welcome to myp humanities n.
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Welcome to MYP Humanities PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to MYP Humanities

Welcome to MYP Humanities

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Welcome to MYP Humanities

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  1. Welcome to MYP Humanities Grade 6 Ms. Sandra Hacker

  2. Teacher notes- disregard students & parents • Seating plans have been sorted out in our 15 minute class (students first week) • Download • Download • Or the kagan timer? • Consider creating name tags for all students which will be kept and used for the first week- will sit in alphabetical order! • Have tape ready for them to fold into three • Big paper (chart paper) for brainstorming rules? Markers! Don’t seem to have paper • Example of another teacher’s gr 6 rules: • Creating a class mission: • See how seats are set up in the classroom beforehand • Technology quiz- share the quiz creating software w the students- find out who is comfortable w what and to what level- share this info w other gr 6 teachers if they want it- use the kagan tool to create mixed ability groups • HW to create a one minute pres about yourself sharing unique things about yourself incl pictures & you will need to create one discussion question which will be put in googel docs and each students will have to add their response. Eg. Which of the countries that Ms. Hacker has been to would you like to visit? Avoid yes or no questions. Create a Q that makes sure thje audience was listening.I will role model this with a 1 min prezi presentation. • Consider the ‘you know you’re an intl school kid when…’ article for making starter activity

  3. Agenda • Song- Getting To know you - 5 min • Game ‘That’s me!’ – 10 min • Two stray- What you want from a teacher – 15 min • Drawing: Setting the rules- 15 min • Playing by the rules- 10 min (cover anything missing) • Explanation of HW assignment- 3 min • 1 minute about Ms. Hacker- 1 min • Discussion Q- 2 min • HW assignment: 1 minute about you- 5 min

  4. Getting to Know you… provide tape & have students fold name cards • As students walk in… • *Please retrieve your name card from our class bin and head to the seat you were assigned last class

  5. Let’s Play a game called“That’s Me”Stand up if the next slide is true for you…

  6. I read a whole book this summer.

  7. I went to Ocean Park this summer.

  8. I am new to HKA this year!

  9. I am new to Hong Kong this year!

  10. I skateboarded, rollerbladed or rode my bike this summer.

  11. I went to more than one country this summer.

  12. I have friends from all around the world.

  13. I mowed the lawn this summer.

  14. I went fishing this summer.

  15. I woke up BEFORE 8 AM this summer.

  16. I played softball or baseball this summer.

  17. Your turn to make a statement Any statement you would like to make to see the response from the class? Eg. ‘I play guitar’

  18. I am excited to be starting Middle School !!!!! Lastly…

  19. Humanities • The study of human culture with a focus on history

  20. Overview of Grade 6 Humanities MYP Unit 1: Culture & Identity Unit 2: Ancient Civilizations Unit 3: Introduction to World Geography Unit 4: History of Hong Kong

  21. What do you want in a teacher? • Please be realistic! • brainstorming Chart paper- Everyone will need to contribute as you will all be sharing your opinions with other groups

  22. What do you want in a teacher? Two stray- Two students will stay in the group while two others will go to two different groups (separately) and discuss with new members for two minutes. When informed by the teacher you will then come back to your original groups and discuss additional ideas.

  23. Individual- Levels of Behaviour Have students divide a paper into 4 Behaviour- Anarchy! Chaos! No rules! • What would our world and classroom looks like under anarchy? • Draw a picture of a classroom with no rules

  24. Levels of Behaviour • Behaviour- Breaking the Rules- to not do something you have been asked to do.   • Draw a picture of a classroom with people who break the rules

  25. Levels of Behaviour • Behaviour- Cooperation- Doing what is asked.   • Draw a picture of a classroom or school where people do what is asked of them.

  26. Levels of Behaviour • Is there a higher level of behaviour than just doing what is asked of you?

  27. Levels of Behaviour • Behaviour- Doing the right thing without being asked

  28. Discuss: Why do we need rules for the class? What would happen if we had no rules? • Draw: What ‘laws’ should we have for this class?

  29. Now for what I expect from you…

  30. Good News! Just go over what the students may have missed out in the next several slides It is easy to get a good mark in this class if: • You put in your best effort! • Participate in class discussion • Contribute to group work • Keep notes well organized • Ask questions when you do not understand

  31. Punctuality- Time is money! • Be on time!I expect an apology and full explanation as to why you are late. The early bird…

  32. Attendance • If you are absent from school, it is your responsibility to make up the work you missed. Please go to our class website to get the lessons for the days missed and see me to receive any missed assignments. • If you know you will be absent in advance please see me

  33. Always be Prepared for Class • Stay tuned to our class web site and have the daily lesson open at the very start of class • Add your own notes to lessons if you like, just keep these notes somewhere organized • Put your best effort forwards! • Keep the classroom tidy • Just let me know when you go to the bathroom • Pay attention, contribute to discussions, and cooperate with your classmates!

  34. Class Work • During classroom work periods, you are expected to work on assignments and to use classroom time effectively. If I give you time to work on something in class, I expect you to use that time productively. • Don’t copy & paste! ‘Stop being slaves to others’ thoughts and become creators of your own’ -Mr. Steve Wise

  35. Behaviour- treat others how you would like to be treated! • There will be no name calling, personal criticism, insults, swearing, etc. • During teacher-led discussion, do not answer by calling out. Please wait to be called on. (Hands up please!) • During class (shared discussion, group work, etc) show respect to your classmates, your teacher, your school and yourself!

  36. Computer issues • You need to be paying FULL attention in class • Your computer is not opened until the teacher says

  37. The ideal student should look like this! Be curious, and enjoy thinking and learning!

  38. Don’t worry you’re not on your own!

  39. ‘I scratch your back, someone else will scratch mine!’ We’re all in this together!

  40. Housekeeping • Make sure everyone has seen our class website •

  41. Homework 1 • You are going to create a one minute speech about you! • You will share unique information about yourself and you can choose a theme. Eg. My family and pets, growing up, things I love, etc • You are encouraged to bring visuals such as pictures, special items, etc • You will need to create one discussion question based on your presentation to make sure everyone is paying attentionand thinking about what you’ve said. (Make it a question that creates conversation, not a yes/no answer). • I have Q cards if you want to write notes for your speech

  42. Timer Set up timer but begin after discussion question is given •

  43. 1 minute about Ms. Hacker Discussion Question- Ms. Hacker likes helping others. Name something you did recently to help others. How did it make you feel? *Pay careful attention to the question and think about your answer during my introduction speech since I will randomly choose students to answer my question after the What I love doing…

  44. Being with Friends & Family

  45. Helping Others

  46. Dressing up

  47. Playing Gaelic football

  48. Travelling