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R espect yourself and others O wn your actions A ccept guidance R eady yourself for success - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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BI Tigers…. R espect yourself and others O wn your actions A ccept guidance R eady yourself for success. School-Wide positive behavior, Interventions, and supports. Bradwell Institute Team Members:

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Respect yourself and others

Own your actions

Accept guidance

Ready yourself for success

School wide positive behavior interventions and supports

School-Wide positive behavior, Interventions, and supports

Bradwell Institute Team Members:

Ms. Bailey, Ms. Bufford, Mr. Granger, SgtFord, Mr. Mock, Ms. Reyna, Mr. Ryan, Mr. Scharnagl, Ms. VanBelkum, Ms. Woodard

What is pbis


School wide components


Discipline procedures



School-wide Data

Pbis big ideas
PBIS “Big Ideas”

  • Framework for systems to identify needs, develop strategies, and evaluate practice towards success.

  • Focuses on prevention before reaction.

  • Individualized.

  • Grounded in “teaching.”

  • Goal setting and monitoring.

What pbis is not
What PBIS is NOT

  • Not Curriculum

  • Not about letting students “get away” with sub-standard behavior.

  • Not a “fix all”

  • Not all about being “positive”

    and focusing on “praise”

Pbis team task
PBIS Team Task

  • Create Effective School-Wide Expectations that are…

  • Stated positively

  • Visually displayed

  • Enforceable/able to be rewarded

  • Smaller number (generally 3-5)

  • Explicitly defined



Respect yourself and others

Own your actions

Accept guidance

Ready yourself for success

Explicitly defining
Explicitly defining

  • School-wide expectations have been defined for each location.

  • What does it mean to “respect yourself and others” in the hallway? In the restroom?

  • Create a teaching matrix defining behavior for each part of ROAR.

Roar expectations public areas
ROAR ExpectationsPublic Areas

Your Classroom, Your ROAR!

Tell me i ll forget show me i ll remember involve me i ll understand
"Tell me, I'll forget. Show me, I'll remember. Involve me, I'll understand"

  • Homeroom teachers will instruct students on ROAR and the various rules for the different common areas and the classroom.

  • Try to involve the students (possibly acting out the dos and don’ts.) If you have a group who does a good job, let us know and we will video tape them to be used in re-teaching.

  • Make it interesting, but make sure the students understand that this is serious stuff!!

Level 1 examples
Level 1 Examples

  • Eating/Drinking in Class

  • Talking Without Permission

  • Lack of Immediate Compliance

  • Chewing Gum

  • Not Following Classroom ROAR

  • Simple Name Calling

  • Horseplay (No Injury)

  • Public Display of Affection

  • Off Task Behavior

  • Littering

  • Locker Use at Wrong Time

Level 1 offense
Level 1 Offense

  • Verbal Warning

  • Gives the Student an Opportunity to Correct

  • No Documentation/No Report for 1st Offense

  • Multiple Offenses Push to Level 2 at Teacher’s Discretion

Level 2 examples
Level 2 Examples

  • Cheating

  • Verbal Conflict

  • Disrespect

  • Leaving Class Without Permission

Level 2 offense
Level 2 Offense

  • Trigger

    • Multiple Same Level 1 Offense

    • One Level 2 Offense

  • Procedure

    • Minor Offense Record (MIR) entered into DRS

    • Contact the Guardian or Parent

    • Conference with Student

Level 3 examples
Level 3 Examples

  • Direct Refusal (“No”)

  • Cellphone\Electronic Devices (Student Surrenders)

  • Leaving Classroom with out Permission and does not Return

  • Skipping

  • False Report

  • Unauthorized Sales

  • Gambling

  • Failure to Report to Detention

  • Instigating/Interfering

  • Internet Misuse

  • Unauthorized Items

  • Suspected Harassment

  • Unwanted Contact

Level 3 with room call
Level 3 with Room Call

  • Profanity (Excessive or Directed to Staff Member)

  • Fighting

  • Drugs

  • Weapons

  • Vandalism

  • Written Threat

  • Theft/Stealing

  • Hitting/Kicking

  • Disturbance/Disrespect to the point the class can not continue.

  • Failure to Surrender Cell Phone

Level 3 offenses
Level 3 Offenses

  • Trigger

    • Multiple Same Level 2 Offenses

    • One Level 3 Offense

  • Procedure

    • If the issue prevents you from continuing to teach or requires an immediate investigation, call for an administrator.

    • Enter Referral in DRS

    • Contact the Parent or Guardian