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Quick Survey. The Standards for Mathematical Practice have been placed around the room. The powers at CMS have decided we will only focus on one this year, decide which one is most important and why. What are the Common Core State Standards? Why were they created?

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quick survey
Quick Survey

The Standards for Mathematical Practice

have been placed around the room.

The powers at CMS have decided

we will only focus on one this year,

decide which one is most important and why


What are the Common Core State Standards?

Why were they created?

How are they different from the math standards we already have?

why common core
Why Common Core?

“The common core standards finally make real the promise of American public education to expect the best of all our schoolchildren.”- Michael Casserly, Executive Director, Council of the Great City Schools

unwrapping boxes activity
Unwrapping Boxes Activity

What could it be?

one more box
One more box…

What’s in the last box?

Hmmm, listen to what Phil Daro (Common Core writer) has to say about this…

phil daro boxes
Phil Daro-Boxes

But as well designed as these standards may be,

it’s just the easy part to design and write something down

The hard part comes… with putting them to work

And the users have ultimate control over how they’re used

So no matter how well designed the tool is – the user has control

And there you see my granddaughter

Sadie using a well-designed crayon

So …………… if all people do, is take

out their old state standards, toss them out

And replace these common core state

standards into those old boxes


We designed these as a platform for new kinds of instructional systems

We didn’t design these to be thrown into the old boxes

The old boxes in fact, are the infrastructure for making things a mile wide, inch deep

what are our boxes
What are our Boxes?

What structures/boxes/instructional systems may prevent us from making a change?

in a few words
In a few words…
  • Look at your Standards for Practice
  • read the first 3 words of each practice
  • what do you notice?
what do you think
What do you think?

Standards for Practice

and our PLC

modeling practice 4
Modeling – Practice 4
  • Take a look at Practice 4
  • How would it look in a classroom?

How could you encourage this student to model with mathematics?

interpreting the common core
Interpreting the Common Core

How to encourage students to model with mathematics

Now this is one of the mathematical practices that is often misinterpreted

particularly by elementary teachers because when they see the word model, they immediately think of, how we’ve previously used the word model which is to… get out the stuff.

And we use Cuisenaire rods and blocks and all different kinds of things,

but this mathematical practice is particularly about using symbols in mathematical representations to model a real situation. Kind of the reverse of what we’re usually trying to think about doing.

But they are important partners, I mean the reason that we use concrete manipulatives to help us understand the mathematics is so that when we see something in the real world, we can then apply our mathematics to it appropriately.

So we want to ask questions like… “how could we use symbols to represent what’s happening here?


What does it mean to model mathematically?

perimeter task
Perimeter Task

What rectangles can be made with a perimeter of 18?

Feel free to use any of the tools provided at your table to solve this problem.

Which rectangle gives you the greatest area?

How do you know?

What do you notice about the relationship between area and perimeter?

perimeter task17
Perimeter Task

What practices were at play here?

perimeter task18
Perimeter Task

The Standards for Practice are


Record your thoughts

Talk at your table

perimeter task19
Perimeter Task

The Standards for Practice are


What are some strategies we can use in our schools to help teachers see the importance of the Standards for Mathematical Practice?


You: slides 1-3 (intro)

  • Me:  slide 4-9 (boxes, mathematically proficient students)
  • You: 10-15 (modeling)
  • Me:  16-18 (perimeter task...I actually think it would be good for you to interject thoughts here especially at slide 17 & 18 because you may think of things that I don't think of...or if you just want to continue from slide 15 on, that's fine too). 
  • You:  Closure & exit ticket if we want one...probably a good idea
gallery walk
Gallery Walk

Take your chart- walk around the room and record what helps you make meaning of the standard