Series f4p 1 4 din process and temperature controllers
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Series F4P 1/4 DIN Process and Temperature Controllers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Series F4P 1/4 DIN Process and Temperature Controllers. Watlow’s Next Generation Styling. Series V4T 1/4 DIN Temperature Controller. Series F4P Temperature and Process Controller. Series 97 Matching 1/16 DIN Limit Controller. F4P Focus Markets. Furnace and Oven. Applications

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Presentation Transcript

Slide3 l.jpg

Watlow’s Next

Generation Styling

Series V4T 1/4 DIN Temperature Controller

Series F4P Temperature

and Process Controller

Series 97 Matching

1/16 DIN Limit


Slide5 l.jpg

Furnaceand Oven

  • Applications

    • Heat Treating

    • Kilns

    • Autoclaves

    • Foundry & Metal Processing

Electronic components and assembly l.jpg
Electronic Components and Assembly

  • Semiconductor processing equipment

  • Electronic assembly equipment

  • Test Equipment

Packaging and sealing l.jpg
Packaging and Sealing

  • Box Sealing

  • Shrink Wrapping

  • Blister Packing

Slide8 l.jpg

Other FocusIndustries

  • Applications

    • Analytical Instruments

    • Pulp and paper processing

    • Petrochemical processing

Ease of use l.jpg
Ease of Use

The most important selection factor following quality and reliability when selecting a temperature controller is ease of use.

Source:1997 VDC Worldwide Market Report for Industrial Electronic Temperature Controllers

Enhanced display and keypad l.jpg
Enhanced Display and Keypad

Control programming made easy through advanced technology

  • Icons for international applications

  • Read-at-a-glance process display

  • Full message prompting of operation and setup

F4 operator interface l.jpg
F4 Operator Interface

  • Primary process display

    • Large 5-digit, 7-segment display

      • 0.562” (14.3mm) display digit height

      • F or C, degree, and decimal point indication

  • Operations display

    • 4 line X 20 characters per line

    • High definition back lit LCD

      • Wide viewing angle

F4 operator interface12 l.jpg
F4 Operator Interface

  • 6 Operator interface keys

    • Rubber key switch with tactile feel

      • Four navigational keys

        • Parameter and value selection

      • “i” information key

        • Toggle for help

      • Dedicated Auto/Manual operation key

F4 operator interface13 l.jpg
F4 Operator Interface

  • Discrete LED Indicators

    • Control output indication

    • Alarm active indication

    • Communications activity

    • Auto/Manual operation indication

Advanced hardware features l.jpg
Advanced Hardware Features

  • 20 MHz operation, 16-bit processor

  • NEMA 4X, IP 65 sealed front panel

  • Shallow 4” (101mm) overall case depth

  • FLASH memory for field software update

F4 industrial design features l.jpg
F4 Industrial Design Features

  • High strength injection molded case

    • 3.85 “ (97.8mm) behind panel depth

  • Ergonomic design styling

    • Compatible with Series 96 & 97 limit

  • NEMA 4X, IP 65 front panel seal

    • Convenient 4 screw installation brackets

F4 industrial design features16 l.jpg
F4 Industrial Design Features

  • Touch safe wiring termination

    • Removable for wiring convenience

    • Accepts 12 to 22 gauge wires

    • Positive latching feature

      • Connection integrity

      • Withstands equipment vibration

Loaded with standard hardware features l.jpg
Loaded With Standard Hardware Features

  • 3 universal analog inputs (2 & 3 optional)

    • TC, RTD, process (no DIP switches)

  • 4 digital inputs (standard)

    • Control functions

      Contact closure or DC voltage

Modular hardware inputs and outputs l.jpg
Modular Hardware Inputs and Outputs

  • Field replaceable input and output modules

  • Dual control outputs

    • Reverse/Direct or Off

      • Linear or time proportioned

      • Switched dc/open collector, SSR, process

  • Alarms (2 standard)

    • Process, deviation, rate

      • 2 A mechanical relays

Leading the way in communications l.jpg
Leading the Way in Communications

  • Serial communications standard

    • EIA 232 & EIA 485 hardware interfaces

      • MODBUS protocol

      • 9600 and 19,200 baud

  • Allows in field software updates

Hardware features l.jpg
Hardware Features

  • Retransmit outputs

    • 2 optional

    • Current or voltage

      • Process, set points,% power

  • Universal power supply

    • 85 to 265 vac/vdc, 50 to 60 hz

    • Optional 24 to 28 vac/vdc

Performance specifications l.jpg
Performance Specifications

  • Operating range

    • 0 to +65C

  • Calibration accuracy

    • 0.1% of span, +/- LSD (whole digit)

  • Sensor update rate

    • 20 Hz, 50 ms, Input 1

    • 10 Hz, 100 ms, Input 2 and Input 3

F4 hardware architecture l.jpg
F4 Hardware Architecture

Input to Output Isolation


500 Vac/Vdc

between blocks

Agency approvals l.jpg
Agency Approvals

  • UL, c-UL 916 listed

    • User replaceable input and output modules

  • European CE conformity

    • EN 50082-2, immunity standard

    • EN 50081-2, emission standard

    • EN 61010-1 low-voltage directive, safety

  • NEMA 4X, IP 65 front panel seal

Software architecture l.jpg
Software Architecture

Main Page

Operations Page

Setup Page

Factory Page

Software architecture25 l.jpg
Software Architecture

  • “Guided” setup & programming

    • Guided configuration

      • Presents a sequence of parameter choices needed to complete a functional configuration

    • Full unabbreviated text

      • Uses full text messages, not cryptic parameter and configuration names

Software operation l.jpg
Software Operation

  • Context sensitive help

Toggle the “Information” key

Slide27 l.jpg

Process Value Bargraph Displays

  • View both

  • Output 1A and 1B in graphical format

Slide28 l.jpg

Programming A User-Named Alarm

  • Select first line to change

Slide31 l.jpg

Programming A User-Named Alarm

  • Select alarm on Output 1

Slide34 l.jpg

Programming A User-Named Alarm

  • Enter “VENT OPEN” to name output

Slide35 l.jpg

Programming A User-Named Alarm

  • Save change, output naming complete

Slide36 l.jpg

Programming A User-Named Alarm

  • Return to normal operations display with “Vent Open” status displayed

F4 software architecture l.jpg
F4 Software Architecture

  • Function naming

    • Optional, up to 10 characters

      • Better operator recognition

Enter Alarm Name:

Alarm 1

Adjusts Character

Selects Character

F4 software architecture38 l.jpg
F4 Software Architecture

  • Pop up verification displays

    • Lets the user know when the F4 software is storing changes in Non Volatile Memory

Save Setup Changes

or restore Values?

Restore Save

F4 software architecture39 l.jpg
F4 Software Architecture

Main Page____

Go to Operations

Go to Setup

Go to Factory

Main Page

  • Display key control parameters

    • Up to 16 customer programmable control parameters

      • Set points, alarms, errors, % power

      • Inner loop set point (cascade control)

      • Bar graphs/set point and process

  • Gateway to controller configuration

F4 software architecture40 l.jpg
F4 Software Architecture

Operations Page

Main Page____

>Go to Operations

Go to Setup

Go to Factory

  • Auto tune PID control parameter values

  • Edit PID crossover points

  • Digital set points

  • Alarm set points

F4 software architecture41 l.jpg
F4 Software Architecture

Setup Page

Main Page____

Go to Operations

>Go to Setup

Go to Factory

  • Controller functional configuration

    • System settings

      • PID units, F or C, auto tune SP,

      • sensor failure, open loop, transfer power levels

    • Inputs; analog and digital

    • Outputs; control, alarm, communications, retransmit

    • Custom main page; selections

F4 software architecture42 l.jpg
F4 Software Architecture

Factory Page

Main Page____

Go to Operations

Go to Setup

>Go to Factory

  • Set lockout

    • Change password

  • Diagnostics

    • Date code, software revisions, etc.

  • Calibration data

F4 temperature process standard operation l.jpg
F4 Temperature/ProcessStandard Operation

  • Open or closed loop operation

    • Automatic, closed loop control

      • Control action responds to differences in set point value

      • and process value

    • Manual, open loop operation

      • Control actions responds to manual changes to the controller output power levels.

F4 temperature process standard operation44 l.jpg
F4 Temperature/ProcessStandard Operation

  • Five heat cool PID sets

    • Four crossover points programmable in the operations menu

    • Crossover based on set point or process value

F4 temperature process standard operation45 l.jpg
F4 Temperature/Process Standard Operation

  • Auto/manual control operation

    • Manual to auto transition

      • Based on the last set point

      • Based on set point tracking (reverse bumpless)

    • Auto to manual operation

      • System menu choices for heat/cool transfer power levels

F4 temperature process standard operation46 l.jpg
F4 Temperature/Process Standard Operation

  • Single or multi-point offset feature

    • Single-point

      • Linear across entire operating span

    • Multi-point (10 points and offset values)

      • Points can be positioned anywhere over the entire operating span -19999 to 30000

      • Offset values are +/- 1000 units/degrees

      • Offset values are linearly interpolated between points

F4 temperature process standard operation47 l.jpg
F4 Temperature/Process Standard Operation

  • Digital set point feature

    • Four namable set points

      • Activated via the four digital inputs

      • Set point values are entered in the operations menu

      • Set point name and value appear on the main page

      • Values can not be adjusted from the main page

      • Digital set points have priority over local set point

F4 temperature process standard operation48 l.jpg
F4 Temperature/Process Standard Operation

  • Additional features

    • Process outputs

      • Duplex

      • 4 to 20 mA, 20 to 4 mA

    • Ramp to set point

      • Ramp on start up/ramp on set point

    • Square root input linearization

F4 temperature process standard operation49 l.jpg
F4 Temperature/Process Standard Operation

  • Additional features

    • Custom messages

      • 4 user definable up to 50 characters

      • Activated by digital inputs

      • Displayed in main page

    • Tuning feature

      • Auto tune for heat only, cool only or heat and cool

F4 temperature process standard operation50 l.jpg
F4 Temperature/Process Standard Operation

Main Page

  • Displayable options

    • Local or digital (namable) set point

    • Bar graphs

      • Set point, process value, output % power value

    • Tune status, active PID set

    • Digital input status

Creating a part number l.jpg
Creating a Part Number

Temperature/Process Controller

F4PX - X X X A- X X X X

RG Displays

Custom Options

Power Supply

Output 1A

Language Option

Output 1B

English, German

Spanish, French

Control Operation

(Standard or Enhanced)

Auxiliary Retransmit

F4p feature summary l.jpg

F4P single channel

Single channel PID controller

1 universal analog input

4 digital event inputs

EIA232/485 comms

2 alarm outputs

F4P Feature Summary

Reasons to buy l.jpg
Reasons to Buy

  • Usability

    • High definition display

    • Information key

    • Guided set Up and programming

Reasons to buy54 l.jpg
Reasons to Buy

  • Reliability

    • ISO 9001 manufacturing

    • Three year warranty

Reasons to buy55 l.jpg
Reasons to Buy

  • Performance

    • Control accuracy

    • Extensive feature set

    • Exhaustive life & qualification testing

  • Availability

    • 4 day lead-time

Reasons to buy56 l.jpg
Reasons to Buy

  • Support

    • Local sales specialists

    • Applications engineering support

    • Rapid field returns department