Comparing early explorers
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Comparing Early Explorers. Heroes or Villains?. Is greed ever an appealing characteristic?. Pizarro and de Las Casas. Francisco Pizarro. Bartolome de Las Casas. Sailed with Christopher Columbus to the New World and was given land and slaves.

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Comparing early explorers

Comparing Early Explorers

Heroes or Villains?

Pizarro and de las casas
Pizarro and de Las Casas

Francisco Pizarro

Bartolome de Las Casas

Sailed with Christopher Columbus to the New World and was given land and slaves.

Renounced his riches and freed his slaves after witnessing the brutality.

Sent letters to the King Charles V of Spain urging him to set up laws protecting the natives.

  • Was neglected as a child and grew up without an education, learning to read/write later in life

  • Heard of the gold and silver that Cortez took from the Aztecs and wanted the same for himself

  • Conquered the Incan Empire in 1533 after tricking and murdering their king.

Pizarro de las casas
Pizarro/de Las Casas

  • What was each historical figure’s role/achievements in this time period?

  • Were Pizarro and de Las Casas heroes or villains? Provide evidence!

  • Draw an image of one of the two historical figures and for each body part explain what they would have done. (ex. Head- what did they think? Mouth- what did they say? Eyes- what did they see? Hands- what did they do/hold?)