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Presentation Transcript

  1. SecureFX

  2. Click on the button to Download Software (Get.SecureFX.302)

  3. Click Run in the window that asks if you want to run or save the file.

  4. Click Run if you get a security warning window.

  5. Step 1 Authorization ScreenClick the Continue button

  6. Step 2 DownloadingYou’ll see a progress bar at the bottom of the window to show you where you are in the process of the download.

  7. Step 4 Launch InstallClick the Launch Install button to continue with the installation process. If you do not see this screen, go to C:\Temp folder on your hard drive and double-click on the MU_Secure_Download folder and then double-click on the sfx302_UMissouri.exe file.

  8. Installation WizardClick the I Agree button to accept the license.

  9. Click Next to continue the process  Check this box to have a shortcut created on your Desktop

  10. Continue clicking Next button Uncheck these boxes and click OK button  Progress Window

  11. Using SecureFX • Go to your Start button and clickon the entry for SecureFXThis may be under Start >> Programs >>SecureFX >> SecureFX • You may get a message about storing application data.Click the OK button.

  12. Using SecureFX (cont’d) The application will start with a window and a smaller dialog window. Click on the Quick Connect button to enter connection information for the bengal server.

  13. Using SecureFX (cont’d) Ensure the Protocol isSFTP Enter the following information in the appropriate boxes: Hostname: Username: Your PawPrint ID Click the Connect button. PawPrint ID

  14. Using SecureFX (cont’d) Click the Accept & Save button. Click OK to move past the welcome box.

  15. Using SecureFX (cont’d) Enter your PawPrint Password You may wish to check the Save Password box if you are on a computer over which you have total control. Click OK to continue

  16. Using SecureFX (cont’d) You should now see 2 smaller windows within the larger SecureFX window. One window will be entitled LocalThis reflects your local computerhard drive The other window will be – PawPrint IDThis represents the Web server

  17. Using SecureFX (cont’d) Go to the Window menu and choose Tile Vertically. This will arrange the local window and the bengal window.

  18. Using SecureFX (cont’d) • To move your files: • Double-click on the www folder in the sub-window for • This will ensure your HTML files will end up in the place where the “world” can view them.

  19. Using SecureFX (cont’d) In the Localsub-window, navigate to where you have your HTML files saved. In my example, I have them saved on my floppy disk or A:\ drive in a folder called html-files

  20. Using SecureFX (cont’d) To transfer the files, I single-click on the files from the local sub-window and drag them to the www folder (note the blue highlight on the screenshot) in the sub-window.

  21. Using SecureFX (cont’d) You should see a progress window to let you know the files are transferred to your www folder. When the process is complete, look for your files in the list of files found in the sub-window. To see your HTML files as Web pages, go to:

  22. Using SecureFX (cont’d) When you are donetransferring all ofyour files, click onthe Disconnectbutton to disconnectfrom the bengal server. Exit the software(File >> Exit or theupper-right-handcorner X) You’ve now transferred your files to a Web server and everyone can see them.