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Science project …

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Science project …

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Science project …

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  1. Science project … Done by :- alyaziaalkaabi Maithaalkaabi Alreemalshamsi 9.56

  2. Aluminum Al The benefits of aluminum The benefits we can use it in packaging , electrical , industrial , transportation , aerospace and weapons , food , chemical , petroleum .

  3. The risk of aluminum :- * Risk of damage to aluminum entry solution aluminum to the human body because they cause cancer body .

  4. Calcium Ca The benefits of calcium * Calcium salts make up about 70 percent of bone by weight and give your bone its strength and rigidity . * Prevent osteoporosis weakness of the bone help in the growth of the baby bone

  5. The risks of calcium * Calcium supplements, which many people consume hoping to ward off osteoporosis, may increase the risk of heart attack by as much as 30 percentage

  6. Iron Fe The benefits of iron Iron is a trace mineral that is essential for our health . Forming a part of the red pigment called hemoglobin in the blood , it gives blood the dark red color and helps transport oxygen to our cells

  7. The risk of iron * The research has shown that the high level of iron to individuals over the age of fifty related injury and Alzheimer's disease , heart disease and aging and diabetes .

  8. Magnesium Mg The benefits of magnesium Natural calm ( magnesium powder ) helps calcium supplements work much better . It also helps the assimilation of potassium .

  9. The risk of magnesium • Damage magnesium focused on harms when used as a pill or by injection , and even research that talked about oil , salt .

  10. Sodium Na The benefits of sodium • Balance the body electrolyte balance • Sodium potassium pump help in return the cell resting potential after excitation

  11. The riskof sodium • Cause water retention • Edema • Increase blood pressure

  12. Potassium K The benefits of potassium :- • Essential for maintaining proper fluid balance • Help in muscle function

  13. The risk of potassium * Potassium affect cardiac function and cause arrhythmia

  14. The benefits of oxygen O * Oxygen necessary for breathing human , animal and plant .

  15. The risk of oxygen * oxygen can be harmful for asthmatics and support recommendations to use the minimum concentration required to maintain target O2 saturation.

  16. Mg The benefits of magnesium * Benefits were so great that the body 70% water , hydrogen , an essential part of the installation of water shall be a significant benefits .

  17. The risk of magnesium Mg * Danger of magnesium metal is due to its flammability as when it is ignited, it will continously burn generating vast amount of heat with flashing intense white light that can damage human eye when starred longer.

  18. The benefits of lithium Li * it helps in the spreading of iodine evenly throughout the body. Lithium may increase the gray matter nerve cells of the brain by three percent.

  19. The risk of lithium * Lithium Carbonate has various Psychiatric applications. As far as I know it is used medicinally. It's not addictive nor does it cause hallucinations or dependency. It is fairly safe, if taken as directed.

  20. The benefits of silicon Si * useful in taking care of nails, hair and skin. The health benefits of silicon also play a vital role in the prevention of atherosclerosis, insomnia, skin disorders and tuberculosis .

  21. The risk of silicon * Silicon is not known to be toxic, but if breathed in as a fine silica/silicate dust it may cause chronic respiratory problems. Silicates such as asbestos are carcinogenic.

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