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Alcohol. Reasons why people drink :. Parameters for determining good vs. bad reasons: Is it legal? Does it hurt you or someone else? Does it lead to problems?. There is NO good reason for drinking…. without RESPONSIBILITY !. DRUG vs. BEVERAGE. ALCOHOL (C 2 H 5 OH).

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Reasons why people drink:

Parameters for determining good vs. bad reasons:

Is it legal?

Does it hurt you or someone else?

Does it lead to problems?


There is NO good reason for drinking…





Statistics: *on test

*66% All Auto Accidents

*50% Fatal Auto Accidents

37% Suicides

40% Snowmobile Accidents


65% Fire deaths

*85% Rapes

*85% HIV / teen pregnancies

70% Child Abuse

70% Homicides

68% Drownings


56% Assaults/Fights in home

50% Skiing accidents

71% Accidental poisoning

55% All arrests


Characteristics of Alcohol:

Depressant-slows down CNS

“Empty Calories”- 150 cal/drink (“beer gut / beer butt”)

“Proof”-amount of alcohol drink

(2 times the % of alcohol)


Adults:18% light

68% Drink 38% moderate

12% heavy

32% Abstain completely

NYS 9-12 = 52% do not drink

12th = 37% binge/month

GCS 8th=60% have never tried

91% are not regular users


Oxidation of alcohol:

Alcohol is oxidized in the LIVER at the rate of 1 drink (1/2 oz.alcohol) per hour.

The 2 end-products of alcohol are carbon dioxide and water.


Which will get you

Intoxicated faster?


Factors that determine the effects of alcohol:

body size, weight

how much you drink

how fast you drink

how much you’ve eaten

past experiences


what you expect and want from drinking (psychological)

where you drink (atmosphere)

how you feel (emotionally)

body chemistry

other drugs



Short-term,immediate, negative effects:

**Underage = $50

*Adults who supply to minor = $500/90days

Legal fees=$1500-$7500


Long-term effects:

stomach (ulcers and cancer), pancreas, cirrhosis of liver, high blood pressure, low blood sugar, heart damage, brain damage, development of alcoholism, malnutrition, alcohol psychosis,


Fetal Alcohol Syndrome:

-lower size, weight

-mental retardation/learning disabilities

-heart defects

-birth defects.


Drinking and Driving:

66% of all auto accidents

50% of all fatal auto accidents

23,000 people die each yr.

80% of all fatalities were people who were NOT drinking (18,400) (innocent victims)


18-24 yr. olds have the highest rate of alcohol-related fatalities.

535,000 injuries each year

1 death every 22 minutes


Not everyone involved in a DWI accident dies.

Warning: This video about Jacqui Saburido is very graphic….



Long before you “feel” or “act” intoxicated, it is already unsafe and illegal to drive.

(Designated Driver – when?)

Methods to establish BAC:

breathalyzer, blood, urine tests


Drinking and Driving: (Section E)

.05-.07% = DWAI(driving while abilities impaired) .08% (3/1/03) = DWI (driving while intoxicated) .20% (.22% average level of those arrested!) .40% = unconscious(pass out)911 .50% = coma .60% = death


DWAI=$300-500, 15 days jail, 90 days suspended license

DWI=$500-1000, 1 yr. jail, 6 months revoked license, 6 months ignition interlock system.

(Under 21=lose license 1 yr. or until 21, whichever is longest)


Zero Tolerance=Any amount under 21=lose license 6 months, $125 fine, $100 fee to reinstate. (‘96)

County STOP DWI Program:

½ $, no jail, conditional license, classes…deterrent?


Arrested=Automatic loss of license

Leandra’s Law - NYS-If arrested for DWI with person in car under 16 yrs. old = class E Felony = 1-4yrs., $5,000

The typical cost of a DWI in NYS includes: insurance increase, lawyer, Stop DWI Program, towing, surcharges, conditional license, reinstatement fees… =$9,200!!


Legal Consequences in Other Countries

Australia – (.05) names sent to papers for 10 days “He’s drunk and in jail”

South Africa – 10 yrs. prison, $10,000

Turkey – Taken 20 miles from town to walk back

Finland/Sweden – Automatic jail one yr. of hard labor

Russia – License revoked for life.

England – 1 yr. suspension, $250 fine, 1 yr. jail

Bulgaria – (.03) A second conviction = execution

El Salvador – First offense = execution by firing squad

Empire Safety Council


Alcoholism: (Section D)

*A disease in which a person’s use of alcohol interferes negatively in any area of his/her life (job, school, family); and once he/she starts drinking, they lose control and cannot stop.

“Recovering Alcoholic” - an alcoholic who is no longer drinking.


-17 million adult alcoholics -4.5 million teen alcoholics -each alcoholic affects 20 others -ratio male:female = 2:1 -1 in 8 drinkers is an alcoholic -costs $100 billion each yr. -Denial / Rationalization


How to help:

Refer to:(alcoholic)(family)Alcoholics AnonymousMentalHealth/AlcoholAbuse Special HospitalAlanon Adult Children of Alcoholics Alateen Clergy

children of alcoholics coa
Children of Alcoholics (COA)
  • Hero- Oldest, super achiever, workaholic, sense of failure
  • Scapegoat- Takes blame, failure at school, troublemaker
  • Lost Child- Quiet, well-behaved, fears anger or conflict
  • Mascot- Youngest, entertaining, able to divert family’s attention
adult children of alcoholics
Adult Children of Alcoholics
  • Afraid of intimate relationships
    • Hard to establish trust
  • Afraid of Authority
    • Difficulty parenting
  • Controlling & Overprotective
  • Want to provide a better life
    • Jealousy?