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Cerenity Mobile Hygiene :: A Toilet Seat Sanitizer

Cerenity is specially made to give extra protection to woman against germs. This toilet seat sanitizer can kill 99% germs in just a single spray. This germ protection spray is available in 3 fine fragrances Mystic, Citroma and Flora.

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Cerenity Mobile Hygiene :: A Toilet Seat Sanitizer

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  1. About Cerenity • Cerenity is a mobile hygiene product which provides 99% safe toilet seat against the germs. • A large number of women feel unhygienic while using any public toilet. It is true as well. Many persons are using the same toilet so you will find a large number of germs there. • Cerenity is a product from Cera Sanitaryware Ltd. which provides great protection against germs and keep woman safe. • You just have to spray once and it will kill all the germs lying on the toilet seat.

  2. Cerenity Toilet Seat Sanitizer • Cerenity brings surety to one of life’s critical issues-Health and Hygiene. • Toilet Seats, especially those in public toilets, are not cleaned regularly. They harbor germs that could lead to Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) Diarrhoea, Gastroenteritis, Staph and Herpes. Cerenity toilet seat sanitizer removes germs within seconds, making the toilet seat safe and fit to use. • Cerenity is available in three different fragrances. Cerenity Mystic Cerenity Citroma Cerenity Flora

  3. Engage With Us • People can claim their free cerenity spray with the help of three different ways. • First is “Engage With Us”. • In this service, you just have to make a comment with #ClaimYourCerenity hashtag. • If your comment will select by our team, you will get a free Cerenity spray. We just want to take your feedback for improvement if any required. • People can make comment with their Facebook or Twitter account. Just you have to use #ClaimYourCerenity hashtag with your comment.

  4. Refer Your Friend • Tell the world about the power Cerenity brings to you by referring them here, and we will send you a free sample of Cerenity-Your Mobile Hygiene partner, as a token of appreciation. • You may refer multiple friends' email IDs. Upon successful* reference of 10 friends, you will receive a free sample of Cerenity. You can get only one free sample in a month. • With this service, you can help your friends by providing the information about Cerenity toilet seat sanitizer and save them from germs.

  5. Spray 2 Win • Spray2Win is also a service from Cerenity to offer you a free Cerenity mobile hygiene spray. • Spray2Win is a game in which you have to make high score to claim your free mobile hygiene. • You can check the terms and condition of this game from our official website: http://www.cerenity.co.in/ • You can also share information with your Facebook friends via your Facebook account.

  6. Online Shopping • With the help of our official online shopping cart http://www.cerenity.co.in/BuyNow.aspx you can buy this cerenity spray online. • You can also buy it from offline vendor. It is available on various Cera dealer shops. • The price of Cerenity Citroma, Cerenity Flora and Cerenity mystick are 150 Rs per spray. • Cerenity provides free home delivery on purchase of more than 399 Rs. So no worry for extra charges.

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