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2010/06/01 Update! PowerPoint Presentation
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2010/06/01 Update!

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2010/06/01 Update! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2010/06/01 Update!. Premium Collection. Or look at the maps and full colour captioned illustrations. This is the home page - from here you can search across the whole database…. Go straight to a subject or a book.

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.
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2010/06/01 Update!

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Presentation Transcript

Or look at the maps and full colour captioned illustrations

This is the home page - from here you can search across the whole database…

Go straight to a subject or a book


Change the display of your results from here

Here’s the list of results for your search for ‘heart’


Or view all the illustrations from the Visual Dictionary AND any articles that include illustrations by selecting this tab

Click here to go straight to the full colour captioned illustrations in the Visual Dictionary


This is an illustration from the Visual English Dictionary

You will find illustrations from the same entry section are also of interest

All of the captions are searchable so that this illustration will be included in your results if you look for ‘aorta’ or ‘pulmonary’


You can email an article or picture to a friend!

Citation information included with each illustration


It is permissible to print out a single copy or save electronically to include in documents

For more information on permission to use illustrations and content see

or click on ‘Privacy Policy and Legal Notices’ at foot of Home Page and every entry


This is the article from the Oxford Companion to the Body as indicated here

Your original search terms appear in red

Cross-references to entries in this book are highlighted in blue in the main text and listed alphabetically in the margin


…and click here

This is the entry for kidney

Any word can be made a cross-reference - simply highlight it …


Back to the entry for heart

Click here to get to other sections of this long entry

Click on diagram to enlarge


At the foot of the entry you

will find citation information and

links to other articles of interest


Click here and a new page will open

You can search Oxford Reference Online from any web site. Here’s how!


And click!

From another web site, highlight the word you want to find


Each event on a timeline is linked to a carefully-selected article, making research and discovery quick and easy



Or at book level


Western Civilization Collection


  • A subject cluster including a comprehensive selection of award-winning reference titles
  • The works in this collection trace the development of western thought and culture from the time of Socrates to the Enlightenment, and the colonization of the Americas
  • Fully searchable within Oxford Reference Online Premium

Western Civilization Collection


Oxford Dictionary of the Renaissance

1 Volume, 912 pages

Encyclopedia of the Enlightenment

4 Volumes, 1874 pages

Oxford Dictionary of Byzantium

3 Volumes, 2338 pages

Oxford Classical Dictionary

1 Volume, 1696 pages

Encyclopedia of the Reformation

4 Volumes, 2004 pages

Encyclopedia of the Middle Ages

2 Volumes, 1624 pages


All the marked titles are

part of the collection – searchable

within Oxford Reference Online

literature collection
Literature Collection


  • a comprehensive set of distinguished reference works detailing literature from 8th century Germany, to Edwardian England to 20th century America
  • provides unrivalled coverage of literary periods, genres, and writers, all cross referenced and fully searchable
  • incorporated into Oxford Reference Online Premium within the ‘Literature’ subject group
literature collection1

Encyclopedia of American Literature

4 volumes, 2272 pages

Literature Collection


Oxford Companion to Chaucer

544 pages

Oxford Companion to Twentieth-Century Literature in English

772 pages

Oxford Companion to Women’s Writing

606 pages

Oxford Companion to Edwardian Fiction

464 pages


Literature Collection

New Oxford Companion

to Literature in French

916 pages

Oxford Companion to Crime and Mystery Writing

535 pages

Oxford Companion to Fairy Tales

640 pages

Oxford Companion to German Literature

699 pages

Oxford Companion to Italian Literature

690 pages


Literature Collection


  • Oxford Encyclopedia of British Literature, 5 volumes, 2800 pages, published on 23 March 2006
  • Oxford Encyclopedia of Children’s Literature, 4 volumes, 1824 pages, published on 25 May 2006
  • Oxford Guide to Literature in English Translation
  • Oxford Encyclopedia of English Literature
  • Oxford Companion to Spanish Literature

All the marked titles are included

in the Literature Collection


Context-sensitive help is always available

You can check here to see current and past updates – and much more


Oxford Reference Online

“The Bottom Line: Both thumbs are way up for Oxford Reference Online Premium Collection. It's bigger, it's better, the content is superb, and the design makes use of some of the best features we've seen in online reference publishing. Recommended for any and every library. This is a top-quality resource.” - Library Journal


Oxford Reference Online

“will eclipse any general knowledge source online or in print” - Sydney Morning Herald

“help whenever you need it . . . clear directions on every page. . . . The ability to search for other instances of any word or term in the database adds tremendous value to the service.”- Asian Age

“The new turbocharged online database from Oxford University Press puts the serious back into serious research....subscribers can access the equivalent of 20 feet of books that include perhaps the most carefully compiled library on Earth.” - Chicago Tribune



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