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Enabling Mobile Tv success stories PowerPoint Presentation
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Enabling Mobile Tv success stories

Enabling Mobile Tv success stories

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Enabling Mobile Tv success stories

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  1. Axel Technologies presents: Enabling Mobile Tv success stories Tomi Jalonen VP Sales, EMEA

  2. NO BIG SUCCESS STORIES SO FAR • Despite the huge potential and market forecasts there haven’t been real success stories yet except in Japan and to some extent in Korea (both free-to-air) • Conflict of the industrial players’ interest is the main reason for the lack of success stories, not the lack of end user interest • Industry has argued on standards, frequencies, business models and content protection issues • End users are interested in services and cool handsets

  3. COMMERCIAL SERVICES 1) 96% mobile phones 2) 40% phones, 40% car devices, 20% PC, PDA, etc. 3) All new phones ISDB-T enabled 4) As of September 2008

  4. DEVICES ARE MISSING • “You can have a car of any color you want, as long as it is black.” • It is not realistic to even think about mobile TV success story with only one or two devices. • The mobile TV functionality is an important feature, but still, it is just one feature. People are individuals, they want to choose the phone from large selection. • The wide range of different devices is one of the most important elements in successful Mobile TV business BUT, how to get wide range of devices?

  5. IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE A MOBILE PHONE • End Users are also interested in • USB dongles for laptops • MIDs and NetBooks • PMPs, PNDs • portable TVs

  6. STANDARD BASED SOLUTIONS REQUIRED • Mobile operators are desperately looking for mobile TV devices, especially for lower price points. • The device manufacturers are looking for high volumes • This is possible only with widely accepted, open standards. • The mass market requires multi-standard and multi-delivery solutions, such as OMA BCAST and JSR-272

  7. OMA BCAST SHOWING THE WAY FOR DVB-H Albania IPDC Austria OMA BCAST + DRM (Smartcard Profile supported by platform) Finland OMA BCAST India OMA BCAST + DRM Italy IPDC OSF / OMA BCAST + DRM (Smartcard Profile) Kenya IPDC + OSF Morocco OMA BCAST Namibia IPDC + OSF Netherlands OMA BCAST + DRM (Smartcard Profile supported by platform) Nigeria IPDC + OSF Philippines OMA BCAST Qatar OMA BCAST Smartcard Profile Switzerland OMA BCAST + DRM (Smartcard Profile supported by platform) Vietnam OMA BCAST + DRM TO BE LAUNCHED SOON Russia many Indonesia OMA BCAST? Malesia OMA BCAST France OMA BCAST + Smartcard Profile Poland OMA BCAST + Smartcard Profile + ATSC-M/H in North America will be OMA BCAST based LAUNCHED SERVICES

  8. MULTI-STANDARD MARKET ISDB-T/ SBTVD-T DVB-H T-DMB S-DMB MediaFlo ATSC-MH CMMB MediaFloATSC-MH DVB-HISDB-TT-DMBS-DMB CMMB USA USA Albania, Austria, Finland, Italy, Japan Korea Korea China India, South Africa, Switzerland, Brazil Netherlands, Vietnam

  9. MULTISTANDARD MOBILE TV MIDDLEWARE • Market fragmentation and multi-standard situation will remain • Multi-standard receivers will support all or most of the mobile TV standards • Manufacturers are looking for total solutions, all-in-one  Multi-standard Mobile TV Middleware • Enables TV services in mobile phones and other handheld devices regardless of the broadcasting standard • Single API to manage: • broadcast receiver • audio & video player • service and content protection • user interface • Single API to provide service guide discovery, delivery, processing, storage and update ANY DEVICE – ANY STANDARD – ONE VENDOR

  10. USABILITY • Are there two TV applications in your home TV set? Why should this be the case with your Mobile device? • Is the TV service different if you change your TV set at home? Why should the user experience be different with different mobile devices? • Unified User Interface for all TV and Video services for all devices is the key in your User Experience and Brand Management!

  11. UNIFIED MOBILE TV USER INTERFACE • Key characteristics • Suits both services; unicast and multicast • Works with any mobile tv standard • Supports multiple service guides • Identical user experience with all devices, in any network • Fully customizable look & feel; graphics and window layout based on customizable themes SINGLE USER INTERFACE – FOR ALL TV AND VIDEO SERVICES