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What Is Next After Being Arrested On Felony Charges

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What Is Next After Being Arrested On Felony Charges - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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If you or a loved one has been arrested for DUI, the law firm of Joseph Patituce can give the help needed to defend the allegations. Practiced attorneys with past experience as prosecutors will be a major advantage in dealing with charges such as these.

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what should i do after

What Should I Do After

Being Detained On Felony Charges

being detained on felony charges
Being Detained On Felony Charges

A certain series of events happens after one gets imprisoned by the cops for felony charges. Accusations get registered for the legal arrest before the individual could get tried and charged with a criminal offense. If the officer notices any criminal activity while driving, for instance, if he feels that the driver is intoxicated or breaks traffic guidelines, the law enforcement officer has every right to halt the vehicle and inquire. However, before he is able to perform a search, he should possess a sensible belief that the individual has done an unlawful act. According to Cleveland law firm attorney Joseph Patituce, when an individual is charged, he's photographed and fingerprinted before providing private data.

being detained on felony charges1
Being Detained On Felony Charges

Since you now are arrested?

Felony is a really serious issue, and you may face prison time, fines, and penalties if charged. The initial step to take is to get in touch with a Cleveland law firm, and if you are in custody, you hold the right to keep silent. If asked, you can courteously say that you will not answer any queries until your attorney comes. It doesn't matter how anxious or nervous you get, don't forget that it helps to remain relaxed and polite. Panicking and fighting off can make you seem at fault, and you risk acquiring extra accusations recorded against you.

being detained on felony charges2
Being Detained On Felony Charges

Contact a proficient attorney such as Attorney Joseph Patituce in case arrested with a felony at once. It is the most significant action you would be taking while defending yourself. You may not know about the details of the legal requirements, however your prosecutor will know how to proceed and precisely what action to take. It is observed that most people are unaware of the difference between a misdemeanor and a felony. Whilst a misdemeanor is punishable by jail, or even a penalty or both, the felony holds much more severe allegations, and one could also lose specific privileges.

being detained on felony charges3
Being Detained On Felony Charges

Under the U.S. Constitution, an individual has got the right to remain quiet and deny to reply since anything you say can be used against you in a court. Before talking to the police, you may call a lawyer and if you are not able to pay for an attorney, you are given one before any questioning begins. You have the legal right to make a phone call and might be permitted to call up someone to get bail, nevertheless, once you are booked, you can't make a call. Any personal property or money that you've is taken away by the police officers to create an inventory that will be signed by you.

being detained on felony charges4
Being Detained On Felony Charges

Never make the error of posting bail without speaking with an attorney as it's a really terrible idea. Just let an expert defense lawyer make the best decision on your behalf. He will assess the information of the case and check if the bail can be decreased or you could be let go without having to post bail. You can remove the demand to get bail or reduce the bondsman service charge from 10% down to 8% and make some financial savings. Be truthful with your lawyer and provide him with an exact information so that he can create the perfect defense possible.

being detained on felony charges5
Being Detained On Felony Charges

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