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The Olympic Games PowerPoint Presentation
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The Olympic Games

The Olympic Games

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The Olympic Games

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  1. The Olympic Games

  2. The Olympic Games

  3. The Olympic Flag

  4. The five Olympic rings What do the fiveOlympic rings stand for?

  5. Europe Africa America 非洲 欧洲 美洲 Asia Oceania 大洋洲 亚洲 The five rings stand for friendship of five continents


  7. Guessing What is it?who is he or she?




  11. 5. How many countries and competitors took part in the games? There were 311 competitors from just 13 countries took part in the games.

  12. 3. What games did they compete at that time?

  13. Some of the games the young men competed were running, jumping and wrestling.

  14. 4. When and where did the first modern Olympic Games happen? The first modern Olympic Games happened in 1896 in Greece.

  15. Main idea: The Olympic Games are held every four years. Para.1: Para.2: Para.3: Something about the old Olympic Games. Something about the modern Olympic Games and the 27th Olympic Games.

  16. The Olympic motto. The preparation for the 29th Olympic Games in Beijing. Para.4: Para.5:

  17. Questions about the Olympic Games The Summer Olympics Two kinds of Olympic Games The Winter Olympics Both the two Olympics are held every _______ years. The Winter Olympics are usually held _____ years _______ the Summer Olympics. four two before

  18. the old Olympics: when / where / what sports / who the 29th Olympic: when / where/ what the modern Olympics: how often / what sports / who the 1st Olympics: when / where/ how many The Olympic Games

  19. The old Olympics When / where / what sports / who 776BC~393AD: in Greece, many were the same as now; young men / not women

  20. The modern Olympics How often / what sports / who every four years, usual and unusual games, athletes from all over the world

  21. The 1st Olympics When / where / how many In 1896; Greece; 311 competitors from 13 countries.

  22. Swifter Higher The Olympic motto Stronger It means that every athlete should try to _____faster,______higher,and _______ further.They do their best to win medals. run jump throw

  23. TRUE OR FALSE: T 1.Both the Summer and Winter Olympic Games are held every four years. 2. The modern Olympic Games began around the year 776 BC. F F 3. In the old times, both men and women were allowed to take part in the Olympic Games. 4. The first modern Olympic Games happened in the year 400 AD. F T 5. The Olympic Games were born in Greece.

  24. F 6. The 24th Summer Olympics were held in Barcelona in Spain. F 7. In Barcelona the Chinese team won 12 medals. F 8. Horse-riding is one of the usual sports in the Olympic Games. 9. In the 1988 Olympic Games, Carl Lewis won 4 medals ---- in the 100 metres, 200 metres, long jump and high jump. F T 10. There is another competition between countries ---- the competition to hold the Olympic Games.

  25. The Olympic Games are the biggest meeting in the world.There are _____kinds of Olympic Games.____is the Summer Olympic Games,and the_____is theWinterOlympics._____of them are_____every_____years. two One other Both held four The old Olympic Games_____around the year 776BC inGreece.At that time there were not___many sports____today.And women were mot allowed to____ ___ ___the games.But now there are many new sports in the Olympics.Just in the Summer Olympics there are more than 250 different sports.And_______are also allowed to join in the games.They even compete_____medals_____ men of the games. began so as take part in women with for

  26. Language points: 1. times 2 .more and more 3.join in one’s best

  27. The first Olympic Games in moderntimes happened in 1896. • time作“时代”解时常用复数形式times. • e.g. • Times have changed ,and we should not fall • behind them. • It is the fastest computer of modern times. • In ancient times,people lived on wild beasts.

  28. After that more and more countries joined in the games.比较级+and +比较级,是一种双重比较的结构,表示持续不断的变化,意为“越来越”。e.g.She is getting thinner and thinner. The kite is flying higher and higher. She felt more and more nervous.

  29. join一般指加入某种团体,并成为其中的一员,join一般指加入某种团体,并成为其中的一员, • e.g. • He is old enough to join the army. • She joined the Party last July. • join in表示参与某种活动。 • e.g. • May I join in the game? • I hope you will join in the discussion. • Will you join us in the English evening?

  30. They do their best to win medals. • === • try one’s best I will do my best to help you. He did his best to run faster,but he failed.

  31. Discussion What advantage(有利条件) do you think China have to hold the 29th Olympic Games?

  32. Discussion What do you think we should do in order to hold the 2008 Olympic Games successfully? study hard to learn more knowledge learn English well to communicate with the foreigners We should do the propaganda(宣传) work collect money for the Olympic Games do the service work for the Olympics

  33. Thank you