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Case Studies. Samsung Duo Champ – Launch and Promotion. Objective: Launch & Promotion of Samsung Duo Champ Series Mobile Phones Challenges: To push the sales as brand was already launched in the market but sales figure was unsatisfactory. Idea: Trigger the sales amongst youth

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Samsung Duo Champ – Launch and Promotion

  • Objective:

    • Launch & Promotion of Samsung Duo Champ Series Mobile Phones

  • Challenges:

    • To push the sales as brand was already launched in the market but sales figure was unsatisfactory

  • Idea:

    • Trigger the sales amongst youth

    • Extensive road shows to cover the market areas

    • Promotional activities in colleges and malls

    • TA were engaged through interactive games to provide touch & feel experience of the product and on the spot gifts

  • Results:

    • Positive impact of the product amongst the TG

    • On spot leads and sales

    • Increased market share

  • Objective:

    • To create a best ever Young Engineering Graduate Program

    • To be recognized as a unique value proposition in the industry

  • Challenges:

    • To execute 75 days on-going induction program

    • Planning of daily content of the program

    • Roping in senior and middle management in the induction program

  • Idea:

    • A grooming session for new joiners by top management

    • Lectures and sessions on industry knowledge by the experts from the industry

    • Off-site orientation by visiting the live projects like dam building, grid building etc.

    • Games and activities based on team building, leadership skills, corporate etiquettes etc.

  • Results:

    • Executed 2 consecutive years (2011 and 2012)

    • Won WOW awards in 2011 – Silver category

  • Objective:

    • To create brand visibility during F1 race

  • Challenges:

    • Not being as a official sponsor of F1 race it was difficult to mark the brand presence around the circuit and venue

  • Idea:

    • Marking the entire stretch of 20 KM by using human bannering from Mahamaya flyover till Yamuna Express highway

    • Complete branding of the one and only way to reach the venue

    • Branding of the shuttle service buses and branded flag distribution inside the bus

  • Results:

    • More than expected brand visibility

    • Huge impact on the brand registration in visitor's mind

  • Google – Alstom Ki Pathshala

  • Objective:

    • To make people active & get maximum users on g+

    • Establish Google + most preferred networking sites

  • Challenges:

    • Changing habit of social interaction of the youth

    • Competition against popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc.

  • Idea:

    • Campus Activations across 150 colleges – PAN India

    • Live demonstration and account opening on Google +

    • Complete branded set up with brand ambassadors to encourage participation instantly

    • Post activity campaign to reinforce the activity on generated accounts

  • Results:

    • More than 1 Lac account with maximum photo uploads created through the activity

    • Google + was accepted as a competent social networking website

  • Objective:

    • Launch of new range of shampoo by making a hair testing zone at high end malls

  • Challenges:

    • TG apprehension to get their hair test done publically

    • Changing habits of using shampoo based on their hair type

  • Idea:

    • A special hair testing zone was deployed at high end malls for weekends

    • Team of 8 promoters and 2 hair experts to interact with visitors

    • Consumers were given individual prescription by hair experts basis on their test results

    • Product recommendations by hair experts

  • Results:

    • More than 4000 tests done through mall set up

    • Increased sales and product users through the recommendations of the hair experts

  • Objective:

    • Message to the TA that IPL can be seen LIVE on You Tube

  • Challenges:

    • Create awareness in a very short time span by executing multi touch points activity

    • Result driven activity so that maximum TA can be routed on You Tube

  • Idea:

    • Suggested a innovative idea as a solution by placing promoters with laptop on the roof of the branded cars

    • Promoters were dressed in diverse ways like Senior Manager, Executive, College student to spread the message that IPL is Back on YouTube

    • High traffic areas and malls were targeted for the promotion

    • Flash mob activity inside the malls for creating hype

  • Mushky – Alstom Ki Pathshala

  • Objective:

    • Launch of Mushky menswear collection

  • Challenges:

    • Awareness of the opening of 10 stores simultaneously

    • Creating a event instigating media coverage and word of mouth

  • Idea:

    • Press conference for pre-hype

    • Followed by fashion show with 25 top models and celebrities like Irfan Pathan, Sayed Zulfi , Naveen Sirohi etc.

    • Live coverage of the event by Fever 104 FM with RJ KhurafatiNitin

  • Results:

    • Establish brand awareness with the help of digital as well as print media

    • Positive word of mouth by the witnessed TA of the fashion walk

  • VLCC – Alstom Ki Pathshala

  • Objective:

    • Promotion of VLCC daily protect anti pollution range

  • Challenges:

    • Small budget campaign

    • Innovative idea was required to establish the communication and product usage

  • Idea:

    • Dipstick across TIER 2 towns like Kanpur, Chandigarh etc.

    • Based on the result we suggested a solution - a set of promoter’s standing outside the malls and RWA’s faces covered with scarf's

    • This gesture showed raising voices against increased pollution levels

    • Promoter’s were distributing leaflets with a effective communication and free sampling of the product as a solution to the concern

  • Results:

    • End users had firsthand experience which led to further consumption of the product

  • Objective:

    • Launch of Purifying 3 in 1 Face Wash + Scrub

  • Challenges:

    • TG apprehension of using new beauty product

  • Results:

    • Over 10,000 consumers were reached which led to increased product users

  • Idea:

    • Special experience zone set up at Motilal Nehru College campus during Youth Nexus – DU’s annual college fest

    • Team of 10 promoters and 2 make-up artists were deployed

    • Participants were offered face wash as per their skin followed by free make up

    • Tattoo artist was deployed to make “Vivel Butterfly” for brand recall

    • Photo shoot opportunity for the participants and a chance of winning the title of “Vivel - Face of the hour”

    • Special gift hampers with their photographs

  • Challenges:

    • To plan an entertaining event for such a diverse TG – SN Power employees, affiliates their spouse and kids inculcate learning messages of “Safety Awareness For Everyone”

  • Idea:

    • A full day family event was organized at Hotel Oberoi, Delhi

    • Complete ambience was created based on the theme – traffic lanes, barricading, traffic signals etc.

    • Entertainment games like musical chair, hoopla rings etc. for spouse and kids

    • The creative's were communicating the slogan of “iTravel SAFE”

    • A special brand mascot “TOSSOY” was created which was representing transportation safety

    • Guest speakers also discussed about five golden rules of transportation safety

  • Results:

    • Increased awareness and accountability for invitees on the importance of road safety

  • Objective:

    • Celebrate Family Day as a part of Transportation Safety Day

    • Educate and inform SN Power employees about Health, Safety, Security, and Emergency (HSE) preparedness during road business travel

    • Promote road transportation safety to all SN Power employees including their families, contractors and partners

Thank You – Alstom Ki Pathshala