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Bubbly for Sodastream

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Bubbly for Sodastream. Sodastream Professional, first and only production site in Italy. Specialize in the design and manufacturing of cooling systems and accessories for the dispensing of beverages Los Angeles Times - Father's Day Gifts: Cheers to Pops!

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Sodastream Professional, first and only production site in Italy.
  • Specialize in the design and manufacturing of cooling systems and accessories for the dispensing of beverages
  • Los Angeles Times- Father's Day Gifts: Cheers to Pops!
  • "A fun booze alternative, the SodaStream Crystal instantly transforms tap water into carbonated water, soda, sparkling energy drinks or cocktail mixers. The energy-efficient machine requires no batteries or electricity.  It scores eco-points and saves his back — no more lugging countless cans and plastic bottles that end up in landfills."
environmental protection
Environmental Protection
  • Sodastream Professional is particularly sensitive to the problems caused by environment pollution and to the quality of water for human consumption. Thanks to our cooling, microfiltering and dispensing systems for water from the mains we eliminate the purchase and use of pet bottles, which means: -reduction of production of tons of plastic;-reduction of pollution due to its transportation;-reduction of its disposal in the environment;-reduction of electricity consumption necessary to refrigeration. 
other benefits
Other Benefits
  • Taste
  • Saves money, cheaper
  • Variety
  • Nutrition
in restaurants
In Restaurants
  • David Arnold of NYC's Booker & Dax- how he adds fizz to one favorite cocktail, the Negroni, using SodaStream:⋅First, he attaches seven inches of 3/16-inch plastic tubing to the plastic tip where the CO2 comes out of the SodaStream. The tubing is needed to reach the low level of liquid in the bottle.⋅Then Arnold adds 1 oz. each of sweet vermouth, gin, and Campari to the SodaStream bottle, plus 3 oz. water, and mixes. He places the mixture in the freezer for 30 minutes or until very, very cold.⋅Finally, he carbonates the liquid while physically shaking the machine (the agitation helps the alcohol absorb CO2). When the liquid stops bubbling, he releases the latch and lets the Soda- Stream vent. He repeats the process three times. This yields one fizzy drink.
  • TechCrunch- Beverage Companies Go Sustainable With Biodegradable Plastics, Ramped Up Recycling: "Another major beverage player, SodaStream (nasdaq: SODA) announced today that it will soon ship its flavored syrups in bottles that can decompose in a landfill in five years. Regular plastic bottles take 450 years to decompose, according to general waste industry estimates.“
  • New York Magazine- Soda, the DIY Way:

“Aside from the economic and environmental pluses, the best argument for making your own soda water is fizz control. Prefer gentle S. Pellegrino–type carbonation over harsh club-soda bubbles? The best of the countertop soda-makers, the Sodastream Jet lets you modulate the intensity.”

restaurant trends
Restaurant Trends
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJqRvsYtuhY

Push one of those buttons: you want Coke? Well, you can have Coke. But would you rather have Vanilla Coke? Coke with Lime? Or kinds that don't even exist in bottles, like Coke Raspberry or Orange Coke?

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