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Disbursements & Travel Services Office PowerPoint Presentation
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Disbursements & Travel Services Office

Disbursements & Travel Services Office

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Disbursements & Travel Services Office

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  1. Disbursements & Travel Services Office Travel Updates January 18, 2012

  2. Car Rentals • State Comptroller’s Office has extended contracts with Avis and Enterprise until May 31, 2012. • Allows the addition of other brand name rental car locations at same established rates: Avis: adds Budget Car Rental locations • Offers the Budget Fast Break Program • Separate from the Avis Preferred Program • Requires State of Texas contract identifier: F999743

  3. Car Rentals (continued) • Enterprise adds National Car Rental locations: • Emerald Club – expedites service • Bypass rental counter (Emerald Aisle or Emerald Reserve ) • Vehicle selection at the mid-size rate • Requires enrollment • Requires Emerald Club number at the time of rental and State of Texas contract Identifier for UTSA TX743

  4. Car Rentals (continued) • Motor Vehicle Rental Exemption Certificate • State Comptroller requires certificate be presented when paying for car rental with a state-issued “Citibank” travel credit card or personal credit card. Reminders: • Direct Bill is not allowed with any of the State Contracted Car Rental Agencies or Travel Agencies • Always use the State of Texas contract identifier, otherwise state contract rates are not guaranteed.

  5. Travel Advance for the Benefit of a Student • Student Advance Responsible Party • Must be a University employee • Must complete and submit Travel Advance Request (TAR) • 10 business days before travel begins • Method of payment • Preferred method is via a Travel Advance Card (TAC) in student’s name • Direct deposit is allowed, but must be deposited into student advance responsible party’s bank account • Check – exception only

  6. Travel Advancefor the Benefit of a Student • Responsible for pick up and distribution of TAC to students • Responsible for ensuring TAC card is paid upon receipt of statement, even if travel has not been completed • Responsible for clearing travel advance • Responsible for completing the Travel Reimbursement/Settlement Form (TRS)

  7. Travel Advance Card (TAC) Updates Effective immediately: • TAC cards will be issued only with the traveler’s name embossed • TAC must be paid monthly upon receipt of Citibank statement, even if travel has not been completed • TAC amount must be in whole dollars

  8. Travel Advance Card (TAC) Updates • If travel has not yet begun or been completed: • Department authorized individual will review monthly charges on the Citibank TAC credit card statement • Sign and date the statement authorizing payment • Forward the authorized statement to DTS for processing with attached supporting documentation, when applicable per the Travel Reimbursement Operational Guideline

  9. Travel Advance Card (TAC) Updates • DTS will complete voucher to remit to Citibank • TAC must be settled by completing the Travel Reimbursement/Settlement form • DTS will monitor and contact traveler if TRS form has not been submitted 30 days from the date travel has ended Reminder: TAR must be submitted 10 business days before the first day of travel

  10. CLIBA Travel Card Reminders • Citibank travel card payments must be paid monthly even if travel has not started or been completed • Request for Travel Authorization (RTA) number should be included on credit card statement • TRS form should include amounts paid with the CLIBA card • TRS form is submitted once travel has been completed

  11. Travel FMOG Training • Travel Advance - AM 571 • Travel Card - AM 573 • Travel Reimbursement Process – AM 574 Note: Announcements will be made by Training and Development once the classes are open for registration.

  12. Announcements Effective January 2, 2012 • Procard Office joins the Controller’s Office • New Name • Procard/Travel Card Administration Office (PTCA) Location: University Heights (UH) Building 2, Ste 1.216 email: Fax: 210-458-4849 Staff: Lisa Bixenman, ext. 7993 Anne Jackson, ext. 4059