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This presentation is geared toward:

Student Teaching: Working Together MCIU Health and PE Symposium February 17, 2012 by Jeff Jacobs, Methacton School District Rick Stevenson, West Chester University. This presentation is geared toward:. those who have been cooperating teachers.

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This presentation is geared toward:

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  1. Student Teaching: Working TogetherMCIU Health and PE SymposiumFebruary 17, 2012by Jeff Jacobs, Methacton School District Rick Stevenson, West Chester University

  2. This presentation is geared toward: • those who have been cooperatingteachers. • those who are considering workingwith student teachers. • - anyone interested in the student teaching process and experience.

  3. Objectives: Participants will be able to: • identify steps that can be taken to help prepare the student for his/her student teaching experience. • formulate strategies to help your student get the most out of his/her student teaching experience. • compile a list of important topics to discuss during the student teaching experience.

  4. Why Work with Student Interns? Why work with student Teachers? • Opportunity to share knowledge and experience • Opportunity to learn • Makes you a better teacher • Way of reaching beyond your own classroom (Indirectly affect 1,400,000+ students having 20 interns who each have 20 interns all having 30 year careers in schools of 500 students!) • Very rewarding!

  5. Advice If you don’t want to be a cooperating teacher, please don’t agree to do it!

  6. The Triangle of Student Teaching Triangle of Student Teaching StudentIntern The Student Teaching Experience Cooperating Teacher Student Teaching Supervisor

  7. Working Together It’s important for all three to have open and honest communication! All three should share their expectations with each other. Don’t let any issues go unresolved for any length of time.

  8. As a cooperating teacher, you need to help your student teacher climb to new heights!

  9. What do I know about student interns? I know: • each one is different. • many are very anxious to get into the classroom and practice what they have been learning. • many are idealistic. • each one is not at the same point in their development as a teacher. • They are going to make mistakes. (learning opportunities)

  10. What do I expect of student interns? • Be responsible • Take the initiative whenever possible • Keep me informed of assignments & projects coming up • Call or e-mail whenever you need to discuss anything! Only chocolate chip……please 1 cream, 2 sugars Wax it too?

  11. Expectations from West Chester University It is expected that students will prepare and teach lessons that are standards-based. - Students will write lesson plans in the university format. Unit plans will be written in university format.

  12. Cooperating teachers should: - officially observe several classes per day. - provide daily feedback if not feedback after each lesson. • interrupt a ST's lesson for reasons of safety, incomplete directions, teachable moment, as long as it does not demean the student. • review lesson plans two days prior to implementation to allow time for corrections.

  13. Required evaluations and documentation: Four formal graded observations in secondary - 2 PE, 2 Health - Three formal graded observation in elementary - One final assessment - Weekly conference forms - TIPR Evaluation (electronic version)

  14. Try to: • treat your student teacher in a collegial manner. • do everything possible to make your student teacher feel welcome and at ease. • constantly offer encouragement and be their most enthusiastic cheerleader. • encourage your student teacher to take risks. GoooooooooIntern!

  15. If possible: • provide them with their own desk or work space in the gym office. • grant them access to files, resources, etc. • have them experience the same responsibilities you must fulfill including duties, staff meetings, parent conferences, etc. • provide opportunities for observing other teachers in the building or district. • provide opportunities to assist with extra curricular activities.

  16. I also ……… • expose my interns to my obsessive-compulsive need for organization. • take my interns through my Student Teacher Checklist including the 7Ps, D of 3s, etc.

  17. I Try to be a Full-Service Cooperating Teacher I am willing to help my student teacher with everything – ideas, lessons, class management, cover letters, resumes, etc.

  18. Never leave your student teacher hanging!

  19. Suggestions for Interns • Make student teaching your full time “job” if possible – take advantage of your student teaching situation and the people around you. • Get to know your cooperating teacher and try to establish a good rapport with him or her as soon as possible. • Call by Dr., Mr., Mrs. or Ms. but not by first name unless told other wise. • Have a sense of humor, have fun, relax, take time to enjoy the experience.

  20. A few more suggestions… • Be careful not to put your cooperating teacher in a position where he or she is on the defensive. • Be conscious of your WRITING SKILLS especially spelling and grammar! (and speaking skills!) • Get as much experience as possible! • Take care of your health! • ASK PLENTY OF QUESTIONS!

  21. Encourage your intern to ask questions! “Asking questions is a sign of intelligent behavior.”~anonymous

  22. Ask your student teaching supervisor questions!

  23. Ask your cooperating teacher questions!

  24. Ask your students questions!

  25. If this is your idea of Physical Education class, please DONOT come to my gym! At times they will feel like everything is coming at them at once!

  26. Stay Calm! Encourage them to: hmmmmmmm… Hmmmmmm Stay calm! Try to relax!

  27. Please know and accept that you will not be prepared for everything! The Story of Karl and Kylie The moving story of a misunderstood child and her teacher.

  28. Parent notes Sometimes it can be quite humorous Excuses from PE class: “………I gave her a hole asburn………” “Please excuse _________ from running in gym because she smokes.” “_________ bumped his head yesterday. Please excuse him from any activities that include punching or hitting.”

  29. Help Your Student Teacher to Develop a Resource File Information, activities, lesson plans, books, journals, etc.

  30. Encourage their active membership in Professional Organizations

  31. When the internship is over my interns leave with: • Resume • Recommendation • Copies of all my activities/lessons “Using someone else’s ideas is the sincerest form of flattery.” • Phone number / e-mail address • Reference & Resource forever

  32. Help your student teacher experience a period of tremendous growth! Before

  33. After* * Results are not typical and may vary from intern to intern.

  34. Thank you for attending! Please feel free to contact us anytime:Jeff Jacobs – jjacobs@methacton.org 610-888-9429 Rick Stevenson - rstevenson2@wcupa.edu 610-436-2140This presentation is available on Jeff’s Professional Website atwww.tinyurl/JeffJacobsHPE

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