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RGS SWIMMING OPEN HOUSE 2008 PowerPoint Presentation
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RGS SWIMMING OPEN HOUSE 2008 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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RGS SWIMMING OPEN HOUSE 2008. 10 th May 2008 8am-10am Cyber Learning Centre. Time. Event. Introduction. Action by:. Itinerary. Itinerary. 8:00am – 8.10am. Welcome and introduction to Executive committee. · Welcome speech by Ms. Ong

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10th May 2008


Cyber Learning Centre





Action by:



8:00am – 8.10am

Welcome and introduction to Executive committee

·Welcome speech by Ms. Ong

·A introduction to the Executive committee [Exco] to the parents and guests

·  Ms Mariette Ong

Captains & EXCO

·Swim Team

·All guests

8.10am – 8.30am

Games/ Briefing on RP, life in RGS

Swimmers interact while briefing helps parents understand how RP benefits students

·Ms Mariette Ong

All guests

S Swimmers

8.30am – 9.15am

Briefing on DSA procedure

·Parents will better understand how to go about applying for DSA- swimming for their daughters to get into RGS

·Ms. Ong

All guests

9.15am – 9.25am

Q&A Session


·All guests

·Swim Team

Parents can pose questions to Ms. Ong or the swim team about the RGS System/ DSA Application and Procedure etc.



9.25am – 9.45am

School Tour

A brief tour and introduction to the facilities that RGS offers

·  To get the guests familiar with RGS

·  Upper Secondary swimmers will help interact with the guests and explain to them further

·P6 swimmers

P Parents

·Swim Team

9.45am – 10.00am


·   Refreshments will be provided.

·Interaction between guests, Swim Team etc.



Swim Team Exco 2008

Teacher I/C: Ms Mariette Ong

Captain: Yvonne Tan

Vice-Captains: Kalya Kusumadi, Joyce Tan

Lower Sec captains: Tiffany Koh, See Jia Le

Secretaries: Claire Lye, Selena Tan

Treasurers: Audrey Yee, Vanessa Lim

Welfare Heads: Cheryl Ho, Chriselle Koh


Aims & Objectives of RGS Swim Team Open House:

  • To introduce the school to the P6 swimmers and their parents
  • Have the guests experience the RGS Swim Team spirit
  • To welcome all pupils with outstanding sporting talents to apply for direct school admission.
achievements of rgs
Achievements of RGS

RGS Welcomes you with outstanding sporting talents to apply for direct school admission

  • Holistic Education: Cognitive, Physical, Social, Emotional, Moral and Aesthetics development
  • Develop potential in both sports + academic
  • RGS has always been at the forefront of sporting excellence in Singapore schools.
  • Top Sports Girls’ School (for past 10 years)
rgs swim team vmg
RGS Swim Team VMG

MISSION of RGS Swim Team

  • To develop all swimmers into ladies of fine character and reflective leaders, balancing sports and academic responsibilities to the best of their abilities.
  • To swim their very best at all swimming competitions, and through which, bring glory to the school, family & country.
Vision of RGS Swim Team
  • To have a team of enthusiastic swimmers, who are passionate about swimming as well as dedicated to doing their best for the school
  • To work well as a team and provide support for each other
swimmers pledge
Swimmers’ Pledge


“We, the swimmers of RGS, pledge ourselves as one united team.

Regardless of stroke, club or age, to build a (vibrant) swim team, based on CTs and trainings (OR sweat and chlorine), so as to achieve DC- double champions, defeat competitors and bring glory to our school.”

Secondary 3s (2008)

centralised trainings 2008
Centralised Trainings(2008)
  • Groups in charge of planning for each month’s CTs – programme, venue, activity, logistics
  • Reasonable activities – backup plans
  • Exco member in the CT group to oversee the process
  • Proposal to be submitted to Ms Ong at least 2 weeks before actual CT date. Conference with Teacher to confirm progr.
ct group system
CT Group System
  • Objective: To encourage inter-level, inter-club interaction through working together for a common purpose at Swim Team CT
  • Relaying system of information
  • Sense of belonging
  • Members:

- at least 1 Exco member per group

- Groups to have members from different levels, class and swim clubs

direct school admission dsa
Direct School Admission (DSA)



Briefing on DSA

DSA TIMELINE – Info for Swimmers’ Parents 

2 May – 11 July 2008: Application dates for DSA into RP

6 June – 22 July 2008: General Ability Test (6 sessions)

23 June – 15 Aug 2008: Interview

31 Aug 2008: DSA Raffles Programme exercise closes

22 Nov 2008: Release of PSLE results + DSA posting results + Post-PSLE Application opens

19 Dec 2008: Release of MOE centralised posting results

21 Dec 2008: Reporting Day for Sec 1s 2009 cohort (posted via DSA or centralised posting)

necessary documents for dsa application
Necessary Documents for DSA application

Submit via soft copy

  • Official Application Form (
  • Swimming achievements (past 2 years)
  • P5 Mid Year, End Year & P6 Mid Year results
necessary documents for dsa application1
Necessary Documents for DSA application

Submit via hard copy

  • Cover Page
  • Photo (passport-sized, most recent)
  • Personal Statement (Qn 1 or 2)
  • $50 application fee
  • Copies of Swimming achievement (past 2 years) – if necessary
24 May 2008 (Fri)

9 – 4pm


And Experience the Rafflesian Spirit!

Theme: The RGS Girl


  • Principal’s Address,
  • 5 Houses’ Cheerleaders Cheer cum Dance Routine, Raffles Cheers,
  • RP curriculum interactive display,
  • CCA interactive display,
  • Enrichment programme / Projects,
  • Fund Raising, etc etc