? English or French the choice is yours!

  11. 3. What Software Format Do I Want? Spatial It’s a matter of choice… what software is your patron using? MapInfo ArcInfo /geography/census2001/spatial/Arcinfo…

  12. 4. What layers / coverage do I require? Spatial Census Boundary Files Road Network Files Skeletal Road Network Files Ecumene (Population density) Water ArcInfo CBF RNF SRNF Ecumene /geography/census2001/spatial/Arcinfo/CBF…

  13. 5. What geographical hierarchy do I need? CANADA PROV/TERR CAR ER FED Non-CMA/CA CMA/CA MIZ Terr. CMA CA CT No CT CD Rural UA CCS CT CSD DPL DA Block

  14. 5. What geographical hierarchy do I need? National: ccs, cd, cma, csd, ct, da, dpp, dpl, er, pr, ua Provincial: ccs csd ct da CMA: csd, dt, da Extra: water /geography/census2001/spatial/Arcinfo/CBF/provincial/da

  15. 6. What File do I Need? It is easy when proper place names are used, but know where to look up codes for province and for CMA/CAs to make your selection faster. G91001.exe decoded is a geographic file for the 1991 census for the CMA of St. John’s /geography/census2001/spatial/Arcinfo/CBF/provincial…

  16. Practice Helps