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CWM Slides. What is Chemical Warfare Materiel (CWM)?. Army Definition - An Item Configured As A Munition That Contains A Chemical Substance Intended To Kill, Injure, Or Incapacitate

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What is chemical warfare materiel cwm
What is Chemical Warfare Materiel (CWM)?

  • Army Definition - An Item Configured As A Munition That Contains A Chemical Substance Intended To Kill, Injure, Or Incapacitate

  • The United States established a program to develop and produce chemical munitions when it entered World War I in 1917

  • Following World War I, the United States continued to develop chemical warfare agents and train troops in the use of chemical warfare materiel

  • These training programs were expanded during World War II

  • Development continued with the capture of German chemical warfare agents and later into the Cold War period of United States history.

  • The types of chemical warfare materiel encountered at Formerly Used Defense Sites include nerve agents, mustard, lewisite, and phosgene

  • Due To Hazards, Prevalence, And Military Use; Chemical Agent Identification Sets (CAIS) Are Also Considered Chemical Warfare Materiel

Examples of cwm
Examples of CWM

K951/952 Ampule, Packing Material and Cardboard Container

3 oz HD Mustard Bottle

4.2” Chemical Mortar

115 LB M-70 bomb

Protective Clothing


Examples of CWM Training

Chemical Warfare Agent Identification

Chemical Agent Identification Sets

  • Chemical agent identification sets (CAIS), also known as war gas identification sets, were produced for use by all branches of the military between the 1930s and the 1960s to train Soldiers in the safe identification, handling, and decontamination of chemical agents

  • The sets consist of small quantities of various chemical agents placed in glass ampoules, vials, and bottles, then packed in metal shipping containers or wooden boxes

  • The purpose of CAIS was to train Soldiers to identify chemical warfare agents in the field

  • In the past, one of the standard and approved procedures for disposing of CAIS was burial.

Three Major Varieties of CAIS

1. Instructional “Sniff Set”

  • Contained Agent Impregnated Charcoal

  • Intended For Use Indoors

  • Instructed Military Personnel In Recognizing The Odors Of Chemical Agent

  • Contained Small Amounts Of Chemical Agent

Three Major Varieties of CAIS

2. Agent In Sealed Pyrex Tubes

  • Designed For Outdoor Use

  • Agent Was Pure Or In Solution

  • Gas Tubes Were Detonated Creating An Agent Cloud

  • Contained More Agent Than The Sniff Set

Three Major Varieties of CAIS

3. Bulk Mustard in 3½ Ounce Bottles

  • Used In Decontamination Training

  • Contained Relatively Large Quantities Of Pure Mustard

Chemicals found in cais
Chemicals Found In CAIS

  • Mustard (H, HD, HS)

  • Nitrogen Mustard (HN1, HN3)

  • Lewisite (L)

  • Phosgene (CG)

  • Chloropicrin (PS)

  • Chloroform

  • Adamsite (DM)

  • Chloroacetophenone (CN)

  • Sarin (GB)

  • Cyanogen Chloride (CK)

  • Tabun (GA) Simulant

  • Triphosgene