the case of the monster in the closet n.
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The case of the Monster in the Closet PowerPoint Presentation
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The case of the Monster in the Closet

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The case of the Monster in the Closet - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The case of the Monster in the Closet
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  1. The case of the Monster in the Closet By: Whitney Russell

  2. Tyler was scared of thunderstorms. And he thought that there was a monster in his closet.

  3. Every night he would have his mom check his closet for the monster, before he would go into his room.

  4. When his mom said there was no monster in his closet he would go to bed. But this night was different. When he heard a noise coming from the closet he was scared. He didn’t want to go and wake his mom up.

  5. Tyler sat up and turned his flashlight on. He went over to his closet and there was nothing that he could see. Scared Tyler went back to his bed, and tried to go back to sleep.

  6. It was around midnight, when Tyler heard a noise. He didn’t know what it was. Scared he ran to his mom room. He told his mom that he heard something in his room.

  7. “I will come and check your closet but there’s going to be nothing in it. Okay.’’ his mom told him. “Okay but I heard something coming from my closet.” Tyler was sad and not going to give up on showing his mom that there was something in his closet.

  8. When Tyler’s mom checks his closet she sees nothing. “Mom I know there’s something in my closet. Stay here and listen.” Tyler asked his mom. “Okay I will. Just go to bed.” His mom told him.

  9. Tyler’s mom stayed there for a long time. She didn’t hear what he was hearing.

  10. Sure enough around three o’clock in the morning when she was going back to her room, she heard the noise but didn’t know what it was.

  11. Tyler’s mom turned on his light and found the monster. But it wasn’t a monster. It was a little kitten who had crawled up a hole that was on the floor in his kitchen.

  12. When Tyler woke up he saw the kitten. His mom told him how she found the kitten. Tyler wanted to keep it. And he did keep it.