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EASTWEB Project. http://latemar.science.unitn.it/EASTWEB. To access the restricted area, the password is “createnet”. Goals of the meeting. Get to know each other Establish the boards Share the understanding about the needs of reporting and co-financing

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eastweb project


To access the restricted area, the password is “createnet”

goals of the meeting
Goals of the meeting
  • Get to know each other
  • Establish the boards
  • Share the understanding about the needs of reporting and co-financing
  • Make an overall plan and assign responsibilities
  • Decide the next steps
monday 02 20
Monday 02/20
  • 9:30 Welcome – Marco Ronchetti
  • 9:45 ­ 12:30 Overview of financial aspects – Marcella Orrù

12:30 – 14 Lunch

  • 14:00-15:45 Scientific presentations
    • Trento University – Fausto Giunchiglia
    • Galway DERI – Laurentiu Vasiliu
    • Innsbruck University – Ying DIng
    • Poznam University - Krzysztof Wecel
  • 15:45 -16:00 Coffee break
  • 16:00 -18:00 Scientific presentations
    • Jilin University - Yanchun Liang
    • AIT - Vilas Wuwongse
    • Tata Institute - R.K. Shyamasundar
    • Hong Kong - Yuting Zhao
    • IRST - Yuting Zhao
  • 19:30 Dinner at the “Cantinota
tuesday 02 21
Tuesday 02/21
  • 9:00-11:00 Discussion of WP 1
  • 11:00-13:00 Discussion of WP 3

13:00-14:00 Lunch

  • 14:00-16:00 Discussion of WP 2
  • 16:00-18:00 Further discussion of Financial aspects, wrap up and conclusions
scientific advisory board
Scientific Advisory Board

An External Advisory Board will be appointed and will be composed of 3 members from outside of the project. Two member of the Board will be from Industry, and one from another University or Institute.

Function: To monitor and review activities, evaluate results, and advertise this project to public.

scientific advisory board1
Scientific Advisory Board

Jim Hendler

University of Maryland

Frank Van Harmelen

Vrie Univ.Amsterdam

Michael Brodie

Chief Scientist,

Verizon Information Technology

governing board
Governing Board
  • Membership: 8 representatives, one from each participating institutions: the University of Trento will chair the Board.
  • Function: To design activities, make decisions, coordinate and supervise all project activities, propose and organize meetings among the partners, and disseminate results.
executive board
Executive Board
  • Membership: one representative from each institution coordinating a main activity; the University of Trento will chair the Board.
  • Function: To enact activities, coordinate and supervise each partner in the executions of activities
1 1 1 master student mobility
1.1.1 Master Student Mobility
  • Students from Asia to Galway & Trento
    • 12 students x 10 months x 2
1 1 1 master student mobility1
1.1.1 Master Student Mobility
  • Problems and issues:
  • Misfit between academic years and project span
  • Selection protocol should be defined
  • Possible misfit in the formal requirement (recognition of Bachelor, homogeneization of curricula)
  • Distance teaching is mentioned but it is not clear how it should be used
1 1 2 definition of master curriculum
1.1.2 Definition of Master Curriculum
  • Define a reference curriculum for a 2-year Master on Semantic Web

By December 2006:

  • Specification of a program
  • Definition of the minimum to be compatible with “EASTWEB Blueprint”
  • Teaching and examination material for the key-courses
1 1 2 definition of master curriculum1
1.1.2 Definition of Master Curriculum
  • Assets:

Definition of a “Shared Master” on Semantic Web in the framework of KnowledgeWeb

(Trento + Amsterdam + Madrid + Bolzano,

possibly Innsbruck & Galway?)

Experience of Swiss-AIT(VietNam) Master ?

1 1 3 implementation of graduate curriculum
1.1.3 Implementation of Graduate Curriculum

Starting from January 2007:

  • Definition of mobility/DL scheme
  • Implementation of course recognition criteria
1 1 3 double degree master
1.1.3 Double Degree Master

During third year of project:

  • Formal pair-wise Double Master degree programs

Students will start the double degree programs only after the end of the program!

1 2 1 phd student mobility
1.2.1 PhD Student Mobility
  • To do asap:
  • plan mobility
1 2 2 joint phd training activities
1.2.2 Joint PhD training activities


Note that:

“Co-supervised students will visit the foreign university for at least 6 months and work with the foreign supervisor before graduation.

The foreign supervisor will visit the university of the student at least one during the thesis”

1 2 3 joint phd program
1.2.3 Joint PhD program

We promised:

Common admission criteria

Shared selection procedure

At the end students will get double degree


Several joint PhD programs (2°-3° year)

Students will be selected during 3° year

1 3 1 technical staff
1.3.1 Technical staff

By January, 2007

A 7 days course delivered on each site by local teaching staff to train in the use, maintenance and management of the eLearning platform

Later update will be given through DL


Technicians certification

E-Learning modules on evolution-maintainance of e-learning platform and management of KM portal

1 3 1 technical staff1
1.3.1 Technical staff

Pbm: How will the teaching staff know how to train the technicians?

There is a dependence on the e-learning activity

1 3 2 senior researcher1
1.3.2 Senior researcher

Expected outcome:

Delivery of lectureship, PhD supervision, Seminars

Delivery of Educational Material for the DL

Documented support to the project networking activities

To do asap:

plan mobility

1 3 3 young researcher
1.3.3 Young researcher

1-2 months visits, supervised by senior researcher. Scientific report + evaluation.

Production of educational material

Production of scientific material (in Knowledge portal)

1 3 3 young researcher1
1.3.3 Young researcher

To do asap:

plan mobility

2 1 1 remote frontal teaching
2.1.1 Remote Frontal Teaching

The LODE system

1-2 courses first year

4-6 courses second year

8-10 courses third year

Seminar webcasting

Interactive board ?

2 1 2 remote cooperation
2.1.2 Remote Cooperation

Enable remote interaction

Collect and analize usage statistics and methodologies

See today’s videoconference

2 1 3 remote assessment
2.1.3 Remote Assessment

Enable teachers to perform remote evaluation

Find software

Define procedures

Train teachers

2 1 4 supporting environment
2.1.4 Supporting Environment

Keep track of students progress in a distributed environment

Use a lightweight information system

2 2 1 knowledge map of sw
2.2.1 Knowledge Map of SW
  • harvesting, first, internal and than external knowledge in the field of Semantic Web,
  • identifying knowledge gaps in the field
  • structuring such knowledge with appropriate knowledge management tools
2 2 2 content and km tools development
2.2.2 Content and KM tools development

providing appropriate tool to the processes of gathering, querying and navigating knowledge.

Tools to be used include: semantic queries, context via ontology, matching of natural language queries into ontological concepts, semantic navigation, guidance via ontology, support to individual views to knowledge and dynamic views to knowledge, visualization of hierarchies, tools to capture users needs and integrates them into application assembly, ontology-based profiling.

PRODUCE Integrated platform to support EASTWEB Knowledge Portal

2 2 3 eastweb knowledge portal
2.2.3 EASTWEB Knowledge Portal

EASTWEB Knowledge Portal will contain:

  • Access to all EASTWEB eLearning material
  • Updated knowledge map and gap analysis of Semantic Web research and applications
  • Digital periodical reports, results, and reviews of Semantic Web research and applications.
3 1 1 summer school
3.1.1 Summer School

We promised participation of 50% of EASTWEB PhD Students and Young Researchers to SSSW.

Problem: SSSW is not in our control...

Good news: SSSW organizers are our friends

A delicate issue!

3 1 2 launching aswc
3.1.2 Launching ASWC

Good news! First conference in China


3 1 3 research events
3.1.3 Research events

Support student and young researcher mobility (to conferences, workshops)


  • Workshop proceedings
  • Presentations, documantation etsc to be included in KM portal
  • To do:
    • Allocate financial resources


3 2 1 techology transfer network
3.2.1 Techology Transfer Network


Working group with scientific and industrial partners

Communication and information toos with management staff

Definition and deployment of TechTransferNet

Collection of industrial best practices and SW guidelines

3 2 1 techology transfer network1
3.2.1 Techology Transfer Network


Identify key companies in Asia and Europe


Establishment of TechTransferNet

Collect best practices/evaluation

3 2 2 industrial exhibitions
3.2.2 Industrial exhibitions

Organize international forums to discuss and define business cases


  • Proceedings
  • Business requirements
  • Testing and benchmarking SW applications

Possible sinergy with ASWC?

Possible sinergy with KnowledgeWeb?

next meeting
Next Meeting

At ASWC6 in Beijing, September 3-7 ?

Jim Hendler will be there...