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Find Best Affiliate Marketing Mentor

Find Best Affiliate Marketing Mentor To Help You Find The Best Method To Make Money Online

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Find Best Affiliate Marketing Mentor

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  1. Find Best Affiliate Marketing Mentor To Help You Find The Best Method To Make Money Online

  2. So, you don't have a product, or have one, but not sure about your sales page, graphics, etc and want to make money online quickly. The easiest way to do this is through affiliate marketing. Many know what it is, but few actually master it - there are tools to learn like in trying to master any trade you'd care to name. If you want to make money quickly through affiliate marketing, you are going to have to put some time in, especially when it comes to trying and testing various strategies to promote a product. And you need to spot which product actually "sells". Many beginners think all they have to do is go somewhere like ClickBank and go get an affiliate link then chose a product to sell. That's their first mistake! There are two basic steps in internet marketing, and that also includes affiliate marketing - First: find a hungry market; Second: give them what they want.

  3. Find your hungry market first! Ok, so what IS a hungry market?Or maybe we should take another step back and ask ourselves why do people buy things. Do they buy because they need something, or because they want it?Yep, it's the emotion that is the trigger for people to get their wallet out - they have to be motivated to buy - they have to be "hungry" for it. That is a hungry market - a market where you know people are emotionally involved with the idea of the product. Another question to ask yourself - do people buy from pain or from pleasure?The answer is that 70% (maybe more) actually buy from pain than from pleasure. What do people feel painful about? Ok, let's pick a niche market such as tinnitus, a ringing in the ears. What do you know about the subject? What is it that, forgive the ironic pun here, but what is it that rings their bell? What are the triggers that will make them buy?

  4. You don't know? Ok, here's a tip - go search on Google or any other search engine for tinnitus forums, or "tinnitus so bad" - and you will get search answers with all the triggers you need to know about what will make people in this niche market buy a product that you promote. You get a ton of ammunition from this simple search to build your landing page - a landing page is a MUST if you want to make money from affiliate marketing. You want to get their names and email addresses and not simply direct hungry buyers to your affiliate link page. You MUST build your mailing list - this is a tool that no affiliate marketer can do without. It is a given fact, pure and simple.

  5. There are many landing page and autoresponder programs out there. Go take a look and then see which one looks more user friendly to you. Now, here's where having a mentor comes ina mentor will actually show you where to find the best program and tell you why he or she thinks it is the best. They will even show you how to use the program, if you ask them! Yep - they'll take you by the hand all the way - all you have to do is ASK! Why will they want to help?

  6. THE ANSWER The answer is simple they help you get started, they help you build a list, and later, when your list is big enough, they will have a joint venture partner (YOU) to market their own products with, to your list. Helping you now is an investment for the future, for these affiliate marketing mentors. Try making money online alone and you will most likely fail, or hit a ceiling and not be able to break into the super-affiliate bracket.

  7. Tip!trying to market extremely popular products can be bad news in terms of your affiliate status. You want to have a good quality product but it does not necessarily equate to quality. A mentor can guide you all the way. First do your research find your hungry buyers - then find the product and check out what affiliate support the product owner will give you. There are a lot of misconceptions out there, when it comes to marketing, using banners, email marketing, pay-per-click and the rest, including an old favourite, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

  8. why you need a mentor to help you make money online If you are just starting out, this is even more reason why you need a mentor to help you make money online. In the dictionary, the word mentor is defined as a wise and trusted teacher or counselor. Basically, you are looking for someone who has made all the mistakes, learned from experience what works and what doesn't work, and more importantly, where the hungriest buyers are and what they like to feed on!

  9. Again their motive is simple - you make money, you build a list and sure, they will do business with you on a joint venture scale in the future. But maybe the most important lesson you will learn from affiliate marketing mentor is the quality of persistence. Never give up! You are going to make mistakes, period. You will HAVE to test out different headlines, different sales copy, different products. Sure, the mentor can help you so far, but you still have a lot of the work to do yourself. Be ready to commit yourself to your new profession. Learn and work at it consistently - that means every day! Immerse yourself in the subject; learn from others. Don't do it alone. Have someone positive in attitude with the strong drive and will to succeed. Sometimes, you will go through 9 products that fail, before you find your cash cow. This is common in any field of sales - affiliate marketing, especially for the beginner, is no different.

  10. The final thing to remeber The final thing to remember, is that your mentor does not want to see you fail - if you fail, he or she has failed too! They are as motivated to help you succeed, probably even more than you realise, because then they have another success story and testimonial for their sales copy in the future.

  11. + THANK YOU! In time, you will become the mentor to someone else. Technology may have changed over the centuries, but the principle of the master and his or her apprentice still remains! Be the apprentice now and learn how to become a master; then watch your profits explode as you make money online, almost effortlessly, with affiliate or own product marketing. So, now you know every thing about mentor .But for internet marketing, the most thing must have at first is YOUR AFFILIATE MARKETING WEBSITEIf you would like to have your site and install it for your self in minutes go to this link setupwordpress.info and get an amazing pack that will start making money for you today

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