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Blogging For Beginners: What is a Blog , and How do I get Started? PowerPoint Presentation
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Blogging For Beginners: What is a Blog , and How do I get Started?

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Blogging For Beginners: What is a Blog , and How do I get Started? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to Skype , Blogging and Beyond: Day 1! Please sign in and take a folder (marked with your name) from the Teacher’s Desk on the left. Help yourself to some twizzlers ! We will be getting started momentarily. Blogging For Beginners: What is a Blog , and How do I get Started?.

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Welcome to Skype, Blogging and Beyond: Day 1!Please sign in and take a folder (marked with your name) from the Teacher’s Desk on the left.Help yourself to some twizzlers! We will be getting started momentarily.

what is a blog
What is a blog?
  • If you don’t know what a blog is, you’re not alone; according to the Pew Internet & American Life Project, nearly two-thirds of Internet users don’t have a good idea of the meaning of “blog.” In case you fall within this group, you’re in luck, though – you’re about to find out!
what is a blog1
What is a blog?
  • A blog might look like a regular website. It might look like a diary, or a cookbook. It might look like a newspaper, or a collection of videos. There is an infinite number of possibilities in the world of blogging.
  • Basically, a blog is a pre-constructed space on the web where anyone can record their thoughts, opinions, and ideas about any topic.
blogging stats and research
Blogging Stats and Research
  • Current educational research supports blogging in the classroom as a positive and worthwhile approach to learning.
  • Students are the technology natives, and therefore speak this language very well (and with enthusiasm)!
  • Students feel connected to their class/teacher, and write for a meaningful purpose.
blogging applications
Blogging Applications
  • Teacher-created blogs
    • Class Website
    • Work sharing (writing, projects, etc)
    • Informational (curriculum based)
    • File Sharing
    • Staff Development
  • Student-created blogs
    • Topical
    • Group projects
    • Work sharing
    • “Newspaper”
which blog
Which Blog?
  • Choosing a blog venue is a matter of personal preference.
  • Look at the layout, and the examples. Which blog seems the most user friendly to you? Which could you envision yourself using?
  • Blog venues depend mainly on what you want to use them for.
  • I will introduce a few blog venues with examples. We will have time to actually create a blog in the end, based on the preference of the teachers in this class.
which blog1
Which Blog?
  • Wordpress- “Your Blogging Home”
    • Many templates to choose from (professional)
    • Easy for student file access
    • Calendar, search option
  • Class Blogmesiter- “Learning as Conversation”
    • Viewable by state/country
    • Can differentiate between teacher and student entries
    • (kindergarten bloggers!?)
which blog2
Which Blog?
  • Blogger/Blogspot-
    • Supported by Howell (you already have your user information!)
  • Edublogs- “The World’s Most Popular Education Blog”
    • Free, supported by educators
    • Good for individual student blogs
student safety and responsible blogging
Student Safety and Responsible Blogging
  • The issue of safety is one of teachers’ and parents’ first concerns regarding blogging.
  • Rules, Credo, Agreement, Contract, etc.
  • Student-created rules- meaningful
  • Consequences
  • Blog about blog rules!
student safety and responsible blogging1
Student Safety and Responsible Blogging
  • Parent letter/rules only necessary if blogging is done by students or interactive
  • Sample letter
  • Administrative viewpoints
add ins widgets tools extras
Add-ins, Widgets, Tools, Extras
  • Vary by particular blog venue
    • Counters
    • Maps
    • Categories
    • Comments
    • Videos
    • Links
    • Search Capabilities
    • Calendars (for previous posts)
evaluating blogs
Evaluating Blogs
  • Difficult to use as evaluative tool if not used in classroom (parent preference, resources at home)
  • Rubrics can be created/used
  • Students can be given a limited number of times to blog per marking period, month, year, etc.
setting up your blog
Setting up your Blog
  • I will demonstrate how to set up a Wordpress blog now.
  • I will also set up a Bloggerblog.
  • In your folder, you have a sheet with the different addresses of various blogs that you might be interested in setting up.
  • If you feel comfortable exploring on your own at this time, feel free to begin setting up your blog!