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Group 17

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Group 17

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  1. Group 17 Pam Callow, Amy Fitzgerald, Owen Smith, and Dan Adams

  2. Competitive Bidding • In the ASCE code of ethics, competitive bidding was originally banned. The ASCE viewed competitive bidding as detrimental to the quality of engineering work. • After a federal lawsuit, the courts ruled that the ban was in violation of the Sherman Antitrust Act. • After the lawsuit, the ASCE changed its policy. • Chris is told to bid low by his superior.

  3. Bribery and the Law • Bribes are considered illegal in the United States because it creates an unfair situation when selection of a candidates should be based on merit, not the amount of gratuities the candidate gives to someone. • Chris invited a business contact, Girish, to come visit the States. He did not mention actually paying for the trip, so he did not believe his offer was inappropriate. • Engineers shall not offer, give, solicit, or receive any contribution to influence the award of a contract.

  4. When in Rome • Different cultures have different standards of ethics. • Bribery is accepted in Genala, so should it be allowed for the firm to give gratuities to solicit business? • Federal law prohibits bribery for soliciting business overseas. • The “when in Rome” excuse that Chris uses is irrelevant. If it is against the law to bribe, then Chris should not have invited Girish to the United States.

  5. Ethical Dilemmas II • Chris offered a bribe, his company believes that bribery is unethical • Chris has to choose if he should be loyal to his company and disappoint Girish or be loyal to Girish and most likely lose his job. • Chris should explain that it is unethical for this visit to be business related, but as a personal visit, it would be acceptable.

  6. Human Rights I • Chris believes ethics has only to do with human rights. • Ethics relative to culture or are they universal? • Cultures have different ethics. Cultural pluralism is when different cultures have similar ethics.