2012 8th grade family night n.
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2012 8th Grade Family Night PowerPoint Presentation
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2012 8th Grade Family Night

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2012 8th Grade Family Night

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2012 8th Grade Family Night

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  1. 20128th Grade Family Night Presented by the Lake Dallas High School Academic Center WelcomePARENTS of the CLASS OF 2016!

  2. Dr. Kristi Strickland Principal LAKE DALLAS HIGH SCHOOL • Fernando Natividad, • Associate Principal • Billy Humphries, Assistant Principal • Corey Hailey, Assistant Principal • Bob Plagge, Assistant Principal LDHS is a Recognized Campus

  3. Academic Advisors Lake Dallas High School Academic Center Angela Clouse A-F Lori Tipton G-M Debbie Cantrell N-Z LDHS is a Recognized Campus

  4. AP Coordinator Cynthia Powers 6:30 Performance Hall Pre-AP Information Meeting Feb. 7th LDHS is a Recognized Campus


  6. Bell Schedule

  7. Terminology Credits- earned by semester-every class each semester receives ½ credit for passing grades and acceptable attendance Excessive absences may equal loss of credit Pre-requisite- a course required before taking another course Elective Course- courses that are not specified as required Required Course- courses mandated for graduation GPA- (Grade Point Average) of all courses except Physical Ed. Numerical grades are converted to a weighted 4.0 scale Class Rank- GPA provides ranking within a class; Refer to LDHS Course Guide for specific information EOC- End of Course Exams- H.S. version of STAAR testing; Refer to LDHS Course Guide for specific information

  8. 8TH GRADE ORIENTATION Welcome Class of 2016!!!!!!

  9. How many credits do I need to graduate? You must earn 27 credits to graduate from LDHS. You can earn 8 credits each year. It’s possible to earn 32 credits in four years. Most graduates earn 30 credits or more by passing all classes.

  10. What if I fail a class or miss a credit? Graduations Requirements. 4 credits of math 4 credits of science 4 credits of english 4 credits of social studies 2 credits of a foreign language 1 computer credit 1 fine arts credit 1 health/speech credit 1 ½ P.E. credits If you fail a class, you have the opportunity to recover the credit during Tier II at the end of the school year. If the credit is not earned during Tier II, you will need to attend Summer School.

  11. What are 9th grade Core and Required Courses? Core Courses (4): English I, Algebra or Geometry, World Geography and Biology. Additional Required Courses (5): Physical Education, Fine Arts, Technology (BIM), Foreign Language, Health/Speech

  12. What foreign language classes are offered? American Sign Language and Spanish

  13. What credit do I get for band? Each year of Band fulfills ½ P.E. credit and ½ Fine Arts credit. Fall semester=1/2 P.E., Spring= Fine Arts. LDHS requires 1 PE credit for graduation.

  14. What classes count as “fine art” credits? Art, Choir, Band (also ½ P.E.), Dance (also counts for a P.E.), Music, Theatre, Technical Theatre Each of these classes have additional classes for further study in subsequent years.

  15. What is a Pre-AP class? A Pre-AP class is one that is more challenging in subject material and depth of study. Pre-AP courses are prerequisites for AP classes in most subject areas. AP courses are available to grades 10-12.

  16. Graduation Requirements: Class of 2016

  17. What’s the difference between Recommended and Distinguished Diplomas? Distinguished Achievement Plan (DAP) is the same as the Recommended Plan but with an added 3rd year of a Foreign Language and four (4) additional advanced measures.

  18. How are “Advanced Measures” earned ? Passing score on an AP Exam B Average in Anatomy Physiology National Merit Scholar Finalist Dual Credit Courses with a grade of “B” or better

  19. What’s a Dual Credit Course? Dual credit courses are those that will earn both high school and college credit. We offer dual credit courses (online and with an instructor) on LDHS campus, while others can be taken on the college campuses of NCTC, UNT, or TWU. You will be eligible for these classes during the summer after your sophomore year.

  20. What classes need signatures of recommendation by my teachers? You must get the signature of the appropriate teacher, sponsor or coach to participate in these areas: Sports Pre-AP classes Band Spanish 2

  21. What courses should I choose? Here’s an example of a typical 9th grade schedule: 1. Athletics 2. Algebra 1 3. Biology 4. World Geography 5. English 1 6. Principles of Agriculture 7. Spanish 1 8. Comm.App./Health 1.

  22. Football Basketball Golf Tennis Volleyball Softball Baseball Cross Country Soccer

  23. 2012 – 2013 PRE-REGISTRATION FORM Circle one in each box English 1 or Pre-AP English 1 Biology or Pre-AP Biology World Geography or Pre-AP World Geography

  24. Purpose of CTE Classes(Career and Technical Education) Build skills toward college/career choices Provide opportunity for students to apply the core curriculum skills in a different, more practical way Principles CTE courses are pre-requisites for more in depth applications of a specific career or vocation Refer to the LDHS Course Guide for detailed descriptions of each CTE course as they relate to specific Career Clusters

  25. DATES TO REMEMBER: Pre-Registration Forms Due: Friday, February 3 Turn in these forms to your Middle School Counselor, Ms. Smith Pre-AP/AP Parent Meeting, Tuesday Feb. 7th 6:30pm in the High School Performance Hall Sports, Cheerleading, Drill Team and Band will have parent meetings later in the year

  26. Department Contact Scheduled Meeting Athletics Scott Head You will get an invitation by mail shead@ldisd.net Information available on web-site Each sport will have a meeting FCCLA and CTE Tonya Monden tmonden@ldisd.net FFA Chris Bean cbean@ldisd.net Pre –AP/AP Cynthia Powers Feb. 7, 6:30pm cpowers@ldisd.net LDHS Performance Hall Cheerleading Kim Dennis Feb. 21, 6pm kdennis@ldisd.netLDHS Lecture Hall Band Denise Kennedy Color Guard Try-outs: Apr 16-20 dkennedy@ldisd.net4:30-7:30 Drill Team Amy Huff April 2, 6pm ahuff@ldisd.net LDH Lecture Hall Counseling /Advising Debbie Cantrell dcantrell@ldisd.net

  27. For Questions Regarding Sports: Michael Young-Boys Heather Vannoy-Girls LDHS is a Recognized Campus

  28. Thank You ACTIVITIES F R A I