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Unit five

Unit five. The Operation, Installation and Maintenance of Household Appliances. Introductory Remarks Listening and Talking Passage Exploration Practical Writing Workplace Project. Introductory Remarks.

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Unit five

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  1. Unit five The Operation, Installation and Maintenance of Household Appliances

  2. Introductory Remarks • Listening and Talking • Passage Exploration • Practical Writing • Workplace Project

  3. Introductory Remarks • Nowadays mechanical and electrical products are increasingly popular in China, especially the household electrical appliances. For the Chinese families, the most popular products are the air conditioners, the refrigerator, the TV, washing machine and etc.; and the electrical products such as iphone and ipad are young people’s favorites. In recent years, our mechanical and electrical products’ international competitiveness has been strengthened while their foreign trade also has a big step further. In 2006 our mechanical and electrical product exportation surpasses Japan, rising to the world third while the import surpasses Germany to rise to the world second.

  4. Under the state’s long-term support and guidance, our mechanical and electrical products will maintain its progressive improvement. However, the trade of our mechanical and electrical products needs to pay attention to the following questions: the favorable balance mainly concentrates on the finished product, also the processing trade; the overseas-funded enterprises still constitute our country’s largest trade surplus; in addition, the domestic enterprise also should pay attention to the trade friction in international trade.

  5. With the popularization of the mechanical and electrical products, the Chinese people should learn to distinguish decent products from inferior ones. The most important thing is that they should acquire more knowledge concerning the maintenance and repairs of the household electrical appliances, so that they can really enjoy the convenience and handiness those products bring.

  6. Listening and Talking Task one: Marianna is asking Steven’s advice about how to use an air conditioner. Listen to their conversation and judge whether the following statements are true (T) or false (F).

  7. 1. F 2. F 3. T 4. T 5. F 6. T

  8. Task 2 Listen to the conversation again and complete the sentences according to what you’ve heard. • 1. what’s the problem • 2. 18°C • 3. condenser • 4. the weather • 5. standard • 6. vary • 7. capacity • 8. different brands

  9. Task 3 Listen to a passage and answer the following questions. • 1. Does an air conditioner usually have a noise problem? Why? No, there would be no abnormal noises as most air conditioners are attached with an anti-vibration cup.

  10. 2. What should you do if there is a noise problem? • We should ask for a technician’s further inspection.

  11. 3. What should you do if the indoor air is not fresh? When the indoor air is not fresh, just turn the Exhaust Air to “open”.

  12. 4. Why should you clean the air conditioner regularly? • Without regular cleaning, the air conditioner will not work properly and the compressor or fans are likely to fail prematurely.

  13. 5. What should you do to keep the air conditioner’s efficiency? • We should close our windows and outside doors.

  14. Task 4 Listen to the passage with some blanks for you to fill in. • 1. abnormal noises • 2. further inspection • 3. indoor air 4. stale air • 5. lower 6. regularly • 7. compressor or fans 8.efficiency

  15. Task 5 Pair work. Start a conversation with your partner according to the situation: • You are a Customer Service Representative. A customer is complaining to you about the abnormal noises of her new refrigerator, which is bought from your company. Now you are having a conversation concerning the problem. Sample dialogue 1

  16. Language tips: • abnormal noises • anti-vibration cup • put the machine on a flat ground • set the refrigerator at a proper level • adjustable feet • proper use of the machine • Check whether you have closed all the doors properly. • Maybe you should adjust the position of some items inside the machine. • You can ask for a technician’s further inspection.

  17. Task 6 Pair work. Role-play a conversation with a maintainer according to the situation: • There’re undesirable odors in your refrigerator and you have no idea how to get rid of it. Now you are asking the maintainer how to solve the problem and he is giving you some useful advice. Sample dialogue 2

  18. Language tips: • Power off the refrigerator and allow it to air out for two or three days. • Throw away the food when it spoils. • Clean and defrost your refrigerator every few months. • Keep those odors from coming back. • Never use bleach. • Use mild detergent and water to clean your refrigerator gasket and freezer doors. • Prevention is the key.

  19. Passage Exploration • Task 7 Read Passage 1 about Installing a Central Air Conditioner and then work in pairs to speak out the common expressions given in brackets.

  20. 1. electrician • 2. existing structure • 3. heat gain • 4. modifications • 5. avoid electrocution • 6. electrical tubes • 7. main power supply • 8. regular inspections

  21. Proper names • AC unit空调机组 • Heat-Gain Calculation热增益 • the Air Conditioning Contractors of America Manual J load calculation • 《美国空调承包商协会手册J—住宅负荷计算》

  22. Difficulty Structures • 1. Also, the plans of the house need to be looked over to plan where ducts would be installed and where the unit would be placed. • 这个句型里动词plan后面接了两个where引导的宾语从句,又如: • The customers are required to read the manuals in the first place to make sure they understand where the equipment should be installed and when they can put it into practical use.

  23. 2. The main power supply needs to be inspected to make sure that it can withstand the added pressure from an air conditioner.

  24. 此句的主语是the main power supply, 谓语是needs to be inspected,之后接了一个不定式to make sure…, 动词短语make sure后是that引导的宾语从句“it can withstand the added pressure”。 • Withstand 在此处表示“承受”,在科技英语里一般用来表示承受压力或者高温等,又如: • The materials used have to be able to withstand high temperatures.

  25. Task 8 Read the passage again and supply the missing words or expressions to complete the following statements in pairs.

  26. 1. professionals • 2. cheaper and quicker • 3. the best bargains • 4. inspected • 5. install the ducts • 6. disconnecting • 7. break down • 8. functional

  27. Task 9 Work in groups and discuss the following questions. • 1. Why should the main power supply be inspected? • The main power supply needs to be inspected to make sure that it can withstand the added pressure from an air conditioner. If it can not, a subpanel would need to be installed.

  28. 2. How can a contractor calculate the heat gain of a home? • Contractors use something called the Air Conditioning Contractors of America Manual J load calculation to determine the heat gain.

  29. 3. What kind of upgrades should be done about older ducts? • The upgrades that may be needed on older ducts are the upsizing of the furnace blower, sealing of the ducts and swapping out the supply registers.

  30. 4. Where is the compressor placed? • At about 12 inches from the foundation, the compressor is placed on a plastic base on leveled ground.

  31. 5. What kind of contractor should people sign on with? And why? • People should sign on with a contractor that will give them special deals on regular inspections and minor repairs. Because the air conditioner may break down sometimes and they will need to have parts of it serviced or replaced.

  32. Task 10 Read the sentences taken from Passage 1 and work in groups to translate them into Chinese.

  33. 1. Also, the plans of the house need to be looked over to plan where ducts would be installed and where the unit would be placed. • 此外,也要查看整个房屋的设计来确定管道的安装位置及空调机组的安置处。

  34. 2. On large dwellings, a more powerful unit may be needed to effectively cool the entire home while being energy-efficient at the same time. • 对于面积大的房子,选购功率更大的款式才能在节能的同时,达到对整个房屋制冷的目的。

  35. 3. Other thing to consider is if you need a fully electric unit or if it needs to be connected to a gas line also. • 还有其它需要考虑的事情,比如你是否需要全电动空调,或是否需要将空调连接到输气管道。

  36. 4.A contractor needs to examine the insulation, windows and your home’s orientation to the sun to determine the size of unit needed to cool the home. 安装承包商需要检查房屋的隔热程度、窗户大小及房屋的朝向来决定所需空调功率的大小,以达到整个房屋制冷的目的。

  37. 5. If ducts aren’t currently present, this will be the brunt of the legwork that needs to be done. • 如果目前房屋内并没有安装管道,那就需要做大量的调研工作。

  38. Task 11 Work in pairs to complete the statements with the information from Passage 2.

  39. 1. quality and reliability • 2. operation manuals • 3. industrial associations, safety notices • 4. specific information • 5. troubleshooting systems • 6. consumer and product • 7. product-related accidents, incorrect use 8. manufacturers, visuals

  40. Proper names • Product Liability Act 产品责任法 • the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry • 经济贸易和工业部门 • the Association for Electric Home Appliances • 家电协会 • The National Institute of Technology and Evaluation • 日本国立技术与评估研究院

  41. Difficulty Structures • 1. In Japan, instruction manuals are defined as “an important means of conveying procedures for the correct, safe use of products to consumers, including information required to use products properly, to maintain them correctly, and to secure user safety”.

  42. 此句的主干是一个sth. is defined as …的结构, 由be defined as引出的这个名词性复合结构比较复杂,主要结构是an important means of conveying sth. to sb. • 最后including information…是一个分词结构,对主语做补充说明。 required to…后面加三个并列的不定式短语(to…, to…, to…)作information的定语。

  43. 2. In order to prevent serious consumer-involved accidents and anticipate problems that occur while using products, laws regarding safety and cautionary notices have been strengthened recently under the guidance of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

  44. 句子前半部分是一个由in order to prevent… and anticipate…引导的目的状语,而anticipate 所加的宾语problems后面有一个that 引导的定语成分,用来修饰problems。 • 句子的主干是laws have been strengthened, laws后面接regarding safety and cautionary notices做定语,解释是什么方面的法律,最后under the guidance of…是解释由什么机构来加强这一方面的法律的。

  45. under the guidance of…通常表示在…的指导或者引导下,又如: • All working procedures should be conducted under the guidance of the manual as well as the experienced technician.

  46. 3. In particular, the various industrial associations have played a central role in addressing the approximately one-third of product-related accidents that result from incorrect use. • Have played a central role in…表示扮演非常重要的角色,又如: • The media played an important role in the last election.

  47. address表示处理,对付; • result from后面接原因,表示前面发生的事件的缘由,又如:job losses resulting from changes in production. • 与之相对的是result in后面接结果。

  48. 4. Because Japanese consumers are particularly receptive to the use of illustrations, photographs, and figures as a means of lending clarity to explanations, manufacturers should devote much effort to using visuals in an effective manner.

  49. 句子前半部分是由because引导的原因状语从句,结构为sb. are receptive to the use of sth.as a means of… • 句子的主干是manufactures should devote sth. to sth./doing sth.,即在什么方面付出努力。 • receptive表示乐于接受新的观点或建议等,又如:She was always receptive to new ideas. • 此文中是指日本用户易于接受插图、照片及图表在用户手册中的使用。

  50. Task 12 Read the passage again and translate the expressions into Chinese or English in pairs.

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