top 35 must follow google ranking factors l.
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Must Follow Top 35 Google Ranking Factors

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Must Follow Top 35 Google Ranking Factors - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ranking criteria
Ranking Criteria

Website Level

Domain Level

Webpage Level

Backlink Level

User Interaction

Social Media

ranking criteria3
Ranking Criteria

Off-Site Webspam


On-Site Webspam


Where to buy Nike shoes?

Exact Match Domain

Exact match domains with high quality unique contents, are more likely to get quality signals from Google.

Keywords in Domain

Keywords in Domain Names are another factor of earning relevancy signal from Google


Time = Money


Maintain Keyword Density within 2-3% for a webpage.

Page Speed

High page loading speed, Server speed and CDN usage counts on adding up good signals from Google.

Don’t make your Visitors to wait…

This Is Bad


There are different types of apples. Apples are good for health. You can Buy apple from a market, Deep red apples are the best. There is a saying about apple- an apple a day keep the doctor away. So do eat apple…


Keyword Usage

Exact match domains with high quality unique contents, are more likely to get quality signals from Google.


Keywords in Domain Names are another factor of earning relevancy signal from Google

Use Relevant keywords and high quality unique contents. This will bring you lot of good traffic



Similar content on the same site across webpages will negatively impact your ranking.

Keyword Prominence

Placing your keyword in the first paragraph (100 words) of your content gets a relevancy signal.


Content Updates

Recently updated contents are favored by Google when it comes to time-sensitive searches.

Page Rank

Webpages with higher page ranks are more likely to rank higher in search results than those that has low page ranks


Domain Trust

Google measures your domain trust from highly trusted backlinks to your site.


Submit a .xml sitemap to for search engine to crawl your site more easily.


Sites Usability

No proper navigations increases the bounce rate which in turn negatively impact your rankings.


User reviews play an important role in earning exposure and trust.

>>Top 35 “Must Follow” Google Ranking Factors

>>Site Level Factor

>>Sites Usability


You Are Here


Class C Ips

Make sure you have backlinks for different IPs and not the same Class C IPs.

PageRank of Linking page

The PageRank of the webpage that links to you indirectly adds a high value to your webpage. This is an important ranking factor.


Image Alt Tag Links

Links that are used in images acts as Anchor texts which is also a factor for ranking

Diversified Anchor Text

Over usage of Exact Match Anchor Text will lead to consequences so keep your anchor text diversified.

Police Man


Police Officer


Use of Nofollow

Use nofollow to external links when you do not promote them.

Sitewide Links

Sitewidelinks are those that are in Headers and Footers which should be in a reasonable percentage.






Direct Traffic

Sites with higher direct traffic are more likely to get quality signals than those with less direct traffic

Bounce Rate and Exit Rate

Google tracks users existence in a page to measure the quality of the site/page. So Bounce Rate should be always less and your Exit rate should be more in number.

verified google authorship

Social media sites

Though Google cannot track the private pages in social media sites, it will track count public pages which includes the likes, shares and +1’s as quality factor which adds more value to earn quality signals.

Verified Google+ Authorship

Contents with verified online profiles would rank higher than those that has no authorship.


Using brand names as Anchor Texts gives you brand signals.

  • Brand names without hyperlinks in popular sites like news are also counted by Google as a brand signal
  • A brick and motor business listed in Local business listing is more likely to get brand signals
over optimization

Google Panda

Low quality sites which recovered after panda penalization are more likely to face ranking drops as they are already visible to Google eyes. So always focus on quality content

Over optimization

Over optimization factors such as keyword stuffing, Excess keyword density, linking to bad neighborhoods, sneaky redirects, auto generated content in sites will be tracked and de-indexed by Google.

disavow tool

Google Penguin

Focus on quality backlinks since Penguin penalized sites are less likely to recover from ranking drops.

Disavow Tool

Links from same Class C IPs, unnatural links, irrelevant links are all factors of Ranking Drops. So cleanup unwanted backlinks with Disavow tool and send Reconsiderations requests.



Can We Fix IT ?

Can We Fix IT ?

Yes! We Can …

Yes! We Can …