the olympic games n.
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The Olympic games PowerPoint Presentation
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The Olympic games

The Olympic games

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The Olympic games

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  1. The Olympic games Presentation by Edward and Daniel

  2. Our learning objectives are; • To secure the understanding of the structure and style of non-chronological reports. • To use I.C.T to write NCR. • To be able to produce a Power point presentation about the Olympic games. • To appreciate a range of sources of information can be used to find out about Ancient Greece. • To understand the reasons for note taking and to make notes for different purposes.

  3. The Olympic Games The Ancient Greeks believed that holding sporting advents like The Olympic games and having a fit body honoured their gods. The Olympic games were held every four years and lasted for five days and honoured the Greek god Zeus. The sports in The Olympic Games were Boxing, Wrestling, discus throwing, javelin throwing, long jump, running and chariot racing.

  4. Why The Olympic Games were held The Ancient Greeks Held the Olympic Games and other sporting events to honour the gods and goddesses. The Olympic games were held in the honour of Zeus. At the start of the Olympic games the priests would sacrifice a cattle or sheep on a huge Altar for Zeus.

  5. Interesting Facts The Ancient Greeks stopped wars so people could travel safely to and from the Olympic Games. Women were not allow to compete or watch the Olympics and if they were caught watching the games they would be sentenced to death. The ancient Greeks had jumping weights which gave them more momentum so they jumped further.