conferencing and webc@st @ desy n.
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Conferencing and WebC@st @ DESY

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Conferencing and WebC@st @ DESY - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Conferencing and WebC@st @ DESY. Outline: about DESY How VRVS and AccessGrid is used Technical Equipment for VRVS and Webcast Operation RGB-Switch, Camera Control, Signal Mixing…. DESY. D eutsches E lektronen- Sy nchrotron High energy physics reserach center

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conferencing and webc@st @ desy

Conferencing and WebC@st @ DESY


about DESY

How VRVS and AccessGrid is used

Technical Equipment for VRVS and Webcast


RGB-Switch, Camera Control,

Signal Mixing…



Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron

High energy physics reserach center

Operating a superconducting proton-electron collider –

HERA - for high energy phsics experiments and

provide synchrotron radiation for dedicated experiments

3 experiments ZEUS, H1 and HERMES

each with more than 150 people

Project for development of a free electron Laser XFEL


Important issues for conferences:

For collaboration meetings:

sound and slides

video of the speaker is less important

different „classes“ of speakers using

chalk on blackboard

plastic transparencies

electronic presentations with PPT, PDF…


Strongly growing need for conference facilities @ DESY

what is used:

ISDN and H.323 conferences via

commercial equipment (Tandberg)


VRVS --- growing

usage of vrvs
Usage of VRVS
  • Until 2004 1-2 VRVS sessions each 2-3 month
  • Own reflector on the campus
  • Growing need since about one year
  • Today regularly used for collaboration meetings of the particle physics groups
  • Both mbone and h.323 in connection with our Tandberg codecs is used
usage of accessgrid
Usage of AccessGrid
  • AccessGrid is rarely used
  • No multicast support on the DESY WAN router because of lack of experience
  • If required, sessions can be provided over the VRVS gateway
technical equipment

Technical Equipment:

Since summer 2005 development of a mobile

Media-Rack, equipped with three 19“ PCs,

a RGB-Crossbar and an Audio-receiver for mobile microphones.

Advantage: can be used in any seminar room with IP connectivity

Tasks for the 3 PCs (top-down):

Media Control


WebC@st-recording and Presentation

mobile media rack
Mobile Media-Rack

Audio Receiver

RGB Crossbar

Mixer PC


WebC@st PC



Capture devices:

Video: Hauppauge ImpactVCB PCI adapter

RGB: Datapath VisionRGB Pro 2

Dual channel PCI adapter

Resolution up to 1200x1600

Support for Microsoft WDM architecture

Advantage: independence of Operating Systems and presentation applications



Audio System:

Manufacturer: Sennheiser

sender: Sennheiser evolution SK 500 G2

sender for handmicrophones: Sennheiser evolution SKM 565 G2

receiver: Sennheiser evolution EM 550 G2



RGB Crossbar:

Manufacturer: KOMTECH Kommunikationstechnik GmbH

8 Input channels

4 Output channels for RGB and Audio

Control Interface by RS232 and IP



Main concept:

Make everything controllable from remote



Mixer PC Applications:

Camera Server

application receiving RS232 control commands of the Sony EVI 70 camera over IP

RGB Crossbar Control

application for switching the various RGB signals

Video Mixing

application for mixing the video source(s) and 2 individual RGB sources,

allows resizing, positioning and fading



VRVS PC applications:

Remote Camera Control Client:

Application for sending control commands to the Mixer PC over IP

VRVS Session in Dual Screen Mode, vic windows being placed on the second screen



RGB-Crossbar Control:

The RGB Crossbar Control is used for switching the Video signals of the 3 rack mounted PCs the signal of the speakers laptop and the video signal of the EVI camera to the 3 PCs and to the beamer(s).



RGB-Crossbar Control:

Three standard settings are offered:

VRVS local:

Speakers Laptop Signal  Beamer

Speakers Laptop Signal  VRVS-transmission

VRVS remote:

VRVS remote site  Beamer

Speakers Laptop Signal  VRVS-transmission

Local without any VRVS or Webcast:

Speakers Laptop Signal  Beamer



Remote Camera Control:

Buttons for moving horizontally and vertically and Zoom

Buttons for pre-defined positions

  • Mixer Application based on DirectX
  • Programmed in Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0
  • Using Montivision Workbench for creating DirectX Filtergraphs
  • Remote Beamer Control by RS232 over IP in test
  • All three PCs can be operated remotely using VNC or Windows Remote Desktop