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Do now 4/15

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Do now 4/15. Copy then Translate Chinese pinyin to English 1.Yī shēng 医生 2.lǎo shī 老师 3 . jiā tíng zhǔ fù 家庭主妇 4. shāng rén 商人 5 . lǜ shī 律师 6.sī jī 司机 7 . hù shì 护士 8.yín háng 银 行 9.jiā tíng 家庭 10 . yín háng jiā 银行家.

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Do now 4/15

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do now 4 15
Do now 4/15
  • Copy then Translate Chinese pinyin to English

1.Yī shēng医生 2.lǎo shī老师

3. jiātíngzhǔfù家庭主妇

4. shāngrén商人 5. lǜshī律师

6.sī jī司机 7. hùshì护士

8.yín háng银行 9.jiā tíng家庭

10. yínhángjiā银行家

translate the pic 1 4 15
translate the Pic 1 4/15

S 1. Li an shi yi sheng

李安 是 医生

Li an is doctor

S2. ta shi zhong guo ren

她 是 中国人

She is Chinese

S3. ta jin nian san shi sui

她 今年 三十岁

she this year thirty year old

(she is 30 years old this year)

translate the pic 1 4 151
translate the Pic 1 4/15

S4. ta chu sheng zai xiang gang

她 出生 在 香港

she was born in Hongkong.


ta hui shuo ying yu, guang dong hua he putong hua

她 会 说 英语 、广东话 和 普通话

she can speak English, cantonese and Mandarin

t f question
T/F Question
  • (copy) Li an shilaoshi

李 安 是 老师

(translate) li an is teacher.

(T/F) False (cuò)

Fix in Chinese and English

li an is a doctor

li an shiyi sheng.

  • Partner A solves the first problem(sentence1)
  • Partner B watches and listen, checks, coaches if necessary, and praise
  • Partner B solve the next problem (S2)
  • Partner A watches and listen, checks, coaches if necessary, and praise
  • Partner repeat taking turns solving successive problems.

(you can raise your hands if both of you do not know the answer )


1. Translate the picture 2.

You should copy down sentence by sentence then translate to english

You should not copy the whole paragraph and translate all together.

2. Do the true/ false question No.#2

you should follow the 4 step:

Copy, translate, T/F, fix in Chinese and English if it is false

picture 2
Picture 2

S1: Wang yang shi lao shi

王洋 是 老师

Wang yang is teacher

S2: ta jin nian er shi ba sui

她 今年 二十八 岁

She this year 28 years old

S3: ta chu sheng zai ri ben

她 出生  在 日本

She was born in Japan

picture 21
Picture 2

S4. ta hui shuo ri yu he ying yu

她 会 说 日语 和 英语

She can speak Japanese and English

S5. ta xian zai zhu zai dong jing

她现在 住在 东京

she now live in tokyo

Q: wang yang bu shi yi sheng

wang yang not is doctor


S1. wu wen bu gong zuo.

吴文 不 工作

wu wen not work(wu wen does not work)

S2: ta shi jia ting zhu fu

她 是 家庭 主妇

She is (a) housewife

S3: ta chu sheng zai mei guo

她 出生 在 美国

She was born in USA.

do now 4 16
Do now 4/16

Translate the words in Chinese pinyin

  • Doctor
  • Lawyer
  • Housewife
  • Teacher
  • Driver
  • Businessman
  • Nurse
  • banker
picture 3
Picture 3

S4: ta xian zai zhu zai bei jing

她 现在 住在 北京

she now live in Beijing

S5: ta hui shuo ying yu he han yu

她 会 说 英语 和 汉语

she can speak English and Chinese.

Q:wu wen shi jia ting zhu fu

wu wen is housewife.

picture 4
Picture 4

S1. 李德生 是商人

Li de sheng is businessman

S2: 他出生 在英国

He was born in England

S3: 他住 在加拿大

He lives in Canada

S4: 他今年 四十二岁

He this year forty two years old

(he is 42 years old this year.)


Q: Li de chu sheng zai jia na da

li de was born in Canada


he was born in England

ta chu sheng zai ying guo

do now 4 17
Do now 4/17

Translate these sentences into Chinese Pinyin

  • I am a housewife.
  • I live in Detroit.
  • She can speak Chinese.
  • He has been to many places.
picture 5
Picture 5

S1. hu wen yue shi lǜ shi

胡文月 是 律师

Hu wen yue is lawyer

S2. ta shi fa guo ren

她是 法国人

she is French

S3: ta qu guo shi jie shang hen duo di fang

她 去过 世界上 很多 地方

she has been to in the world many places

picture 51
Picture 5

S4: ta hui shuo hao ji zhong yu yan

她会 说 好几种 语言

she can speak several kinds of languages.

picture 6
Picture 6

S1: zhang mei ying shi yin hang jia

张美英 是 银行家、

zhang mei ying is banker

S2: ta jin nina san shi liu sui

她 今年 三十六 岁

she this year thirty six years old

S3: ta shi ao da li ya ren

她 是澳大利亚人

she is Australian

picture 61
Picture 6

S4: ta ye qu guo hen duo di fang

她也 去过 很多 地方

she also has been to many places

S5: ta hui shuo ying yu, fa yu he han yu

她会 说 英语, 法语 和汉语

she can speak English, French and Chinese

S6: ta xian zai zhu zai xiang gang

她现在  住在 香港

she now live in Hongkong


Q: zhang mei ying shi lu shi

zhang mei ying is lawyer


she is banker

ta shi yin hang jia

picture 7
Picture 7

S1: ta jiao zhang li

他 叫 张力

(his name is zhang li)

S2: ta shi dai fu

他 是 大夫

he is doctor

S3: ta shi ma lai xi ya ren


He is Malaysian.


S4: ta jiao tian yu

她叫 田云

her name is tian yun

S5:ta shi hu shi

她 是护士

she is nurse

S6: ta shi ri ben ren

她是 日本人

she is Japanese

picture 8
Picture 8

S1: ta jiao zhang ming


(his name is zhang ming )

S2: ta shi si ji


he is driver

S3: ta shi xiang gang ren


He is Hongkong person.(he comes from Hk)

picture 81
Picture 8

S4: ta hui shuo guang dong hua he ying yu

他会 说 广东话 和 英语

he can speak Cantonese and English

S5:ta xiang xue pu tong hua

他想 学 普通话

he want (to) learn Mandarin

Q: zhang ming shi hu shi

Zhang ming is nurse

He is driver.

Ta shi si ji

oral test 4 18
Oral test 4/18

say the following words in Chinese.

  • Doctor
  • Lawyer
  • Housewife
  • Teacher
  • Driver
  • Businessman
  • Nurse
  • Banker

2 points for keep silence when others take their test. If you finish your test early, do your homework.

do now 4 19
Do now 4/19

Translate the following sentences.

  • Her name is Lily
  • I am American
  • She can speak several kinds of languages.
page 82 4 make new dialogues
Page 82 #4 Make new dialogues


(copy) A: tashisiji ma?

她是 司机吗?

(translate) is she driver?

(Dialogue) B: tabushisiji. Ta shihushi.


(Translate) she is not driver. She is nurse

1 picture
# 1 picture

A: ta shi yin hang jia ma?


Is he (a) banker?

B: ta bu shi yin hang jia. Ta shi lao shi

他不是银行家。 他是老师。

he is not (a) banker. He is (a) teacher

Activity: picture 2, 3, 4