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Cowal Open Studios 21st - 24th September http:// Click “ Slideshow” on toolbar and then PowerPoint Presentation
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Cowal Open Studios 21st - 24th September http:// Click “ Slideshow” on toolbar and then

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Cowal Open Studios 21st - 24th September http:// Click “ Slideshow” on toolbar and then - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cowal Open Studios 21st - 24th September http:// Click “ Slideshow” on toolbar and then
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  1. Cowal Open Studios 21st - 24th September “ Slideshow” on toolbar and then “From beginning” to run

  2. Anne E Ferguson Bold simple shapes filled with texture typify Anne E Ferguson's glasswork.

  3. Sandi Anderson Dip AD Sandi Anderson is described as a figurative painter but somehow I'm most attracted to her atmospheric plein air landscapes

  4. Catriona Henderson Catriona Henderson was brought up on the Isle of Arran and says that island life has played a important role in influencing and informing her art. The West Coast of Scotland definitely holds the key to her inspiration and she produces work that seems to exude a liquid light.!

  5. Ann McLintock Underwater textile collage by Ann McClintock. She also produces silver, fused glass and polymer jewellery

  6. Jacqueline Orr RSW In this work of apparently simply sketched dinghies, Jacqueline Orr demonstrates how she convincingly captures the essence of the Cowal Peninsula.

  7. Brian Phillips Brian Phillips brings out the welcoming nature of West Coast Fishing Villages here, somehow making us forget about rain and midges....

  8. Sara Sumsion Hand dyed yarn and handwoven scarves by Sarah Sumsion.

  9. Guy Elder Why do I think this seat carved by Guy Elder could just start growing again?

  10. Marcia Clark Marcia Clark uses mainly brown willow grown in Argyll and some local hedgerow materials, She makes small to medium sized baskets and hand woven pieces. we love this kind of work as it is literally rooted in the place. See more of her work at

  11. Ray Beverley Furniture maker Ray Beverley doesn't mention a sense of humour when he talks about his inspiration being "the beautiful surroundings overlooking the Isle of Arran"

  12. Cat Comrie Cat Comrie says her work is inspired by the ever changing colours and moods of sea and sky, interpreted in pastel and acrylic seascapes. Definite parallells with the Scottish Colourists can be seen.

  13. Tom Butcher Mansfield Studios A very possessable and useful piece of functional art from Tom Butcher at Mansfield Studios

  14. SPANNER FISH by mother and daughter team at Sculptures created by welding salvaged and recycled metal. Inspiration comes from the unusual shapes offered by old tools and scrap.

  15. Anne Hewitt Classic Yacht Shenandoah - a watercolour by artist Anne Hewitt. Looking at her work, you know she is a sailor.

  16. Grace Donelly In "Boats at Greenock Harbour" Grace Donelly adds aesthetics to an otherwise industrial scene.

  17. Sandi Kiehlmann Its hard to pick a typical work from Sandi Kiehlmann's eclectic gallery as she experiments with different art forms, including drawing, printmaking, found object sculptures and mobiles, and artwork for outdoor spaces. So we've just chosen one that shows her sense of humour!

  18. Bill Williamson Bill Williamson makes sculptures in stoneware and raku fired thrown pots. Did you mean these nuns to be so po-faced Bill? You can see more of Bills works at

  19. Eileen Stewart Sheep Shapes by Eileen Stewart, an artist who also produces evocative broad brush water-colour landscapes.

  20. Cowal Open Studios: Elizabeth Bruce Elizabeth Bruce - www.elizabethbruc... Elizabeth Bruce is a Scottish contemporary artist whose work is figurative and colourful. She has worked in all media on a variety of subjects, usually concentrating on acrylics - still life, treescapes, figures, interiors and landscapes.

  21. Jan Ferguson Jan Ferguson specialises in wildlife pictures in water colour and gouache.

  22. Ruth Slater Yes Ruth, cats do leave their hairs everywhere...Ruth Slater from Bute.

  23. Frances Sutton Frances Sutton works with tiles, Venetian smalti, broken crockery, beach glass and found china from the Cowal seashore.

  24. Andy McClintock Mortality by Andy McClintock is uncomfortably brilliant.

  25. Bob Brown Bob Brown's background in interior design and architecture surfaces in works that animate buildings

  26. Ann Baxter Abacus Jewellery Ann Baxter's work reflects her fascination for the organic and natural world

  27. James O’Neill James O'Neill draws on traditional techniques and Celtic/Art nouveau styles. This mirror frame is sure to appeal to those who collect the Glasgow Style. Check out his profile at

  28. Anne E Ferguson Anne works with light, colour, texture and pattern, inspired by the Scottish coast and landscape, using a variety of glass techniques. Commissions undertaken.