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Unit Seven

Unit Seven. Text A Are You a Workaholic?. Topic for Discussion Do you want to be a workaholic?. 工作狂 另一方面 感到不知所措 躲避问题. workaholic on the other hand feel lost hide from problems. Words and Phrases. 被定义为 强迫性行为 口头上说说 开夜车 处于危险之中. be defined as compelling behaviour lip service

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Unit Seven

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  1. Unit Seven Text A Are You a Workaholic?

  2. Topic for Discussion • Do you want to be a workaholic?

  3. 工作狂 另一方面 感到不知所措 躲避问题 workaholic on the other hand feel lost hide from problems Words and Phrases

  4. 被定义为 强迫性行为 口头上说说 开夜车处于危险之中 be defined as compelling behaviour lip service to burn the midnight oil at risk

  5. 陷入 石器时代 经济形势黯淡 处于快车道上 使等同; 使相等 be trapped in the Stone Age bleak economic conditions in the fast lane equate … with…

  6. 孤注一掷 积累,积聚 神秘小说 出现,发生 to put all their eggs in one basket rack up mystery novel come in

  7. Sentences • 这个工作要求每年去国外旅行三个月。 • The job involves traveling abroad for three months each year. • 这个房间的长宽高是多少? • What are the dimensions of the room?

  8. 他口口声声支持女权主义, 但他家的全部家务仍是他妻子的事。 • He pays lip service to feminism, but his wife still does all the housework. • 在这种天气情况下,我担心她的安全。 • I fear for her safety in this weather.

  9. 他们被困在燃烧着的旅馆中。 • They were trapped in the burning hotel. • 空气、食物与水是生命所必不可缺少的。 • Air, food and water are indispensable to life.

  10. 她下星期要参加考试,所以在开夜车。 • She takes her exams next week, so she's burning the midnight oil. • 我正在申请几项工作,因为我不想把所有的希望寄托在一家公司上。 • I'm applying for several jobs because I don't really want to put all my eggs in one basket.

  11. workaholic (L1) • n infml, • She's a complete workaholic - --her job is her whole life!

  12. alcoholic carboholic colaholic Cyberholic foodaholic 酗酒者, 酒鬼 爱吃甜食的人 嗜喝可乐的人 指迷恋于计算机时空的人 嗜食者,老饕 -aholic [suffix ] →dependent on or with an extreme fondness for

  13. other than (L3) • instead of, except for • Have we anything to drink other than milk? • 除了游泳,没有其他方法可以去那儿了。 • You can’t get there other than by swimming.

  14. 2. not; anything but • 她不可能不感激。 • She can hardly be other than grateful. • 事实真相和他所想的完全不一样。 • The truth was quite other than what he thought.

  15. drunk (L8) • 她醉心于权力。 • She is drunk with power.

  16. define (L9) • vt. 1) to give the meaning of (a word or idea); describe exactly 解释,给...下定义 • Some words are hard to define because they have many different uses. • 2) [+as] to show the nature of; characterize 为…的特征 • What defines us as human?

  17. on the one/other hand (L3) • (used for comparing different things or ideas) as one point in the argument/as an opposite point • I know this job of mine isn't well paid, but on the other hand I don't have to work long hours.

  18. on the contrary: to show complete disagreement with what has just been said 正相反 • In the end I still felt there was no way I could lose. On the contrary, I thought I would win too easily.

  19. in contrast: to show the (surprising) difference between two very different facts 相反, 大不相同 • He has virtually no experience of running anything. The other candidate, by/in contrast, is a sincere, caring man who made a fortune in business before going into public life.

  20. Exercise On the contrary • 1. Does it rain a lot in the desert? _____________, it hardly ever rains. • 2. It is hot in the desert in the day, but ___________it's very cold at night. • 3. It rarely rains in the desert, but _______________ it rains a lot in the coastal areas. in contrast on the other hand

  21. sanction (L11) • vt. fml 1) 批准 • The church would not sanction the king's second marriage. • 2) to make acceptable 认可 • It was a foolish custom, but one sanctioned by long usage.

  22. 3. 制裁 • 美国对古巴实行经济制裁。 • The United States applied economic sanctions against Cuba. • 国际社会因为那个国家的恐怖主义活动而对其实行制裁。 • The international community imposed sanctions on that country for its ___________ actions. • terrorist

  23. a stiff upper lip bite one's lips button one's lip lipread lick one's lip 坚定不移, 泰然自若 咬紧嘴唇(压抑喜怒等) 不开口; 拒绝泄密 观唇辨意 垂涎三尺 lip (L11)

  24. lip-sync lip-worship lip service lip stick 对口形 口是心非的崇拜 空头人情 唇膏, 口红

  25. lip service: support in word, not in fact • 他口口声声支持女权运动,但他家的全部家务仍是他妻子的事。 • He pays lip service to feminism, but his wife still does all the housework. • 一些人只是口头上支持教育,但不同意用税收来改善教育设施。 • Some peo0ple pay lip service to education, but don’t vote taxes for __________ educational facilities. • bettering

  26. burn the midnight oil (L14) • 她下星期要考试了,所以在开夜车。 • She takes her exams next week, so she’s burning the midnight oil.

  27. hazard (L14) • n [+to] something likely to cause damage or loss; a danger or risk危险;冒险;公害 • Ice on the roads is a hazard to drivers in cold countries in winter time. • He went to save the girl at all hazards.

  28. vt. fml to risk; put in danger冒(生命、财产等)的危险 • He hazarded all his money in an investment. • 攀岩者有时候是冒着生命的危险。 • __________ sometimes hazard their lives. • Rock-climbers

  29. danger etc. • danger [+of/to] the possibility of harm or loss 危险,危险物(普通用语,概念极为广泛。指人面临受危害的可能性,也指存在着的威胁或可能避免的灾害等) • The increasing usage of the plastics is a danger to the environment. • The man’s life had been in danger, but now he was out of danger

  30. hazard危险(正式用语。指偶然出现,无法预见也无法控制的危险。从词源角度分析,hazard源于阿拉伯的一种骰子,碰运气的成分很大,因此它总含有无法预测的意思)hazard危险(正式用语。指偶然出现,无法预见也无法控制的危险。从词源角度分析,hazard源于阿拉伯的一种骰子,碰运气的成分很大,因此它总含有无法预测的意思) • There are many hazards in a journey across Africa. • Life is full of hazards.

  31. risk [+of/+that] (a) danger; (a) possibility that something harmful or undesirable may happen 危险,风险(普通用语,用得较广泛。与danger相比,常含有更多的失败的可能性,更多的遭受损害的可能性,因此常用以表示自愿承担的风险) • There was a risk that the decision would spark off a conflict. • It is not by accident that he came to the boy's rescue at the risk of his own life.

  32. rack up (L16) • rack up: increase gradually, collect; gather • 这个队已经得了十分,要赢这场比赛了。 • The team has racked up ten points to win the game. • rack one’s brain(s) • 绞尽脑汁

  33. counsellor (L17) • counsellor: someone who gives professional advice to people, esp. about personal problems • Have you thought of seeing a counsellor? • adviser: someone whose job is to give advice to a person or organization, esp. in business, law or politics • the government's special adviser on the Middle East

  34. consultant: someone who gives special technical advice to companies or other organizations • a consultant to a software firm • an industrial relations consultant • a firm of consultants

  35. Exercise • 1. He’s left his job as a computer programmer and is working as a ____________ for a German firm. • 2. Each child in the summer camp can see a trained _________ if they have any problems. • 3. Consult an independent financial _________ before making any major investment. consultant counsellor adviser

  36. necessarily (L19) • 好的食品未必价钱贵。 • Good food is not necessarily expensive. • -----“He was lying, of cou8rse.” • ----- “Not necessarily.” • “他肯定在撒谎。” “未必。”

  37. equate (L35) • vt. [+with] to consider or make equal 使相等;同等看待, 一视同仁 • You can't equate passing examinations and being intelligent/with being intelligent. • Politics cannot be equated with art. • 他认为贫穷就是不幸。 • He equates _________ with _________. • poverty, misery

  38. rationalize (L37) • 他用大家都作弊为自己的作弊行为狡辩让我们很厌恶。 • That he rationalized his cheating by saying that everyone else cheated ___________ us. • disgusted

  39. pull all one’s eggs in one basket • 孤注一掷 • 只在一家公司买股票简直就是孤注一掷。 • To buy stock in a single company is to put all your eggs in one basket.

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