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City of Thomasville CNS

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Welcome to FISPALIVE Atlanta 2014. City of Thomasville CNS. Just because it’s City doesn’t mean it’s Shi** y “Building a Community Network” By: Marvin Golden. U nserved communities. Thomasville 18,488 Cairo 9,821 Camilla 5,059 Pelham 3,869 Moultrie 14,506 Doerun 783

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city of thomasville cns

Welcome to FISPALIVE

Atlanta 2014

City of Thomasville CNS

Just because it’s City doesn’t mean it’s Shi**y

“Building a Community Network”

By: Marvin Golden

u nserved communities
Unserved communities

Thomasville 18,488

Cairo 9,821

Camilla 5,059

Pelham 3,869

Moultrie 14,506

Doerun 783

Funston 450

Sylvester 6,283

Bainbridge 12,603

Quitman 3,664

We began Internet Service for the same reason we built an electric plant in 1906.

No one else was interested in investing in our community.

Without these two visionary initiatives.

The results would have been the same

We would still be “in the dark”

Our founders may have been prophetic. The Seal of the City charter reads “a luceHujis” in latin. Roughly translated as by this light we are accountable.


the journey began march 1996
The journey began March 1996

Community Network Services

1996 1999 2001 2005 2008 2009 2013 2014

Started Dialup ISP

Started DOCSIS 1.0

In Thomasville

Expanded to Cairo, Camilla, Moultrie




Bainbridge, others

Added VOIP

phone service


All accomplished without using taxpayer money or federal monies.


many services one network
Many services, one network

Community Network Services

15800 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modems

3? Dialup

66 E-rate School Sites

700+ miles of fiber

100 Website Hosting

Assisted in the launch of Tifton Ga network

60 Cisco Mesh APs

200 Metro Ethernet Circuits

Video on Demand


7200 SIP Phone Service

19000 Cable Television Service

2 wireless service providers

Telehealth Network

Interactive Distance Learning Network

equipment vendors consultants
Equipment, vendors, consultants

Lucent OC


Nortel NG


Sunrise Telecom T-BERD

Arris C4 CMTS

Omnitron Systems

Arris cable modems

Fujikura Fusion Splicer

JDSU RF Cable tester

JDSU T-berd 8000 OTDR





OptiviewXG, Metroscope, Linkrunner,,OneTouch


we are the same but different
We are the same, but different.
  • In most ways we are the same.
  • We do have to pay pole attachment fees even in our own city.
  • We do pay for Make Ready and in some areas this can be very costly.
  • We do pay taxes even though the local tax is paid to “ourselves”
  • it is still a cost of business.
  • We have to submit to the same FCC, PSC, and State regulations.
  • We hold a CLEC and maintain that.
  • We are pressured to produce NET profit just like you.
  • Our net profits are paid back to the general government fund
  • Because of our business services there is no property tax levied in the city.
  • How are we different.
  • We ultimately answer to a city council who are elected to office.
  • We have Electric crews in each city who perform make ready for us
  • in some cities and contract out for work in other cities.
  • We still have to pay them but our cost is less than a contractor.
  • All cities use the same Fiber contractor, we keep him pretty busy,
  • there is a lot of cost saving there because we all negotiated the contract.


you can do this
You can do this

It’s not rocket surgery!

What do you need to do the same thing

A core network with Internet Access.

An Engineer or more who can design, oversee the build,

and maintain fiber optic networks


Negotiate a contract with a make ready contractor

Negotiate a contract with a fiber installer for aerial and underground

Identify fiber partners and negotiate reciprocal lease terms

Maintain a motivated passionate sales team.

Do the math

Double check the math

Have someone else check your math

Always include contingency monies, you just never know.

The more of these things you do in-house the less you spend.


  • After over 30 years in this business.
  • Do
  • Start small and build incrementally
  • Seek out excellent partners, vendors and consultants
  • Participate in FISPA, listen, share, learn.
  • Don't
  • Don’t believe everything your are told, always verify..
  • If you don’t understand it, don’t do it.
  • Don’t confuse cost with value,
    • whether it is for what you are selling or what you are buying