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John Smith pd. 2. Hoss and Koooaaaaa. Background Info.

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John smith pd 2

John Smith pd. 2

Hoss and Koooaaaaa

Background info
Background Info

  • John Smith was an English explorer born in Lincolnshire, England, 1579. He served as a soldier in in the English Army. He fought in a campaign against France’s Henry IV and later against the Turks, where was captured as a POW and enslaved. He was treated harshly and around 1600, killed his master and returned to England.

Exploration reasoning
Exploration Reasoning

  • Smith was looking for work and opportunity, and came in contact with Capt. Bartholomew Gosnold who was in charge of planning a voyage to settle Jamestown and organizing the counsel in charge, which Smith was appointed to. He was restless in England, he needed work and money, and the glory would just be a great bonus to a man who was extremely self-confident.

What was explored
What was explored…

  • John was in custody for being accused of Mutiny when they arrived, but he was on the list of those to govern and after a long winter where they lost a lot of settlers, they were attacked by Algonquin deer hunters and Smith was taken captive once again. After many trials and Indian customs, Chief Powhatan who was very impressed with Smith, allowed him to life and according to Indian tradition was adopted into the tribe. The chief’s daughter, Pocahontas, was part of the ceremonies and Smith believed it was her that spared his life. After a month of captivity, he was released to a failing society at Jamestown, so he decided to explore and map the Chesapeake Bay area. Smith planted a new colony, and with a strict disciplinary policy, his colony survived and grew, but he was injured and had to return to England the following summer, never to return to Virginia.


  • King James was the initiator behind the settlement and was the one that paid for it and gave them the ships. This was to be the first permanent English settlement in America, therefore it was named “Jamestown.” This was also a very important trip to England because they were falling behind to Spain, and they couldn’t let that happen.

Importance of the trip
Importance of the Trip

  • This trip was important because he founded the first settlement at Jamestown. He also founded and mapped the Chesapeake Bay area which is also a big deal to our History and it is the biggest estuary in the world.


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