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Meditation, Dhyan and Yoga to improve your Memory and Logical powers (GRE/GMAT) ( A class on application of Spirituality & Indian philosophy). Class by: Satyadhar Joshi (Level 0) Feb 2011 Some of the vocabulary used is Hindi though the class medium will be 100% English

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Meditation, Dhyan and Yoga to improve your Memory and Logical powers (GRE/GMAT)( A class on application of Spirituality & Indian philosophy)

Class by: Satyadhar Joshi (Level 0)

Feb 2011

Some of the vocabulary used is Hindi though the class medium will be 100% English

Shiv is infinite, yoga is experiencing with infinite


  • Functioning of human brain (modern research)

  • Threads & images (Picture memory)

  • Psychology and importance of Positive thinking

  • Nutrition, importance of flowers in meditation

  • Different type of meditation: Chakras & Astral body (Indian)

  • Yoga, Dhyan, ayurveda eating habits and importance of OM

  • Meta Physics and Modern explanations (Karma & its effect also quantum entanglement)

  • Geeta (The main tenant of Indian philosophy)

  • Use of Mantras for improving memory (Gayatri Mantra and MMJ)

  • Application to Verbal GRE/GMAT

  • Conclusion

  • References


  • Unleash your potential (improve your efficiency as a human)

  • This class will be using various aspects of physiology, psychology, yoga, meditation, nutrition to help you improve your score in exams like GRE and GMAT

  • Good memory, concentration, and positive thinking are very important to excel in tough exams

  • Various techniques will be shown that will improve you to excel in exams

  • To achieve perfection you have to explore all the options available to you in the most perfect ways

  • These methods are bound to increase your score in the exams

Research on functioning of brain
Research on Functioning of brain

  • How does brain function?

  • How do we remember things?

  • What is memory?

  • Different parts of brain

  • Short and Long Term Memory

  • Most people are fairly good at remembering some types of things and not so good at remembering others

Psychology and positive thinking
Psychology and Positive thinking

  • Human brain thinks in different ways which depends on programming, past and hormones

  • Yoga helps you to get your body moving and maintains good health

  • Control over the unconscious mind

  • In order to turn the mind toward the positive, inner work and training are required. Attitude and thoughts do not change overnight.

  • Positive and negative thinking are both contagious

Yoga dhyan and importance of om
Yoga, Dhyan and Importance of OM

  • Yoga: Merging of various aspects to finally experience positiveness

  • How to concentrate and do dhyan

  • Importance of OM in Indian philosophy

Meditation chakras astral body
Meditation, Chakras & Astral body

  • Asanas

  • Mudras

  • Mantras

  • Yantra

  • Selection of flowers Biulpatra

  • Importance of teerth (spiritual places): 12

  • Astral body

  • Creation of neuro-pathways

  • Energy of the Universe

  • 7. Sahasrara Illumination, Godliness. The spiritual mountaintop, pinnacle of light, energy and consciousness. Aham Brahmasmi

  • 6. Ajna Divine sight. Sensitives and clairvoyants reside in the pastel petals of this refined realm, with access to many levels of superconsciousness and inner worlds of light. Meaning: "command

  • 5. Vishuddha Divine love. Here, limitless love wells up, a vision of all souls as brothers and sisters and all things as sacred. Selfless souls, exceptional artists and mystical poets reside here

  • 4. Anahata Direct cognition. Those who reach this realm, with their delicate, penetrating insight into many fields of activity and knowing, are mankind's guides, counselors, mentors and problem solvers.

  • 3. Manipura Willpower. This is the hub of willpower. Accomplished men and women perform at high levels mentally and physically when living in this center of energy, discipline and endurance. Meaning: "Jewelled city

  • 2. Svadhishthana -- Reason. Home of intellect. Educated people work through this center of logic and analysis. Great minds have mastered it. It is the pandit's dwelling place and the pragmatist's refuge.

  • 1. Muladhara Memory-time-space. The abode of memory, the foundation of all human knowledge, this center is also the seat of our basic instincts of survival, sexuality and others. Meaning: "foundation." Location: base of spine. Deity: Ganesha and Brahma. Shakti: Dakini. Color: red. Vehicle: elephant. Petals: four. Plexus: sacral or pelvic. Element: Earth. Plane: Bhuloka.

Nutrition spices herbs
Nutrition (Spices & Herbs)

  • Chawanprash

  • Tulsi

  • Neem

  • Haldi

  • Triphala

  • Bilpatra (leaf of a plant dedicated to god shiv)


  • MMJ

  • Gayatri

  • Panchakshar 5

  • Hare Ram (ISKON)

  • Om

  • Aghor

  • etc


  • Actually mantras must be pronounced in the very same way as told by the Sanskrit pundits, otherwise mantras would not be beneficial.

  • Although, it depends on the reasons of chanting, example mantras of 6 acts or magical powers needs to be chanted with all right pronunciation, right setup, right fire.... But mantras for kundalini activation need not be done with the same way.....Also we have 3 energy floating in the system : Rajsik, Tamsik, & Saatvik... if we want to capture the saatvik energy from cosmos then mantras may be done without accurate setups....

  • For your case, if you want to active kundali, get good health, get good fortune, then the setup does not matter....

  • But for my case if I want all magical powers then I have to do it very right way, also I have to select tamsik energy from cosmos as it if more easy and aggressive....


  • Read it for better memory


Meta physics
Meta Physics

  • Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy concerned with explaining the fundamental nature of being and the world

  • Quantum entanglement is a property of the quantum mechanical state of a system containing two or more objects, where the objects that make up the system are linked in such a way that the quantum state of any member of the system cannot be adequately described without full mention of the other members of the system,


  • Nishkam Karma

  • Sthit Pragya

Case study a gre words
Case study A: GRE words

  • How you can develop strong memory

  • How to picturize and create links/images with each word

  • Barron tough words on meditation

  • Pre knowledge on philosophy and mythology

Case study b reading comprehension
Case study B: Reading comprehension

  • How to improve your concentration

  • How to control your brain from not deviating

  • How to develop a strong focus

  • Feeling relaxed, calm and composed


  • A new dimension of improvement is shown

  • Applicability and cases are shown

  • Optimizing fitness, nutrition and psychological states can lead to better score

For requesting a class on yoga mysticism kabbalah yoga kundalini yoga
For requesting a class on Yoga / Mysticism / Kabbalah Yoga / Kundalini yoga

  • If you would like to request more classes on yoga, then send in your preferred time (GMT), date at [email protected]

  • Check out some other presentation of the Old Classes:




  • Indian texts

  • Wikipedia links as shown

  • Knowledge passed on by gurus

  • For more details, registration for classes, and class updates please email me at [email protected]