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  2. Akuna was founded in 1999 to market innovative natural health products. • The company’s headquarters is in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. • Akuna has offices in Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, Italy, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine and the U.K.


  4. What is Alveo? • A unique, high-quality botanical food supplement and digestive tonic • Alveo contains 26 different herbs • Created using the principles of traditional Chinese medicine and modern scientific research • Alveo is designed to be taken every day and to benefit everyone who uses it • Alveo is certified Kosher by the Kashruth Council of Canada

  5. Why use Alveo? Before the development of modern agriculture, our diet contained two to ten times more micronutrients than our current diet.

  6. Why use Alveo? - continued • Civilization, for all its benefits, has had some very bad effects on our diet. • The foods consumed by our grandparents were much more nutritionally diverse. Breeding and genetic engineering has reduced the diversity of nutrients in our diet. • Alveo provides complex and balanced plant materials in one easy-to-metabolize formula.

  7. A Case Study - Great Britain Urban Victorians in 1850-1885 consumed a very good diet, including significant amounts of fruits and vegetables.

  8. The Victorians, continued • These mid-century Victorians had same life expectancy that we do today • They required significantly less healthcare • 90% lower incidence of cancer • Less degenerative disease

  9. The Victorians - continued • High level of physical activity • High intake of omega 3, pre-biotic fibres, whole grains • 10 or more portions per day of fruit & vegetables • Low intake of salt, sugar, alcohol, tobacco, and processed foods

  10. Health Trends Since 1950 • 35 % of North Americans are obese • 25 % of adults in the US have hypertension • Asthma – up 25% in last 20 years • The incidence of non tobacco-related cancers has doubled • Osteoporosis, dementia, diabetes are all on the increase

  11. We Lead Inflamed Lives • We consumer too much sugar • High doses of bad oils and fats in our diet • Hidden allergens • Lack of exercise • High stress • Hidden infections

  12. How can Alveo help? • The herbs in Alveo help the digestive system eliminate toxic materials and reduce inflammation. • When toxic materials are eliminated, the immune system is strengthened and we get more out of the nutrients we consume.

  13. The herbs in Alveo contain: • Anti-inflammatories • Adaptogens • Immunomodulators • Detoxicants • Regeneratives • Calming agents

  14. Anti-inflammatories shield against inflammation in the small and large intestines of the digestive system. Examples: Bladderwrack, boneset, ginkgo biloba, eleuthero, lavender

  15. Adaptogens increase the body’s resistance to stress, trauma, anxiety and fatigue. Examples: Guarana, eleuthero, Korean ginseng, passionflowerutside environment

  16. Immunomodulators have antibiotic properties and improve the functioning of the immune system. Examples: Aloe, boneset, eleuthero, fo-ti, lavender

  17. Detoxicantshelp accelerate the expulsion of toxins and foreign substances that are the by-products of metabolism. Examples: Alfalfa, aloe, horsetail, lavender and red clover

  18. Regeneratives provide raw materials for the body to use in healing itself and balancing its systems. Examples: Alfalfa, fo-ti, ginkobiloba, Irish moss, rosehip

  19. Calming agents soothe the individual and increase his sense of well-being. Examples: Korean ginseng, lavender, passionflower

  20. Alveo is not a medicine: • It is a botanical supplement designed to work as a preventative and help people improve and maintain their health. • It should be used daily as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle • Recommended dosage is 1 to 2 ounces (28-56 ml) per day • Take Alveo on an empty stomach about a half hour before eating

  21. Health is a Choice – Choose Alveo Often, the lifestyle we choose determines our health. Every day we make decisions about what to eat and drink, and how much exercise, rest and fresh air to get.