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Arts Integrated iMovie Trailer PowerPoint Presentation
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Arts Integrated iMovie Trailer

Arts Integrated iMovie Trailer

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Arts Integrated iMovie Trailer

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  1. Arts Integrated iMovie Trailer 4th Grade Babbitt, Bahmer, Brown

  2. Day 1

  3. Yellow Sticky Note People- Get the folders Log in Type to Learn 10 Minute Warm Up Today: Discuss what a movie trailer is Watch Hollywood movie trailers Watch HS movie trailers Location Walk Work on Skit for filming Communications

  4. What is a movie trailer? • “iMovie helps you turn the HD video you shoot on your iOS device into a thrilling trailer or masterpiece worthy of the red carpet (even if it’s just the one in your living room). And since iMovie is designed for Multi-Touch, all you have to do is tap, swipe, and drag to make some movie magic.” ( • “With visually stunning graphics and sweeping cinematic soundtracks, iMovie trailers are the perfect way for aspiring home moviemakers to get their big break.” (

  5. Hollywood Movie Trailers • The Avengers Trailer: • Ironman Trailer:

  6. Super Hero Movie Trailer • Apple Example: • 2 Girls Trailer:

  7. 4th Grade Super Hero Trailers • Babbitt’s Class: •

  8. High School Digital Media Movie Trailers • Here is a link to a superhero trailer: • • Here is a link to my channel: • • Here is a random adrenaline trailer: •

  9. Start Working on Skit • Who is doing what? • Where are you filming each scene? (If you change locations you might have to wait on other groups… check!) • What props do you need? • What angle do you want to shoot from? (Above, Below, From the Side) • Remember you only have 3 days and 30 minutes each day to shoot. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A PLAN READY TO GO!

  10. Day 2

  11. Yellow Sticky Note People- Get the folders Today: Finish skit Select filming locations Assign roles Filming Expectations Grading Rubric Practice for filming Communications

  12. Filming Locations • Room 115 (across the hall from Computer Lab) • Hallway to Middle School (must stay at our end) • Gym • Hallway to Music room • Music Room • Stage • Hallway in front of locker rooms by the Gym • Your classroom teachers room (Babbitt, Bahmer, Wiborn, Brown) YOU MUST CHECK WITH THEM FIRST! • Cafeteria • DO NOT FILM OUTSIDE OF CLASSROOMS!

  13. Filming Expectations • Your time should be spent filming in your chosen locations. • Only the High School Student is allowed to touch the iPad • Follow your skit/ storyboard • If you are arguing, being disruptive, distracting, or causing your group or other groups to be unable to film you WILL be sent to RTC.

  14. Grading Rubric

  15. Day 3

  16. Yellow Sticky Note People- Get the folders Log in Type to Learn 10 Minute Warm Up Today: Make sure you are all set to start filming Web 2.0 Myth/Superhero Activities Communications

  17. iMovie

  18. iMovie

  19. iMovie

  20. Myth/Superhero Web 2.0

  21. Day 4,5,6 Filming

  22. Communications • Filming  • Find your group • Make sure you have your Props (masks), Skits, Storyboard • Film from 1-1:35 (MUST BE BACK IN THIS ROOM NO LATER THAN 1:35!)

  23. Day 7 Last day of filming/ editing

  24. Editing Expectations • Only the High School student should be touching the iPad • Work as a group to decide if you like the scene shot, or if you need to reshoot. • Remember these trailers will be viewed by others, so they should be high quality – fix your mistakes!

  25. Day 8

  26. Viewing our iMovie Trailers • Log into your Computers • Watch our iMovie Trailers • Take Exit Survey • Myth Interactives Click on : Arts Integrated (Top Row) Click on: AI iMovie Trailer Exit Survey When finished play the Myth interactive games under Arts Integrated

  27. While Viewing the Movies • Be polite, kind, and courteous! • Think about 1 thing you liked about each Trailer and 1 thing you wish they would have done. • Pair/ Share with your neighbor after each trailer