e jamin integrated land records management system of gujarat n.
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e-Jamin Integrated Land Records Management System of Gujarat PowerPoint Presentation
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e-Jamin Integrated Land Records Management System of Gujarat

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e-Jamin Integrated Land Records Management System of Gujarat - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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e-Jamin Integrated Land Records Management System of Gujarat. Revenue Department Gujarat State. On-line land records from 225 e-DKs &14000 e-Gram Centers & Internet ( Integrated Computerised Land Record Management Centre ). e-Dhara : Revenue Department - Gujarat.

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e-Jamin Integrated Land Records Management System of Gujarat

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    1. e-Jamin Integrated Land Records Management System of Gujarat Revenue Department Gujarat State

    2. On-line land records from 225e-DKs &14000 e-Gram Centers & Internet (IntegratedComputerised Land Record Management Centre) e-Dhara : Revenue Department - Gujarat

    3. Land records - an overview • 4 Forms which are collectively known as Record of Rights (RoR) • Village Form 6 – mutation register • Village Form 7 – reflects the title of the present owner and entries pertaining to all transactions of the said land • Village Form 8A– gives the land account of every farmer • Village Form 12 – reflects the cultivator and the crop cultivated (productivity)

    4. Objectives of e-Dhara System • The primary objective -Complete Computerisation of Land Records across the state • Leading objectives -Elimination of Manual Records, -Computer controlled mutation process -Self sustainability • Other objectives of the system include -Visible improvement in quality of services provided to citizens -Allowing farmers / citizens easy access to their records -Infuse transparency in providing the services to citizens -Ease of administration -Facilitate easy maintenance, -Prompt updationof land records -Making land records tamper proof, -Speed up delivery of RoR without delays, -Prevent harassment and bribery -Platform for providing more citizen centric services

    5. Scope • To capture the Record of Rights, the most crucial document of landholding on the computer -More than • 98 lac VF7/12 village forms –front-end land records • 54 lac VF8A- Land accounts • To be done phase-wise in the states • To make it available on-line - Across citizen service counter at Taluka e-DharaKendra - Across 18,000 clients on GSWAN through Intranet Service - Also display on Internet

    6. e-Dhara (Background) • In 1999-2000, data entry started by developing data entry environment at district • In last quarter 2003, government declared it as mission to make land records computerized from 1st April 2004 • Mutation software developed by NIC and implemented in each taluka • RoR getting issued from Taluka centers and manual RoR stopped

    7. e-Dhara (Background)… • In 2006, RoR issuance started from village panchayats (e-Grams) • Special application (RoR@Village) designed and developed for request of RoR transformation to local taluka server and ready RoR availability to e-Grams to print • Used GSWAN and NIC SDC along with taluka infrastructure

    8. e-Dhara (From 2004 to 2013) • Computerized Land Records System in Gujarat • Manual RoR stopped since 2004-2005 • Implemented since 2005 • Computerized Records of Right (RoR) i.e. VF 7/12, VF 8a, VF6 • Availability of RoR from e-Dhara Kendras (e-DK) and village panchayats (e-Gram Centers) • Facility to view RoR on Internet • Awarded by CSI in 2006 and 2011

    9. e-Dhara • Technical • Client Server in nature • Have connectivity to taluka, district and state • Have mechanism to deliver RoR from village • RoR available on Internet • Any RoR Any where (VF6, 7 & 8A to deliver from any eGram (village) & eDhara(taluka) center) • Have interface on intranet to view land records for verification

    10. Re-engineered Business Processes • RoR • Only computerisedRoRlegal • RoR available from e-DK and also online from Village & Internet • No application for RoR • RoR all the time during office hours • RoR at a cost • Authorised signatory e-DK • RoR sealed and signed in blue ink to restrict photocopying

    11. Mutation Application Generating 135-D Notice E-dhara Centre Revenue Talati(Village Accountant) S-Form Varification Papers of mutation will be sent for decision Final mutation effect into Record of Rights After making decision papers will be sent back to E-dhara Serving of Notice Touring Officer

    12. Re-engineered Business Processes • Mutation • Request format standardised as per mutation type • Can be requested at village or at e-DK • Separate request for each mutation • Supporting documents defined as per mutation type • Computer generated receipt. • Auto generation of mutation no. • Application status provided through SMS at three stages. • Mutation text standardised, computer generated • Computerised notice standardised, computer generated • Serving of notice, monitored by computer • In case of dispute, monitored by computer • Mutation decision is fed to computer – digitized+scanned • S-form (pre-view report) to ensure correct pattern of data Updation visualized in mutation • Effect in record by computer thro’ in-built business logic • Updated RoRs are system oriented.

    13. Migration to Central Server • ReD and e-Dhara • Conversion of GIST data to Unicode. • Importing into New Database on Central DB Server • Alignment of taluka data with Master data • User registration in SSO System having password rules, application roles, finger print capture and photo • Migration took place from July-2010 to March-2011 for all talukas in GUJARAT • In parallel, legal changes taken place in State ACTs

    14. ReD (Registration of Document) • Since 2007, working in 150+ SRO • Software, Training and support provided by NIC • Space and working environment provided by department • Working staff, computers and other necessary devices provided by department • Document registration covering capturing photo and finger print, scanning and issue certificate.

    15. GARVI - a central solution for Property Registration • Pre-valution • Ownership Verification by photo and finger print Authentication for Agriculture Land • Market value/ Stamp Duty Calculation based in Ready Recknor ( Jantri ) • e-stamping counters at each office. • Receipt generation for Registration fees, allot document number. • Capture Photo and Thumb for all parties. • Scan the Registered document • Auto Mutation Generation on final order for Agri.property.

    16. e-Jamin • e-Jamin is rebirth of e-Dhara having integration with Registration (GARVI) • Centralized computerized land records data • Data ready to share and integration • RoR available at taluka, district and village. Ideally anywhere in web world • Inclusion of Photo and finger print of land owners

    17. e-Jamin (http://e-dhara.gujarat.gov.in)

    18. Benefits of Integration • Sellers identity verified by finger print matching • Mutation initiation based on successful completion of registration • Elimination of manual work at four stages means speed, transparency and satisfaction • Elimination of duplication of work at diff. tables • Similar to registration, courts, revenue appellate authorities, banks and other financial authorities …

    19. Achievement : Auto Mutation • Automatic acceptance of mutation application • Automatic generation of ENTRY (VF6) • Automatic generation of script text (VF6) • Automatic generation of 135D notice

    20. Information Sharing • Agriculture Census 2006 and 2011* • SSNNL for land acquisition and GIDB for planning • Banks or Financial institutions for loans • Panchayats for community work and Rural development • Sharing land details with PDS (New Ration card) * • Director of Insurance for farmer insurance • Legal bodies and judiciary • Agriculture product marketing committee • Private surveyors • Survey and settlement for fixing the title and boundary issues *

    21. Current Statistics • Transactions • Monthly RoR (7/12, 8A,6) print 40 lacs ( Rs.5 each) totaling to Rs.2 crores • Year 2013 Upto Nov. Total RoR issued from e-Dhara :  3,86,48,762 & from e-Gram: 97,53,713 Monthly 60,000+ mutations ( free of cost )  • Total completed mutations after online : 97,73,609 • Total pending mutations after online : 1,91,574 • Monthly approx. 22,000 agriculture transactions • Monthly GARVI registrations : 75,000 documents • Auto-Mutations as on today in 2013: 79534 • Auto Mutations in 2012: 95229 • Sharing of basic data with Settlement office for Resurvey (NLRMP) • Form 12 separated from VF7/12 • LPM included to new VF7 • Data Shred for Agriculture Census 2010-11

    22. NLRMP Resurvey Status • Survey in 10 Talukas of Jamnagar District is Completed • Survey activities in other 6 districts already in progress • Promulgation process to include new surveyed data into existing LR data is in progress • Promulgation started and few land owners have been given new VF7 in PRANTIJ Tal. of Dist.SK • Tender process is over in another 8 districts • Target to finish by 2014-15 by following all guidelines norms of NLRMP • Promulgation entry in VF6 of land records has been automated

    23. New VF7 with land parcel map

    24. Road ahead • Manual record(VF 6 & 7/12) upto 2004 is being scanned & to be uploaded in application software. • Integration of other mutations • GARVI Integration with e-Stamping • Issuance of ROT instead of RoR • Linking of Land Parcel MAP with RoR and moving towards TITLE guarantee • Verification of purchaser subject to Legal changes • Giving data access to banks and other non government agencies • Linking of Urban Land Records • Computerisation of land revenue accounts (VF 8B, 8C. 8D, 9,10,11,4 & 5)

    25. Thank you Contact us Prakash Modi Projectofficer-rev@gujarat.gov.in and sio-guj@nic.in Phone : 079-23252213